80+ Bed & Breakfast Business Names Ideas (Unique, Creative & Catchy)

Starting a bed and breakfast business is an exciting venture. Still, most people find it challenging to create a memorable business name that will grab customers’ attention. 

We’ve curated a diverse selection of  80+ unique, creative, and catchy potential bed and breakfast business names that reflect the charm, character, and essence of your B&B. 

Our suggestions aim to capture the essence of your establishment and resonate with your target audience.

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Unique Bed & Breakfast Business Names Ideas

Create names that are different from the traditional bed and breakfast names. Here are some examples: 

  • The Cozy Corner Inn
  • Serene Haven Retreat
  • Blissful Bed and Breakfast
  • Tranquil Meadows Lodge
  • The Charming Cottage
  • Sunny Side Inn
  • Whispering Pines Retreat
  • Enchanted Escape Bed and Breakfast
  • Sunrise Serenity
  • The Rustic Retreat
  • Harbor View Haven
  • Mountain Majesty Inn
  • The Hidden Gem B&B
  • Oasis of Tranquility
  • The Secret Garden Guesthouse
  • Lakeside Lodge
  • The Victorian Manor
  • Dreamy Meadows Bed and Breakfast
  • Willowbrook Retreat
  • The Welcoming Abode
  • Seaside Serenade Inn
  • The Cosy Cabin
  • Enchanted Woods Bed and Breakfast
  • Meadowbrook Manor
  • The Serendipity Inn
  • Rustic Charm B&B
  • Mountain Vista Lodge
  • The Whimsical Hideaway
  • Tranquil Waters Bed and Breakfast
  • The Cottage Retreat
  • Sunset View Inn
  • The Elegant Escape
  • Country Comfort Bed and Breakfast
  • The Enchanted Oasis
  • Whispering Winds Retreat
  • Sunny Side Manor
  • Secluded Serenity Inn
  • The Quaint Cottage
  • Riverfront Hideaway
  • The Rustic Haven
  • Mountain Escape B&B
  • The Hidden Treasure Inn
  • Oakwood Retreat
  • The Blissful Nook
  • Waterside Serenade Bed and Breakfast
  • The Cozy Cabin Retreat
  • Evergreen Woods Lodge
  • The Enchanting Hideout
  • Meadowside Manor
  • Tranquil Tides Inn
  • The Charming Hearth
  • Serene Skies Bed and Breakfast
  • The Secret Garden Retreat
  • Mountain Bliss Lodge
  • The Lakeside Haven
  • Dreamy Meadows Inn
  • Willowbrook Serenity
  • The Welcoming Whisper
  • Coastal Escape Bed and Breakfast
  • The Cosy Cabin Inn
  • Enchanted Forest Retreat
  • Meadowbrook Hideaway
  • The Serendipity Nook
  • Rustic Rendezvous B&B
  • Mountain Majesty Retreat
  • The Whimsical Haven
  • Tranquil Trail Bed and Breakfast
  • The Cozy Cottage
  • Sunset Serenity Inn
  • The Elegant Oasis
  • Country Comfort Retreat
  • The Enchanted Cottage
  • Whispering Woods Bed and Breakfast
  • Sunny Side Hideaway
  • Secluded Serenade Lodge
  • The Quaint Hearth
  • Riverfront Serenity Inn
  • The Rustic Nook
  • Mountain Memories B&B
  • The Hidden Oasis Inn
  • Oakwood Serenade
  • The Blissful Haven
  • Waterside Retreat Bed and Breakfast
  • The Cozy Cabin Hideout
  • Evergreen Woods Inn
  • The Enchanting Nook
  • Meadowside Hideaway
  • Tranquil Skies Manor

Creative & Catchy Bed & Breakfast Business Names Ideas

Catchy names are always easy to remember, and that’s what you want for business. Find names that sound good to pronounce; it can even be a play upon words. 

