Does Walmart Sell Fire Sticks in 2023?

The Amazon Fire Stick is a USB flash drive that can be used to stream your favorite TV shows and movies.

It can also be used to transform a regular TV into a smart TV by plugging it into an auxiliary audio jack.

For free, you can download a wide range of streaming services, such as YouTube, Netflix, and Hulu.

Although Walmart is known for its wide range of streaming devices, the question on most shoppers’ minds is, does Walmart sell Fire Sticks in 2023?

What is an Amazon Fire Stick?

The Fire Stick is a portable device that can stream content from various apps.

It has the same interface type as a Chromecast, but it can also be used to connect to your TV and play TV shows, movies, sports, and music on the go. In addition, it’s compatible with Amazon Prime Video.

The Fire Stick is an excellent device for cord-cutters, allowing them to stream their favorite shows for free.

It can also purchase premium content such as Showtime and HBO for an additional fee.

Does Walmart Sell Amazon Fire Sticks?

If you’re a huge Amazon user, you might be thinking about the same question on the minds of several others, does Walmart sell Fire Sticks? Unfortunately, the answer is no.

Due to the company’s decision not to sell Amazon Fire Sticks, you won’t be able to get them from the retailer’s website or in-store.

The company stopped selling the device in 2017 and didn’t provide a clear explanation as to why it decided to stop.

However, it’s widely believed that the move was due to the increasing competition between Amazon and Walmart.

If you’re still looking for a replacement for Amazon Fire Stick, you might want to consider other streaming devices from Walmart.

The company has a variety of devices that are compatible with different types of devices.

Some of these include Roku and Chromecast. If you’re not satisfied with the Fire Stick, you can also purchase a pair of Roku or Chromecast.

Which Other Streaming Service Does Walmart Sell?

If you’re not a fan of the Fire Stick and want to buy an alternative, but you’re not sure if Walmart sells them, you might want to check its in-store selection.

The company also has a variety of other devices that are compatible with different types of streaming services.

One of the most popular streaming devices you can buy from Walmart is Google Chromecast.

This device, priced at under $50, comes with 4K resolution and is compatible with various streaming services.

However, if you want a more budget-friendly alternative, you can purchase the Google Chromecast 3rd, Gen for just $29.99.

The company also has a variety of other devices that are compatible with different types of streaming services.

One of the most popular streaming devices you can buy from Walmart is the Apple TV. This device, priced at $139, comes with a 4K resolution.

Roku is another viable option. The Roku Express is priced at just $29, while the Roku Ultra is available at $92.

Even though Walmart doesn’t sell Amazon Fire Stick, it has a wide variety of other streaming devices that can help you replace it.

Does Walmart Have Its Own Streaming Service?

In 2010, Walmart purchased Vudu, a free streaming service with thousands of titles.

Although it offers a variety of free movies and television shows, it also allows customers to rent a sort of other titles.

Due to the increasing competition from other streaming services, such as Amazon Prime and Netflix, Walmart decided to sell Vudu in 2020.

One of the main reasons why the Fire Stick is not available at Walmart is because the company has partnered with other streaming devices, such as the Onn-branded Android TV UHD.


Does Walmart sell Fire Sticks in 2023? This question and several others were answered in the article. We hope you had fun reading it.

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