100+ Charcuterie Business Names Ideas (Unique, Creative & Catchy )

Coming up with creative charcuterie business names is no easy feat. You want something unique, creative, and catchy that reflects your style and product. 

But don’t worry; we’ve got you covered. We compiled a list of over 100 charcuterie business names spanning clever puns, meaty references, and deliciously rustic options. 

With this list, you’ll find endless inspiration to brand your new venture. Keep reading for charcuterie business names ideas that are sure to inspire.

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Unique Charcuterie Business Names to Stand Out

Choose a creative and memorable name if you want your charcuterie business to stand out. 

A unique name can establish your brand and stick in people’s memory. Think about the image you want to convey, your location or heritage, or a memorable turn of phrase.

Some options to consider include the following:

  • Cured Cuts: Simple but compelling. Straightforwardly conveys your product.
  • Salumi Saloon: Playful name suggesting a fun, lively atmosphere. Salumi is an Italian word for cured meats.
  • The Platter Matters: Witty name highlighting your charcuterie boards and platters.
  • Meat & Greet: Friendly name implies a social aspect, perfect if you offer wine and cheese pairings or a deli space.
  • The Carving Board: Traditional name evoking images of freshly sliced meats.
  • Off the Block: Suggests meats cut straight from a butcher block. Simple but impactful.
  • Charcuterie Arcadia: Whimsical name with a vintage, rustic feel. Arcadia means a utopian place of contentment.
  • Meat Me In:  Clever play on words, as if inviting people in for a tasty encounter with your meats.
  • The Curing Room: Straightforward name conveying a sense of craftsmanship.
  • Wurst and Wanted: Punny name playing on ‘sausage’ and ‘most wanted’ in a cheeky way.

Creative Charcuterie Shop Name Ideas to Inspire

A catchy, creative name can go a long way in building buzz and business for your charcuterie shop.

Here are some ideas to get your inspiration flowing:

  • The Cured Corner: Simple but clever, conveying artisanal craftsmanship.
  • Fromage & Friends: Playful and memorable, highlighting your cheese offerings.
  • The Gourmand Pantry: Sophisticated name appealing to foodies and suggesting a well-stocked shop.
  • The Platter Press: Witty name implies you “press” or prepare platters.
  • The Meat & Cheese Market: Straightforward name clearly conveying your products.

You could also use:

  • Punny names: Say Cheese, Please! or Meat Your Maker
  • Location or region: The Western Wheel (for a shop out West) or Lakeside Cuts (for a shop in the Lake District)
  • Foreign words: Le Charcutier or Salumeria
  • References to tools or techniques: The Carving Board, The Curing Cellar
  • Alliteration or rhyme: Pleasant Pastures Platter Co. or The Bleating Brie Boutique

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Catchy Charcuterie Business Names to Attract Customers

A creative and memorable name is key to attracting customers to your new charcuterie business. 

Short, memorable names work well and are easily promoted on product packaging, social media, and more. 

Consider the following catchy options:

Foodie-Inspired Names

Names like “The Cured Cellar” or “Fromagerie & Charcuterie” highlight your artisanal products sophisticatedly. “Meat & Cheese Please” takes a lighthearted, playful approach.

Location-Based Names

If your business has a distinct location, incorporate it into the name. For example, “The Board Room” suggests a stylish space for enjoying charcuterie boards. 

“The Tasting Room” or “The Curing Room” also points to a dedicated area for sampling meats and cheeses.

Clever Wordplay

Puns, alliteration, and rhyming names stick in customers’ minds. Some examples include:

• Culture & Cuts

• Graze Craze

• The Cheese Louise

• Salume & Zoom (playing on “consume” and “assume”)

Classic & Upscale

Simple but elegant names like “Charcuterie Co.”, “The Cured Corner” or “Savory & Sweet” convey an artisanal, high-quality image. 

For an Italian-inspired flair, consider “Salumeria” or “La Coppa”.

Clever Charcuterie Brand Names Using Meat & Cheese References

You can always mix up the names of meat and cheese to get the perfect blend of 

Meaty Names

Playing on popular types of meat is an obvious choice for a charcuterie business name. Some options include:

  • Prosciutto Provisions
  • Salami Selections
  • Pepperoni Picks
  • Pastrami Pantry

These names instantly convey that you offer a variety of cured meats. For a little alliteration, try “Prosciutto Picks” or “Salami Selections.”

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Cheesy Names

Cheese pairs perfectly with charcuterie, so a name highlighting your cheese offerings also works well. 

Some cheesy name ideas include:

  • Fromage Fixings
  • Curds & Carvings
  • Brie Bites
  • Gouda Goods

Using words like “fromage” and “curds” signals a more gourmet selection of cheeses to customers. 

Alliterative options like “Brie Bites” or “Gouda Goods” have a nice memorable ring.

Meat & Cheese Mashups

Combine meat and cheese references in your business name for the best of both worlds. 

Some examples:

  • Charcuterie & Fromage
  • Meat, Cheese & Everything Nice
  • Graze Craze
  • Board & Knife

Location or Theme Based

Work that into your name if your business has a distinct location or theme. 

