101 Trending Real Estate Hashtags That Get Likes In 2023 (See All)

In the ever-evolving world of social media, real estate professionals and enthusiasts alike need to stay up-to-date with the latest trends to remain competitive. 

One essential element of a successful social media strategy is the effective use of hashtags. 

Hashtags boost your visibility and connect you with potential clients and fellow industry professionals. 

In this article, we will list the 101 trending real estate hashtags that get likes and leads to the most exposure for your properties in the market.

101 Trending Real Estate Hashtags That Get Likes In 2023

Here are 101 trending real estate hashtags that will help you get more likes, engagement, and visibility in 2023:

General Real Estate Hashtags

1. #RealEstate

2. #Realtor

3. #Property

4. #HomeSweetHome

5. #DreamHome

6. #HomeForSale

7. #NewHome

8. #ForSale

9. #HomeBuyer

10. #HomeOwner

11. #HouseHunting

12. #RealEstateInvesting

13. #RealEstateLife

14. #RealEstateAgent

15. #RealEstateInvestor

16. #RealEstateTips

17. #RealEstateMarketing

18. #RealEstateTrends2023

19. #HomeInspection

20. #JustListed

21. #JustSold

22. #OpenHouse

Luxury Real Estate Hashtags

23. #LuxuryRealEstate

24. #LuxuryHomes

25. #LuxuryProperty

26. #LuxuryLiving

27. #LuxuryEstates

28. #LuxuryLifestyle

29. #Mansion

30. #MillionDollarListing

31. #HighEndRealEstate

32. #LuxuryRealtor

33. #LuxuryListing

Home Design and Decor Hashtags

34. #HomeDesign

35. #InteriorDesign

36. #ModernHome

37. #Architecture

38. #HomeDecor

39. #HomeStaging

40. #KitchenDesign

41. #BathroomDesign

42. #OutdoorLiving

43. #SustainableLiving

44. #EcoFriendlyHome

45. #SmartHome

Local Real Estate Hashtags

*Be sure to replace [YourCity] with your target city or area.*

46. #[YourCity]RealEstate

47. #[YourCity]Homes

48. #[YourCity]Realtor

49. #[YourCity]Property

50. #RealEstateIn[YourCity]

51. #HomesIn[YourCity]

Real Estate Tips and Advice Hashtags

52. #RealEstateAdvice

53. #HomeBuyingTips

54. #HomeSellingTips

55. #MortgageTips

56. #InvestmentTips

57. #RealEstateGoals

58. #FirstTimeHomeBuyer

59. #FinanceTips

60. #RealEstateEducation

Real Estate Networking Hashtags

61. #RealEstateNetwork

62. #RealEstateCommunity

63. #RealEstateConnections

64. #RealEstateCollaboration

65. #RealtorLife

66. #RealtorLifestyle

67. #RealtorTips

68. #RealEstateConference

69. #RealEstateMeetup

Real Estate Market Hashtags

70. #RealEstateMarket

71. #PropertyMarket

72. #HousingMarket

73. #MarketTrends

74. #MarketUpdate

75. #RealEstateStats

Real Estate Tech Hashtags

76. #PropTech

77. #RealEstateTech

78. #RealEstateSoftware

79. #RealEstateApps

80. #VirtualTours

81. #3DRendering

82. #DronesInRealEstate

Real Estate Humor Hashtags

83. #RealEstateMemes

84. #RealtorHumor

85. #HouseHuntingHumor

86. #RealEstateJokes

Real Estate Hashtags for Instagram

87. #InstaRealEstate

88. #RealEstatePhotography

89. #RealEstateGram

90. #HomeInspo

91. #RealtorsofInstagram

92. #RealEstateInfluencer

Real Estate Hashtags for Twitter

93. #RealEstateTwitter

94. #RealEstateNews

95. #REChat

96. #RealEstateDiscussion

97. #RealEstateBlog

Real Estate Hashtags for LinkedIn

98. #RealEstateLinkedIn

99. #RealEstateLeaders

100. #RealEstateProfessional

101. #RealEstateIndustry

How can I find out which hashtags are trending?

1. Use a hashtag tracking tool like Hashtagify, RiteTag, or Keywee 

These tools analyze recent social media posts to show which hashtags are trending. 

They can filter by platform (Instagram, Twitter, etc.) and category (real estate, travel, etc.) so you can find hashtags relevant to your needs.

2. Check recent posts on Instagram and Twitter

Browse some recent posts on social media platforms like Instagram and Twitter to see which hashtags are frequently used. 

The hashtags used in most recent posts are typically trending. Make a list of the popular hashtags you come across.

3. See what influencers are using

Follow influencers, leaders, and successful brands in your industry. See which hashtags they are currently using and engaging with. Their hashtags are likely trending, at least within your niche. 

4. Search on social platforms

Search on platforms like Instagram and Twitter for broad terms related to your industry or topic. 

For example, search for “real estate” or “property.” The hashtags that surface in the top posts in the results are currently popular and trending. 

5. Check trending lists published online

Some sites like SproutSocial, Tailwind, and Influencer Marketing Hub publish lists of currently trending hashtags on social media. 

They track the hashtags gaining the most momentum and update their lists regularly. These can be great resources for finding trending hashtags. 

6. Engage with trending hashtags to boost your visibility

Once you find trending hashtags in your industry or topic, engage with them by liking and commenting on posts using those hashtags. 

You can also incorporate trending hashtags into your own social media posts. This helps increase your visibility and puts you in front of new potential followers and customers.

How to Use These Hashtags Effectively

Here are the ways to effectively use real estate hashtags to get the desired results.

Choose a mix of popular and niche hashtags

Include a few highly popular hashtags like #realestate or #homesforsale and some niche hashtags targeted to your specific city, neighborhood, or property type. 

This helps you reach both a broad general audience as well as people closely aligned with your content.

Don’t overtag

Don’t include more than 3 to 5 hashtags per post. Using too many hashtags can seem spammy and disingenuous. Focus on quality over quantity. 

Place hashtags strategically

Include your hashtags at the end of your post caption or first comment. This keeps your hashtags from distracting from the main post content and image. 

Change up your hashtags

Don’t use the same hashtags on every post. Switch up your hashtags to reach new audiences and keep people engaged. Some rotation is good, but don’t change all your hashtags at once. 

Piggyback on trending hashtags

Check various hashtag directories and social media platforms to see which related hashtags are currently trending. 

Incorporate 1 or 2 trending hashtags into your posts to increase visibility. But only use a trending hashtag if it’s relevant to your content. 

Track your results

Use a tool like Keywee or RiteTag to see which hashtags get the most likes and engagement on your posts. 

Focus your efforts on the most effective hashtags to maximize your results. Stay on top of which hashtags are currently resonating most with your target audience.

Engage with others using your hashtags

Don’t just add hashtags to your posts, and move on. Take time to like and comment on other posts using those same hashtags. 

This raises your visibility and connects you with other users, which can lead to new followers, shares, and even customers.

Consider launching a branded hashtag campaign

To increase brand awareness and social engagement, consider creating and promoting your custom-branded hashtag. 

This allows your followers and customers to actively engage with and share about your brand. But make sure the hashtag resonates with your target audience before heavily promoting it.


While using popular hashtags is crucial, tailoring your content to your target audience and their interests is equally important. 

Using location-specific and niche hashtags along with popular ones can help improve engagement. Keep your hashtags trending and updated for the best results.

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