List of Top 10+ Wig Affiliate Programs for Celebrities [2023]

Are you curating content centered around hair wigs and hairstyles? Then seeking the best and most lucrative hair wig affiliate programs will help you monetize your blog, webpage, or YouTube channel. 

People strive to achieve a unique and dynamic appearance, particularly for parties and events, making the demand for fancy hair wigs high.  

In this article, we’ve carefully selected some of the best, highest-paying hair wig affiliate programs offered by leading brands in the industry.

Before we continue, let us know more about what an affiliate program is all about.

What is an Affiliate Program?

An affiliate program is a marketing strategy used by businesses to promote their products or services through a network of affiliates (partners). In this arrangement, the business rewards affiliates for driving traffic, leads, or sales to their website or online store. Affiliates are individuals or other businesses that promote the products or services of the company through various marketing efforts, such as blog posts, social media posts, email marketing, or banner ads.

The process of an affiliate program typically works as follows:

  1. Affiliate Registration: Interested individuals or businesses sign up to become affiliates of the company. Upon approval, they gain access to unique affiliate links or promo codes to track their referrals.
  2. Promotion: Affiliates promote the company’s products or services using their unique affiliate links or promo codes. These links and codes help track the traffic and sales generated by each affiliate accurately.
  3. Visitor Conversion: When a potential customer clicks on the affiliate’s link and makes a purchase or completes a desired action (like signing up for a service or filling out a form), the affiliate earns a commission or a predetermined reward.
  4. Tracking and Reporting: The company’s affiliate program software tracks the referrals and sales generated by each affiliate. Detailed reports are provided to both the company and affiliates, allowing them to monitor their performance and earnings.
  5. Commission Payout: Affiliates are compensated according to the terms and conditions of the affiliate program. The payment can be a percentage of the sale amount (a commission-based model) or a fixed amount for each successful referral.

Affiliate programs benefit both the company and the affiliates. Companies can reach a broader audience and increase their sales without investing heavily in marketing, while affiliates can earn passive income by promoting products or services they believe in.

This form of performance-based marketing has become popular in the digital age, as it allows businesses to leverage the influence and reach of affiliates to expand their customer base and boost revenue. However, it’s essential for both businesses and affiliates to choose reputable and relevant partnerships to ensure the success and credibility of the affiliate program.

List of Top 10+ Wig Affiliate Programs for Celebrities

If you have a blog or an audience interested in wigs, here are the top wig affiliates programs for celebrities: 

1. UNice Hair Affiliate Program

UNice Hair is one of the top wigs affiliates programs for celebrities. What sets the UNice Hair affiliate program apart is its inclusivity, as affiliates of all levels are welcome to join and participate in promotions. 

Unlike many other large companies, UNice Hair maintains an open approach to choosing affiliates.

Affiliates enjoy an attractive payout rate of eight percent on approved referral purchases made within thirty days of clicking your unique affiliate link.

To learn more about UNice Hair and its partner program, visit the official website at and explore the Affiliate Signup Page.

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    2. Yolova

    Yolova provides premium human hair wigs designed specifically for black women. 

    They offer a variety of styles, including Lace Part Wigs, Headband And Half Wig, Wig With Bangs, U Part Wigs, Bob Wig, and HD Lace Wigs.

    Yolova’s affiliate program is known for being the highest-paying hair wig affiliate program, offering a generous 20% commission per sale. 

    As an affiliate, you can sign up for the program through either Impact Radius or ShareASale affiliate networks. 

    Yolova’s services are available in various countries, including Canada, France, Brazil, Australia, the United Kingdom, Italy, Germany, Mexico, Austria, and the United States.

    3. Uniwigs

    The Uniwigs Affiliate Program offers an exciting opportunity to promote their wide range of premium and authentic hair products. 

    Uniwigs sells various types of high-quality wigs and hair extensions, including synthetic wigs, human hair curly wigs, wigs with bangs, headband wigs, lace front wigs, celebrity wigs, and men’s hair systems.

    Aspiring affiliates can quickly join the Uniwigs affiliate program through the official website or popular affiliate networks like CJ Affiliate (Commission Junction) or ShareASale.

    The commission rates offered by Uniwigs range from five to ten percent on qualified sales. 

    Affiliates with a substantial user base or audience can negotiate the commission rate with the company for potentially higher earnings.

    However, it’s important to note that only some are eligible to participate in the Uniwigs affiliate program. 

    To become a Uniwigs partner, affiliates must meet specific criteria, including having over 3,000 Instagram followers, 1,000+ YouTube subscribers, 1,000+ TikTok followers, and over 2,000 blog views.

    The cookie duration determines how long referrals are tracked and is set at thirty days. 

    Payments for successful referrals are processed through the respective affiliate network’s payment methods regularly.

    Affiliates can earn commissions ranging from 5% to 10% on all eligible sales, and the referral tracking period is set at 30 days to ensure fair compensation for successful referrals.

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    4. Wigsbuy

    Wigsbuy provides a wide range of affordable wigs and offers a competitive 13% base commission per sale. 

    Moreover, if your monthly sales performance improves, Wigsbuy can increase your commission percentage. 

    On average, the order price on Wigsbuy is approximately $130, which translates to an average commission of $16.9 per sale.

    To join the Wigsbuy affiliate program, you can sign up through Rakuten LinkShare.

    The program provides a generous cookie period of 60 days, which means that referrals made through your affiliate links will be tracked for up to two months. 

    Additionally, the Wigsbuy affiliate program is open to affiliates from all countries, making it accessible to a global audience.

    If you’re interested in promoting Wigsbuy’s diverse range of wigs and earning commissions for successful referrals, you can find more details and the affiliate signup link on their website.

