80 Unique, Creative & Catchy Crematory Business Names

Choosing the right name for a crematory business requires thoughtfulness and compassion. The name should evoke a sense of respect, dignity, and professionalism.

We’ve brainstormed descriptive, elegant, and meaningful crematory business name options to help inspire you. 

Feel free to adapt any of these names or use them as a launching point to brainstorm the perfect fit for your brand.

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Classic and Elegant Crematory Business Names

  1. Sunset Memorial Crematory
  2. Eternal Rest Crematory
  3. Spring Meadows Cremation
  4. Sweet Memories Crematory
  5. Heaven’s Light Crematory
  6. Serenity Cremation Services
  7. Lakeside Crematorium
  8. Rosewood Crematory 
  9. Peaceful Crossing Crematory
  10. Garden Rest Crematory

Premium and Upscale Crematory Business Names

  1. Honor Eternal Crematory
  2. Noble Heritage Crematory
  3. Sanctuary Cremation
  4. Divine Skies Crematory
  5. Elysian Rest Crematory
  6. Majesty Cremation Services
  7. Seraphic Place Crematory
  8. Paradiso Perpetua Crematory
  9. Requiem Celebration Crematory
  10. Ascension Cremation Services

Refined and Understated Crematory Business Names

  1. Amber Sunset Crematory
  2. Quiet Willows Crematory
  3. Halcyon Skies Cremation
  4. Summit Cremation Services
  5. Clarity Memorial Crematory
  6. Reflections Cremation
  7. Horizon’s Light Crematory
  8. Daybreak Cremation Services
  9. Eventide Crematory
  10. Lakeside Memorial Crematory

Nature-Evoking Crematory Business Names

  1. Garden Rest Crematory
  2. Azure Skies Cremation
  3. Eternal Meadows Cremation
  4. Morning Dove Crematorium
  5. Summer Wind Crematory
  6. Winters Eve Cremation
  7. Crystal Springs Crematory
  8. Harvest Sunset Crematory
  9. Whispering Winds Cremation
  10. Northern Lights Crematorium

Location-Based Crematory Business Names

  1. Main Street Crematory
  2. Oakland Memorial Cremation
  3. Woodside Cremation Services
  4. Portland Crematorium
  5. Belle Grove Crematory
  6. Heritage Oaks Cremation
  7. Lakeview Crematory
  8. Highland Cremation Services
  9. Clearwater Crematorium
  10. Unity Memorial Crematory

Founder Surname Crematory Business Names

  1. Wilson Memorial Crematory
  2. Murphy Cremation Services
  3. Sinclair Crematory
  4. Bartholomew & Sons Crematory
  5. Carter Family Crematory
  6. Morris Crematorium
  7. Schmidt & Daughters Crematory
  8. Young Memorial Cremation
  9. Thompson Life Tributes Crematory
  10. Campbell Cremation Services

Combination Crematory Business Names

  1. Comfort & Care Crematory
  2. Dignity & Honor Cremation Services
  3. Peaceful Crossing Memorial Crematory
  4. Tranquility & Light Crematory
  5. Gentle Skies Crematory
  6. Lakeside Remembrance Crematory
  7. Sunset Serenity Crematory
  8. Eternal Light Memorial Crematory
  9. Heaven’s Garden Resting Place
  10. Sweet Remembrance Crematory

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Sentiment-Evoking Crematory Business Names

  1. Sweet Tranquility Crematory
  2. Heaven’s Embrace Cremation Services
  3. Angel’s Rest Crematory
  4. Guiding Light Memorial Cremation
  5. DivineJourney’s Memorial Crematory
  6. Wings of Hope Crematorium
  7. Light Within Cremation Services
  8. Remembered Forever Crematory
  9. Cherished Moments Crematory
  10. Legacy of Love Cremation Services

What Makes A Good Crematory Business Name?

When starting a cremation business, it’s important to pick a name that will convey the right feelings and message to your customers. 

The name is one of the first things people will notice about your business, so it needs to give a good first impression. 

Some things to keep in mind when coming up with crematory business names are:

1. You want it to be respectful and dignified 

Since cremation involves handling people’s loved ones who have passed away, you don’t want to have a name that seems disrespectful or makes light of death. 

You also don’t want anything too sad or depressing. You still want your name to be professional but provide comfort and respect during difficult times for families.

2. It should be direct and obvious 

It’s usually best if the name directly mentions providing cremation services so people right away know what your business does. 

The word “crematory” or “cremation” in the name clarifies that. But you don’t want the name to be too clinical or scary, either. 

Some names that mention providing “memorial services” or helping with “final arrangements” could work well, too as they focus more on remembrance than the actual process. 

3. It should be simple 

Keep it simple with a name that’s easy to remember and say. Long, hard-to-pronounce names may confuse people or be a turn-off. 

Stick with two or three words at most that roll off the tongue. It also helps if the name can be found online since more people search for local businesses digitally nowadays. 

Colors and imagery in a name are important, too. Anything involving fire or flames wouldn’t feel very comforting. 

But names mentioning memories, angels, doves, or sunsets could work well since they reference peaceful themes without being too direct about the cremation part. 

Likewise, avoid names with rhyming words that again may make light of dealing with human remains.


Choosing a name that honors memories and reflects your care is important for crematory businesses. 

Consider elegant, understated options with timeless meanings. Your name represents the families you serve during difficult times. Select it thoughtfully and sensitively.

A respectful yet calming crematory business name that clearly states the service provided in simple, easy-to-say terms will give the best first impression and make people feel your company can help with final arrangements in a caring, thoughtful way. 

The name sets the tone, so choose it carefully.

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