40 Weird things sold on eBay for lots of money

In the vast and eclectic world of online marketplaces, eBay stands as a treasure trove where the ordinary and the extraordinary collide. While many of us use eBay for the usual suspects — clothes, electronics, or vintage finds — there exists a peculiar subculture of buyers and sellers engaged in transactions that defy all expectations.

Welcome to the realm of weird things sold on eBay for jaw-dropping amounts of money. Join us on this journey as we unveil 40 peculiar items that fetched more than just a curious glance.

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List of Weird things sold on eBay for lots of money

Some of these items you can easily get for less money, while the rest might be expensive.

Ghost in a Jar: Paranormal for a Price

Some sellers have claimed to have captured ghosts in jars, offering buyers a chance to own their very own paranormal entity. While skepticism may abound, a few of these spectral specimens have reportedly sold for hundreds of dollars.

Justin Timberlake’s Half-Eaten French Toast: The Taste of Celebrity

Ever wondered what it’s like to dine like a pop sensation? One brave soul auctioned off a half-eaten piece of French toast allegedly left behind by Justin Timberlake. The winning bid? A whopping $3,154.

Virgin Mary Grilled Cheese: A Holy Toast

In the world of peculiar eBay auctions, few items are as legendary as the Virgin Mary Grilled Cheese. The sandwich, featuring what some believe to be the image of the Virgin Mary, sold for an astonishing $28,000. Divine intervention or a hungry bidder?

A Cornflake Shaped Like Illinois: Breakfast, Geography Style

It seems breakfast can be a source of unexpected inspiration. One seller capitalized on a cornflake that happened to resemble the state of Illinois, and the winning bid reached an unexpected $1,350.

Haunted Rubber Ducky: Bath Time, but Make it Spooky

Rubber duckies are a staple of bath time, but what about one that comes with a haunted backstory? Some sellers have claimed to possess haunted rubber duckies, with bids reaching eerie heights as buyers vie for a paranormal bath companion.

Imaginary Friend: A Companion in Thin Air

For those seeking companionship in unconventional forms, sellers have auctioned off the concept of an imaginary friend. The winning bidder essentially purchases the promise of a non-existent friend, emphasizing the creativity and eccentricity of eBay buyers.

Famous Cheeto: The Crunchy Canvas of Artistic Expression

Cheetos are a snack, but for some, they’re a canvas. Various Cheetos resembling celebrities, animals, or iconic symbols have hit the eBay market, with collectors willing to shell out significant sums for these crunchy pieces of edible art.

Lucky Horseshoe Mustache: Facial Hair Fortune

In the realm of facial hair memorabilia, one peculiar item stands out — a horseshoe mustache allegedly worn by a lucky individual. Whether it brings luck or just quirky charm, this unconventional piece fetched a surprising amount in the bidding arena.

USB Pet Rock: Modernizing a Classic

The pet rock, a fad from the 1970s, made a comeback in the digital age as sellers offered USB-powered versions. These “high-tech” rocks, with no practical function beyond their amusing novelty, found buyers willing to pay for the nostalgia and humor they brought.

Inflatable Toast: Rise and Shine, Literally

Toasting bread is a common kitchen ritual, but what about inflating it? Inflatable toast has become a sought-after item among those with a penchant for quirky collectibles. Some buyers have spent surprising amounts to own this whimsical breakfast-themed oddity.

Vintage Boombox from the 1980s

The appeal of vintage boomboxes is undeniable, with enthusiasts both collecting and utilizing them as movie or play props. In the snapshot above, a particular model fetched an impressive $450, proving that investing in these nostalgic music players can be a lucrative endeavor.

Texas Instrument Calculators

Calculators from Texas Instruments find a decent market on eBay, commanding a respectable price tag. While the retail value may vary, this specific calculator changed hands for $40, showcasing the demand for these classic tech relics.

Folding Chair from Chicago Stadium

Despite the closure of Chicago Stadium 24 years ago, the nostalgia surrounding it remains strong. A folding chair from this iconic sports venue, once home to the Chicago Blackhawks and Bulls, sold for $150, allowing a piece of sports history to find a new home.

Cell Phone Charger and Cable Lot

A practical addition to this list is a lot comprising various cell phone chargers and cables sold for $12. This entry underscores that even everyday items can find willing buyers on eBay, catering to those seeking budget-friendly alternatives.

Cow Manure

In a surprising turn, even cow manure managed to find a buyer. While the thought of selling such an item may be perplexing, it showcases the platform’s capacity to accommodate diverse listings, no matter how unconventional.

Old Board Games

The resurgence of interest in vintage board games was evident in the successful sale of a collector’s edition Monopoly game. As board game enthusiasts seek unique editions, eBay becomes a thriving marketplace for these nostalgic treasures.

Moto Razr

Despite its checkered reputation, the classic Motorola Razr phone commanded a surprising $40 on eBay. The enduring appeal of nostalgic tech items, even those with less-than-stellar functionality, continues to captivate buyers.