Check these examples for inspiration: 

  • Serenity Haven B&B
  • Enchanted Retreat Inn
  • Sunrise Meadows Lodge
  • Cozy Nest Cottage
  • Whispering Pines Retreat
  • The Rustic Charm Inn
  • Blissful Meadows Bed & Breakfast
  • Moonlit Manor B&B
  • Tranquil Trails Lodge
  • Secret Garden Guesthouse
  • Sweet Dreams Cottage
  • Starlight Retreat Inn
  • The Captivating Cottage
  • Harmony Hill Bed & Breakfast
  • The Enchanting Escape
  • Hidden Gem Lodge
  • Charming Haven Inn
  • Radiant Sunsets B&B
  • Willowbrook Cottage
  • Dreamy Hollow Guesthouse
  • Rustic Elegance Inn
  • Tranquility Springs Lodge
  • The Whispering Oaks Retreat
  • Twilight Dreams Bed & Breakfast
  • Quaint Serenade Cottage
  • Mystic Moon Inn
  • Enchanted Woods B&B
  • Sunrise Serenade Lodge
  • The Blissful Retreat
  • Starry Nights Guesthouse
  • Graceful Haven Cottage
  • Luminous Horizons Inn
  • Whimsical Waters B&B
  • The Cozy Hearth Lodge
  • Enchantment Springs Retreat
  • Moonbeam Manor Bed & Breakfast
  • Sunflower Fields Cottage
  • Captivating Dreams Guesthouse
  • Tranquil Tides Inn
  • Hidden Oasis Lodge
  • The Charming Carousel Retreat
  • Whispering Winds Bed & Breakfast
  • The Rustic Roost
  • Enchanted Escapades Cottage
  • Dreamland Meadows Inn
  • Serene Harbor B&B
  • Twilight Treasures Lodge
  • The Enchanted Manor
  • Peaceful Pines Guesthouse
  • Blissful Meadows Cottage
  • Celestial Retreat Inn
  • Secret Garden Hideaway B&B
  • Cozy Dreams Lodge
  • Radiant Rivers Retreat
  • Moonlit Memories Bed & Breakfast
  • The Quaint Corner
  • Enchanting Echoes Cottage
  • Whispers of Nature Inn
  • Sunrise Symphony B&B
  • The Rustic Rendezvous Lodge
  • Tranquility Trails Retreat
  • Hidden Delights Guesthouse
  • Starstruck Haven Cottage
  • Dreamy Dunes Inn
  • The Blissful Brook B&B
  • Serenade in the Woods Lodge
  • Twilight Tranquility Retreat
  • Enchanted Getaway Bed & Breakfast
  • Moonshadow Cottage
  • Radiant Rhapsody Inn
  • Cozy Meadows Lodge
  • The Enchanted Glen Retreat
  • Whispering Willows Guesthouse
  • Sunlit Serenity Cottage
  • Mystic Mist Inn
  • Tranquil Timber B&B
  • The Rustic Haven Lodge
  • Starlit Memories Retreat
  • Charming Dreams Bed & Breakfast

Bed and Breakfast Names For Businesses Close to Any Water Body

You can consider these names if your Bed and Breakfast business is close to a waterfront: 

  • River Lake House
  • Southcliffe Guest House
  • Fisherman’s Huts
  • Abington Green Bed & Breakfast
  • Lake View
  • Sea ViewHouse Hotel
  • Alpin Creek B&B
  • Sivern Lakes Hotel
  • Gloucester House
  • Sandcastle Ranch
  • The Countryside Home
  • Hilton Glasgow
  • Leisure Suites
  • The Clam B&B
  • The King’s Head
  • Pinnacle Lodge
  • Driftwood B&B
  • Desert Moon Inn
  • Water Side Guest House
  • The Waterfront
  • Riverside Serenity Bed & Breakfast
  • Blue Whale Beachside Bed & Breakfast
  • Riverside Haven Bed and Breakfast

Romantic Names For Your Bed and Breakfast  Business 

If your business’s target audience is honeymooners or couples, you will need some romantic names for your bed and breakfast. 

Here are some romantic names ideas for your bed and breakfast business:

  • Enchanted Rose Getaway
  • Hilltop Rainfall Retreat
  • Royal Oak Manor
  • Coastal Lighthouse Hideaway
  • Starlight Beach Inn
  • The Coachman’s Haven
  • Dew Haven Bed and Breakfast
  • The Rosewood Cottage
  • The Crowned King Inn
  • The Beacon Retreat
  • The Landmark Lodge
  • The Manor 
  • The Old Timbers Inn 
  • Thorn Castle Oriental Bites
  • Village Hearth Inn
  • Sunset Hills Italian Retreat

Fancy/Luxury Bed and Breakfast Business names 

Your business name says a lot about the establishment that’s why if your bed and breakfast is made for the upper class, the name should reflect it. 

