How to Locate Capers in the Grocery Store

If you are a fan of Mediterranean food, then you will most likely enjoy this ingredient known as capers.

This flower bud is commonly used in European restaurants to create various dressings and condiments.

Unfortunately, many people are not familiar with the ingredients of capers. This is why it can be hard for them to find them in large stores.

This article answers questions such as where are capers in the grocery store? What are capers? Et cetera.

What are Capers?

The flower buds of a caper bush are known as capers. They are native to Morocco, Italy, and parts of Asia.

People often dry them under the sun to enhance the flavor of their dishes.

Some of the most common uses of these flower buds include pasta, fish, and vegetables.

Although caper and caperberry are the same, caperberry is the ripened caper that’s not yet turned into fruits.

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Caper is a fruit that’s still in its early stages of development. Compared to an olive, caperberry has a larger size and much larger seeds.

Various types of capers are commonly used. The smallest one is called nonpareils, which measure around 7 millimeters in diameter.

It’s considered to be the most expensive type of caper. A surfine caper, on the other hand, measures around 7 to 8 millimeters in size.

Other types of larger capers that are commonly used include capotes, capucines, fines, and grusas.

These are all around 9 to 11 millimeters in diameter. Unfortunately, these types of capers are usually hard to find in supermarkets.

Where are Capers in the Grocery Store?

Before you start looking for and buying capers, you must negotiate the aisles of the grocery store.

There are two sections of the store that you should look out for when it comes to finding this ingredient: the International and the Condiment sections.

You can usually find them next to other products like olives and pickles in the condiment section.

If you can’t find them in the international or condiment section, head to the Italian food aisle.

Unfortunately, since grocery stores usually keep them in cans or bottles, buying samples with these ingredients is impossible.

Examples of Grocery Stores that Sell Capers

These are some of the grocery stores that sell capers;


This retail store has a wide range of products you can use to make meals. You can also check their websites for stores that have Capers.


You can use the keyword “caper” to find the products you’re looking for online on Amazon.

Amazon will list all the brands commonly used in the industry and provide you with affordable prices.

Italian markets

In addition to using capers as dressing for different types of food, such as pasta, it’s also used in Italian cuisine.

Due to the presence of caper bushes in Italy, you’ll be able to find this ingredient here easily.

King Soopers

King Soopers is a brand of Kroger, and it has a corporate office in Rocky Mountain, Colorado.

You can also buy them from the store’s various sections, such as the condiment and olive sections.

What is caper used for?

Capers can be used for different purposes, such as dressings, sauces, and condiments.

Small amounts of these often go into Italian dishes, such as chicken piccata. These tastes are salty and sour, and chefs often use them.

In India, people make pickled caper to create an acidic taste and store it in the fridge.

It can be used as a side dish or as a component in certain types of containers.

For instance, people often use a combination of lemon and caper in sauces for lamb and salmon.

The Nutrition of Capers?

Capers are a healthy food that can be eaten raw or cooked with other ingredients.

They do not contain fat, proteins, or carbs, which helps lower the risk of heart disease.

Some of the minerals that are found in caper include copper, sodium, and potassium.

These are all important for the body’s energy production and can help lower the risk of high blood pressure and fluid problems. Vitamin K is also beneficial for the bones.


Capers are unique and strangely unpopular. They’re also healthy and should be a constant ingredient in our foods.

If you’re about to try capers for the first time, you’re thinking, “Where are capers in the grocery store?” The article answered the question.

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