Using location, cultural or thematic references in your name helps to give customers an idea of what to expect from your charcuterie experience.

For example:

  • The Plowman’s Platter (British pub inspired)
  • Alpine Provisions (Swiss/German alpine theme)
  • Fire & Knife (for a restaurant with an open kitchen/wood-fire theme)
  • The Tasting Room (for a business with a dedicated tasting area)

Memorable Charcuterie Slogans and Taglines

A memorable slogan or tagline is key to building brand awareness for any business. 

For a charcuterie company, you want something catchy that highlights your artisanal products. 

A great slogan should capture the essence of your brand and resonate with your target customers.

Here are some ideas to get you started:

Taste the Tradition

Highlight the time-honored techniques used to cure and age your meats. This conveys quality and authenticity.

Savored and Shared

Focus on the social aspect of charcuterie by emphasizing how people come together to enjoy your products.

Crafted to Perfection

Showcase the care and skill that goes into making your charcuterie. Let customers know your products are handcrafted, not mass-produced.

A Cut Above

Play on words to convey to ensure that your charcuterie stands out from the competition. Your high-quality meats and artisanal methods set you apart.

For the Love of Meat

Share your passion for charcuterie with customers. Let them know you pour your heart and soul into making the best meats.

Here are a few examples to consider:

  • “Taste Tradition”
  • “Savored and Shared: Gourmet Charcuterie”
  • “Crafted. Cured. Culture.”
  • “A Cut Above Artisanal Meats”
  • “For the Love of Prosciutto: Small-Batch Charcuterie”

More Charcuterie Business Names

If you can’t make up names on your own with all the hints we have given so far, here is a list of charcuterie business names to pick from: 

  • The Artisan’s Platter
  • Charcuterie Couture
  • Deli Delights
  • Board & Brie
  • The Gourmet Grazing
  • Savory Spread
  • The Meat Maven
  • Fromage & Friends
  • The Charcuterie Chronicle
  • The Grazing Table
  • The Cure & Cut
  • Cheese & Charms
  • The Charcuterie Collective
  • The Epicurean Experience
  • Provisions & Platters
  • The Delightful Diner
  • Cured Creations
  • The Cheeseboard Connection
  • The Charcuterie Crafters
  • The Savory Soiree
  • Artisanal Bites
  • The Grazing Galore
  • The Deli Discovery
  • The Tasty Trough
  • The Charcuterie Connoisseur
  • The Platter Palace
  • The Gourmet Gallery
  • Cured & Cultivated
  • The Meat Maestro
  • The Cheese Co.
  • The Deli Dynasty
  • The Savory Selection
  • Charcuterie Corner
  • The Art of Appetizers
  • The Grazing Garden
  • The Culinary Canvas
  • Fromage Finesse
  • The Charcuterie Cellar
  • The Gourmet Gathering
  • The Delightful Delicacies
  • The Cured Cuisine
  • Board Bliss
  • The Artisan Appetite
  • The Savory Showcase
  • The Charcuterie Chamber
  • The Epicurean Elegance
  • The Platter Panache
  • The Gourmet Groove
  • The Deli Decadence
  • The Tasteful Table
  • Cured & Curated
  • The Cheeseboard Oasis
  • The Charcuterie Haven
  • The Savory Symphony
  • Artisanal Delights
  • The Grazing Galley
  • The Deli Delicacy
  • The Tasty Trail
  • The Charcuterie Creation
  • The Platter Paradise
  • The Gourmet Gateway
  • The Delightful Dispensary
  • The Cured Canteen
  • Board Bonanza
  • The Artisan’s Attic
  • The Savory Social
  • The Charcuterie Chamber
  • The Epicurean Empire
  • The Platter Provisions
  • The Gourmet Grotto
  • The Deli Desire
  • The Tasteful Temptations
  • Cured Classics
  • The Cheeseboard Chateau
  • The Charcuterie Citadel
  • The Savory Supper
  • Artisan Appetizers
  • The Grazing Gallery
  • The Deli Delight
  • The Tasty Tour
  • The Charcuterie Company
  • The Platter Pavilion
  • The Gourmet Gathering
  • The Delightful Delights
  • The Cured Counter
  • Board Boutique
  • The Artisan’s Alley
  • The Savory Soiree
  • The Charcuterie Cornerstone
  • The Epicurean Eden
  • The Platter Playground
  • The Gourmet Galore
  • The Deli Dynasty
  • The Tasty Tapas
  • Cured Cuisine
  • The Cheeseboard Cavern
  • The Charcuterie Citadel
  • The Savory Sensations
  • Artisan Alchemy
  • The Grazing Gastronomy

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You’ve got some amazing charcuterie business name ideas to get you started. With a creative and memorable name, you’ll be well on your way to building a successful charcuterie company. 

Whatever name you choose, make sure it’s unique, aligns with your brand, and sparks interest in potential customers.

Once you’ve selected a name, check the availability of website domains and business registrations. 

With the perfect name, tasty products, and savvy marketing, your charcuterie company will surely be a hit!

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