Does Target Drug Test?

Target provides several employment opportunities and is known for its fair wages.

However, if you are interested in working there, it is essential to know the answer to the question, Does Target drug test in 2023?

Target is a large corporation with over 2,000 stores with over 450,000 people in paid employment in the US. Many people are interested in working at the company.

They pay a high rate of $15 per hour and provide various benefits. It is very competitive when it comes to getting a job at Target.

The article answers the question, does Target drug test in 2023?

Target Drug Test Policy 2023

In most states, it is not a requirement for companies to follow a drug testing policy.

In most cases, they can use a candidate’s profile to guide their needs. However, according to Target’s 2023 policy, some positions will require drug testing.

These include those looking for managerial positions and those operating heavy equipment.

In some states, a company that requires its employees to submit to drug tests is necessary to perform them on their managers.

This policy does not allow them to use an at-home test. Target’s policy also requires all tests to be conducted at a testing site.

Target’s current policy states that employees involved in a severe work accident must submit to a drug test.

Even if they are not at fault, they can still be tested if they were around during the incident.

In specific promotions, the company will require a clean drug test.

This is similar to the requirements for the hiring process and the background check.

However, in most cases, the drug test will only be conducted after the accepted job offer.

Does Target Drug Test In 2023?

Does Target drug test in 2023? Yes, they do. Target’s pre-employment drug testing is standard practice for new hires.

This ensures that the company hires only the best and most qualified individuals.

In addition, many companies, including Target, require drug testing as part of their hiring process.

Target’s drug-free workplace policy ensures that certain positions require drug testing.

To meet the requirements, candidates must pass a drug test within 24 hours.

Target’s drug testing is handled by a third-party company known as Accurate Background.

What Target Jobs Require a Drug Test?

Target’s policy does not require drug testing for certain positions, such as stocking and retail.

According to our research, these positions are within the company’s asset protection division.

Target’s policy is also not to target employees randomly. It’s important to note that this policy is in place to cover situations where an employee might get stoned on the job or behind the wheel.

Target’s drug-free workplace policy ensures that certain positions require drug testing. If an employee tests positive, they can be fired.

It’s unclear what drugs the company is testing, though it’s widely believed that marijuana is one of the substances they’ve previously tested for.

Since the drug test can also test for other illegal substances, it’s possible that an employee could be tested for multiple drugs at the same time.

The Drug Testing Process

Through a third-party company known as Accurate Background, Target can perform various background checks and drug screens.

They also schedule testing appointments and treat failure to do so as a positive test.

In 2023, Target will use various types of tests, such as urine screening and hair and saliva tests.

To ensure you’re ready to take the test, have all the necessary documents, such as a valid ID and an appointment confirmation.

After you have confirmed your appointment, you’ll be at the testing site to collect your results.

You’ll be entering a bathroom with a testing person, who will give you some privacy.

After you’ve urinated into a small cup, you’ll be asked to wait while the employee takes the test.

The results of the test will then be sent to Target. You should know the drug test results within 24 to 72 hours.

However, receiving a positive result can take longer. This is because many companies double-check the positive results.


Drug testing is a requirement for most companies due to their drug-free policy.

The article answered the question, does Target drug test in 2023? We hope you find it helpful.

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