    5. KissLove Hair Affiliate Program

    KissLove Hair Affiliate Program gives a generous seven percent commission payout rate on total referral sales, accompanied by an impressive sixty-day cookie duration. 

    Choose between custom coupon codes or unique affiliate links to promote their products.

    Furthermore, the program offers affiliates chat, phone, and email support, ensuring a smooth experience. 

    Additionally, marketing resources are made available to assist in your promotional efforts.

    For those interested in joining the KissLove Hair affiliate marketing program, simply visit the affiliate registration page and complete the registration form, providing essential details such as name, email, social URLs, content channels, and a brief description.

    6. Lace Front Wig Affiliate Program

    This company offers top-notch lace front wigs, lace frontals, and full lace wigs made with genuine human hair.

    To join the renowned Lace Front Wig affiliate program, simply fill out the online form on their official website. The best part is that you won’t have to wait long for approval.

    You can earn up to a remarkable $400 per validated sale as an affiliate, and the generous cookie window spans ninety days. 

    The best part? Becoming a Lace Front Wig partner is entirely free. Use the non-promotional link to signup.

    7. WoWebony Affiliate Program

    WoWebony has been operating in the market since 2017 and enjoys numerous positive reviews.

    You can create a customer account to participate in the WoWebony affiliate program. 

    Once you access your profile, you will find a link to the company’s affiliate program. Click on it, and you’ll be eligible to promote their high-quality wigs for a commission.

    The WoWebony affiliate program comes with a remarkable cookie duration of 12 months. 

    This means you have an entire year to convert a consumer, enhancing your chances of earning a commission.

    Speaking of commissions, the program offers a competitive rate of 8%. Although it may seem modest, it is significant considering the higher price point of wigs, making it a lucrative opportunity.

    8. Besthairbuy Affiliate Program

    Ranked as one of the top 10 wig affiliate programs for celebrities, Besthairbuy specializes in providing high-quality human hair wigs, closures, frontals, colored weaves, hair extensions, and a comprehensive range of products in the hair care market.

    Besthairbuy has a strong foundation, catering to women’s hairstyle needs since 2010.

    To become a part of the Besthairbuy affiliate program, you can join the Webgains affiliate network, and the registration is entirely free.

    By promoting Besthairbuy’s hair products through your unique affiliate links, you can earn a generous commission of 10% for every completed purchase your visitors make within 30 days.

    Exclusive coupons, marketing resources, creatives, and a dedicated affiliate support team will aid you in boosting conversion rates and maximizing your earnings.

    9. Affiliate Program

    Among the top 10 wig affiliate programs for celebrities, stands out as one of the biggest and most popular wig companies within this list and beyond. 

    Offering an extensive range of wigs, from short to long hair options, guarantees that all their products are crafted from 100% natural hair.

    With diverse collections catering to different communities, boasts an exceptional selection for African American women. 

    To become a part of the affiliate program, aspiring affiliates should have an approved VigLink account, a renowned affiliate network simplifying the promotion and payment process.

    Affiliates will earn between four and five percent commission on qualified sales, with the cookie duration likely being 30 days, although not explicitly stated.

    10. Jurllyshe Affiliate Program

    Jurllyshe is not solely focused on the wig market. Instead, it offers various products in various sectors, including fashion, women’s clothing, jewelry, wigs, human hair, swimwear, and more.

    Jurllyshe is an excellent company to collaborate with as an affiliate, boasting a substantial customer base and establishing solid relationships with its partners.

    To promote Jurllyshe as an affiliate, you can create a ShareASale account, one of the industry’s leading affiliate networks. 

    Affiliates can earn up to fifteen percent on qualified sales or referrals made within thirty days after the last click.

    Coupon websites will receive a fixed commission rate of eight percent. Additionally, affiliates will gain access to links, banners, guides, and logos, streamlining the promotion process.

    11. Allure Wigs Affiliate Program

    Allure Wigs is another remarkable wig company based in New York, offering wig installation and maintenance services, along with natural hair wigs.

    Their product range spans from $180 to over $600, allowing for attractive commission opportunities, such as earning about $60 per sale when customers make substantial purchases.

    The Allure Wigs affiliate program is managed in-house, and approval is granted almost instantly, enabling you to promote the links promptly after your account confirmation.

    With a competitive commission rate of 10% for qualified and approved sales, you can earn considerable income as an affiliate partner.

    Marketing resources like coupon codes, ad creatives, and landing pages will be at your disposal, and a responsive team of affiliate marketing professionals will offer support when needed.

    The main requirement is to be at least 18 to join the Allure Wigs affiliate program. 

    12. Luvmehair 

    Luvmehair provides an array of affordable and premium Human Hair Wigs, including Undetectable Lace, Glueless Lace, Headband Wigs, Bob Wigs, 5×5 Lace Wigs, Frontal Lace Wigs, 4×4 Lace Wigs, Curly Wigs, Blonde Wigs, Colorful Wigs, Balayage Wigs, and more.

    By partnering with the Luvmehair affiliate program, you can earn an 8% commission on each successful sale. 

    To become an affiliate, you can apply directly on Impact Radius, the platform hosted by the program.

    With a cookie duration of 14 days, your referrals have a two-week window to purchase after clicking on your affiliate link.

    Please note that the Luvmehair affiliate program operates only in the United States.


    The wigs market offers ample opportunities, and wig companies generously offer attractive commission rates to affiliates to drive growth!

    When considering an affiliate program, assessing each brand’s commission rates, perks, and support is crucial.

    By choosing the right wig affiliate program from our top 10 list, celebrities can confidently promote these high-quality wigs to their audience and elevate their style.

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