10 Best Realtor-Themed Reality Shows to Watch in 2023

There is much to enjoy about Reality T.V. shows that feature real estate brokers.

These T.V. reality shows offer the best series for streaming on your home computer or tablet while you cuddle up with some popcorn, with breath-taking landscapes and jaw-dropping real estate listings.

Celebrities and well-known realtors who operate in upscale markets are frequently featured in these T.V. series.

Income Property

HGTV aired 11 seasons of this Canadian home improvement program.

Scott McGillivray, a contractor and real estate investor with years of experience remodeling homes to make money, is the show’s host.

McGillivray offers advice to homeowners as they renovate their first house.

He assists clients in selecting a design, creating a conversion strategy, and navigating house renovation’s ups and downs.

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Property Brothers

Property Brothers is the second program on our list.

The twin twins at the center of the show each have their own set of talents.

Drew is a real estate expert who can quickly identify undervalued investment opportunities.

On the other hand, Johnathan is a real estate agent specializing in home remodeling and construction.

Property analysis and refurbishment on a budget are two essential aspects of real estate that this dynamic team addresses together.

Love It or List It

David Visentin, a real estate agent, and Hilary Farr, an interior designer, fight for the favor of unhappy homeowners eager to sell or refurbish their properties.

To convince the homeowners to sell their current home and buy a new one, David looks for real estate listings that suit their wants and budget.

At the same time, Hilary makes changes to the current property by the homeowners’ desires and budget.

The homeowners must choose between “List It,” meaning they would purchase one of the homes David showed them and sell their present home, and “Love It,” meaning they would stay in their current home following modifications.

Fixer Upper

Fixer Upper, which stars Chip and Joanna Gaines, is another well-liked HGTV program.

The Gaines are a married couple who run a Waco, Texas-based remodeling and decorating company.

The five seasons of the show came to an end in 2017.

The Gaines take a house buyer through three Waco-area fixer-uppers on the program.

Once a house is decided upon, Chip serves as the primary builder while Joanna designs it.

The interior design style is known as “farmhouse chic” is credited to the show.

Tiny House Nation

In recent years, the tiny house movement has become very popular.

John Weiestbarth and Zach Giffin, remodeling professionals, assist families around the country in this series by constructing their dream homes, which are often no more than 500 square feet.

Eighty-three episodes from 5 seasons are presently streaming on Netflix.

Million Dollar Listing

The Million Dollar Listing television series focuses on the professional and private lives of real estate brokers who market multimillion-dollar properties.

The Los Angeles mansions featured in the first episode were followed by spin-offs in New York, Miami, and San Francisco.

The television program’s New York offshoot has received two Emmy nominations.

Only the Los Angeles and New York shows are still running as of right now.

Bravo hosts every single Million Dollar Listing real estate show.

Amazing Interiors

A Netflix series called Amazing Interiors features homes with extraordinary interiors.

The residences frequently have typical exteriors but distinctive interiors.

For instance, some houses have backyard roller coasters or indoor aquariums that operate part-time as museums.

There is no host or narrator for the program. Instead, each episode features three distinctive homes, with the primary focus on one actively being built or remodeled.

Selling Sunset

This television series follows a group of real estate brokers juggling their personal and professional lives in the West Hollywood and Newport Beach offices of The Oppenheim Group, a high-end real estate brokerage company.

The show had its March 2019 debut and has since had 5 great seasons.

Million Dollar Beach House

Million Dollar Beach House is a reality television program that debuted on Netflix in 2020 and followed ambitious real estate agents who market opulent properties in The Hamptons. The cast includes:

  • J.B. Andreassi
  • Michael Fulfree
  • James “Jimmy” Giugliano
  • Noel Roberts
  • Peggy Zabakolas

There are presently 6 episodes left in season 1, but a second season has not yet been officially announced.

Grand Designs

Grand Designs is a home building program with 22 seasons and 212 episodes that features unique and advanced architectural concepts.

The subject of each episode is a different person who has chosen to pursue their dream of creating their own home.

Follow Kevin McCloud as he tries to finish these builds on schedule and with a budget.

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