OJ Simpson Autograph

Athlete autographs, depending on the figure’s notoriety, can attract buyers. An OJ Simpson signature, intriguingly priced at $20, illustrates the diverse market for sports memorabilia, even when tied to controversial figures.

Stadium Turf

Souvenirs from demolished stadiums, such as a piece of turf from the Orange Bowl, garnered attention on eBay, selling for $159. The desire to own a tangible piece of sports history resonates with collectors and sports enthusiasts alike.

Neon Sign

The vibrant world of neon signs found its place on eBay, with a Pabst (PBR) sign selling for $379. While logistics may present challenges for shipping such items, local pick-up options underscore eBay’s adaptability to various seller needs.

Rare Money

A red seal $5 bill, a testament to the diverse offerings on eBay, sold for $51. The platform serves as a marketplace for currency collectors, facilitating the exchange of unique bills between enthusiasts.


A curious entry on the list, the sale of dirt on eBay, albeit for undisclosed purposes, emphasizes that the platform accommodates an extensive range of items, even those that may raise eyebrows.

Game Consoles

Classic gaming consoles, like the Super Nintendo, continue to capture the attention of collectors. Selling for an impressive $680, this entry attests to the enduring popularity of retro gaming systems on eBay.


Made famous by Home Alone 2, the Talkboy remains a sought-after relic. Selling for $167.50, this listing reflects the enduring appeal of movie-related memorabilia on the platform.

Vintage Tampons

Surprisingly, vintage tampons from the 1980s found their place on eBay, selling for $24. The utilization of such items for movie props adds a unique dimension to their marketability.


The sale of a used upper denture for $40 introduces a puzzling entry to the list. The motivations behind purchasing such items remain unclear, but it showcases the diversity of eBay transactions.

Vintage Pampers

Pampers from 1987 became an unexpected eBay hit, selling for a remarkable $911 with 62 bids. The popularity of vintage items extends to even the most unexpected categories.

Worn Panties

In the realm of unconventional eBay transactions, the sale of worn panties, purportedly from Selena Gomez, raised eyebrows. Selling for $49, it highlights the platform’s accommodation of diverse and sometimes peculiar buyer interests.

Potato Chips

In a peculiar turn of events, a partially consumed bag of potato chips found a buyer, all in the name of charity. Though undeniably odd, this listing proves that even the most unconventional items can be repurposed for a good cause.

Clermont Hotel Sign

The Clermont Lounge’s fame in Atlanta, particularly as an adult establishment, led to a surprising sale of its original hotel sign for a staggering $6700. The demand for unique memorabilia from renowned establishments highlights the diverse interests of eBay buyers.

Crown Royal Bags

For aficionados of Crown Royal, those distinctive bags are more than mere packaging. A set of six Crown Royal bags managed to fetch $50, emphasizing that even the simplest items can hold value for those with a keen eye.


In a testament to the varied nature of eBay transactions, dreadlocks make a unique appearance on this list. Surprisingly, people are willing to pay over $200 for these unconventional items, tapping into the unexpected market for hair-related collectibles.

Toilet Paper Tissue Rolls

Even the most mundane items, like toilet paper tissue rolls, have found a place on eBay. A lot of 100 rolls, selling for $18, demonstrates that even everyday items can be repurposed for arts and crafts, turning potential waste into a modest profit.

Empty Liquor Bottle

In an interesting twist, empty liquor bottles have become sought-after commodities on eBay. While the reasons behind such purchases may be unclear, the market for these bottles exists, providing an unconventional opportunity for sellers.

Expired Camera Film

Expired film, often considered obsolete, remains a marketable item on eBay. A lot of expired film, sitting unused, managed to sell for $45, showcasing that even outdated items can hold appeal for certain buyers.

Fart in a Jar

Undoubtedly one of the more bizarre listings, the sale of a “fart in a jar” on eBay raises eyebrows. Whether a jest or a genuine transaction, it adds a touch of humor to the array of unusual items finding their way onto the platform.

Gold Grill

Gold teeth, in the form of a top and bottom grill, fetched a surprising $400. The allure of customized dental accessories, even if the gold’s authenticity remains uncertain, showcases the diverse interests within eBay’s user base.

Haunted Doll

The sale of a haunted doll for $20 introduces an element of mystique to eBay transactions. The questions surrounding how one identifies a haunted item and why a buyer would seek such an acquisition contribute to the platform’s enigmatic offerings.

John Deere Trucker Hat

In the world of hat collectors, a vintage John Deere trucker hat proved its worth by selling for an impressive $880. This item serves as a reminder that seemingly commonplace items can hold significant value within niche markets.

Ku Klux Klan Sheet Music

A somewhat unsettling entry on this list, KKK sheet music sold for $75. While the motivations behind such a purchase may vary, it highlights the diversity of items available on eBay, spanning historical artifacts to the peculiar.

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In Conclusion

This eclectic array of eBay transactions underscores the platform’s role as a vast and diverse marketplace, catering to a wide range of interests and preferences. From nostalgic tech to peculiar artifacts, eBay continues to be a hub where the unexpected finds a market and buyers discover the truly unique. Feel free to visit eBay.com to buy.

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