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Here are some luxury hotel and resort name ideas: 

  • Urban Oasis Lodge
  • Coastline Resorts
  • Etiquette Escapes
  • Four Seasons Haven
  • Hilton Garden Elegance
  • Agoura Heights Hotel
  • The Ritz Grand Hotel
  • TrioSpire Getaways
  • Majestic Kings Inn
  • Lustrio Luxe
  • Mandarin Paradise
  • Meadow Serenity
  • Raffel Grand Hotel
  • Royal Galaxy Resorts
  • Royal Oak Retreat
  • Royal Orbit Escapes
  • Sapphires Grand Hotel
  • Sea Horizon Haven
  • Secret Mirage Resorts
  • American Haven
  • Belmond Bliss
  • Elite Suites
  • Cape Grace Retreat
  • Serene Bliss
  • Soft Petal Escapes
  • Spring Brook Manor
  • The Lakefront Retreat
  • The Nines Luxury Resort

Creepy Bed and Breakfast Business Names 

If your business is centered on ‘horror’ themes and a gothic vibe, then here is a list of names to consider: 

  • The Black Portal
  • House of Demons
  • Phantom Roadhouse
  • Haunting Opera Mansion
  • Bell Witch House
  • Devil’s Dance 
  • Blood Grounds Estate
  • Old Man’s Haunted House
  • Blair Witch Crypt
  • Hell’s Gate Roadhouse
  • Abandoned Plantation of Shadows
  • Blood Side Grounds
  • Fallen Roadhouse
  • Screamer’s Letting House
  • Boo’s Basement
  • Phantom Home
  • Weeping Willow
  • Blood Side Hollows
  • Tainted Souls Museum
  • Dead Man’s Haunting Manor
  • Souls Gardens
  • Nightmare Acres
  • Hell’s Gate Crypt
  • Pumpkin Head 
  • Ann’s Hollows
  • Witch’s Cauldron
  • Hexagon Manor
  • Cottage of Spirits
  • Bell Witch House
  • Curse of Moira Lair
  • Black Monk 
  • Cottage of Shadows
  • Witch’s Castle
  • Late Night Manor
  • Full Moon Tower
  • Tainted Souls Cottage
  • Curse of Moira Cottage
  • Pumpkin Head Hollows
  • Burnt Haven Den
  • Witch’s Mansion 
  • Nightmare Road
  • Broken Motel of Dread
  • Den of Shadows

How to Create the Best Bed and Breakfast Business Names

To choose the perfect name for your bed and breakfast venture, consider these steps:

1. Understand Your Target Market and Brand

Think about the audience you want to attract and the image you want to portray. Your name should align with your brand identity and appeal to potential guests.

2. Reflect the Atmosphere and Surroundings

Consider the ambiance and location of your bed and breakfast. A name that captures the essence of your surroundings can create a strong connection with your guests.

3. Brainstorm Relevant Keywords

Generate a list of words that best describe your business and its unique offerings. These keywords can inspire name ideas that convey the essence of your B&B.

4. Utilize a Business Name Generator

Utilize online business name generators incorporating your keywords to suggest potential names. It can be a helpful tool to inspire creativity and discover unique options.

5. Seek Customer Feedback

Conduct surveys or gather opinions from potential customers to see how they respond to your shortlisted names. 

Feedback from your target audience can provide valuable insights.

6. Check Availability

Once you have a favorite name, ensure another business does not already use it. Check for domain availability and trademark issues to avoid potential legal conflicts.

7. Choose a Memorable Name

Select a name that is easy to remember and pronounce, making it simple for people to find and refer to your bed and breakfast.

8. Register the Name

After finalizing your desired name and confirming its availability, register it with the relevant authorities to protect your brand identity.


What Are Some Synonyms for “Bed and Breakfast”?

In various regions, “bed and breakfast” is commonly referred to as “inn,” “lodge,” or “guest house.” 

These terms, along with “B&B” or “BnB,” can be used interchangeably, so it’s worth considering these synonyms when selecting a name for your establishment.


We hope you find these 80+ bed & breakfast business name ideas helpful in choosing the perfect and unique name for your establishment.

Remember your business name should evoke the emotions and experiences you wish to offer guests during their stay. 

Consider your target audience, and envision how each name aligns with your bed & breakfast’s theme and ambiance.

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