How to start a football viewing centre in Nigeria

Unlocking Success: A Step-by-Step Guide to Launching a Profitable Football Viewing Center in Nigeria

Football holds a profound place in the hearts of Nigerians, presenting a golden opportunity for entrepreneurs to delve into the thriving world of football viewing centers across the country.

Creating a meticulously organized and well-equipped football viewing center opens the door to attracting a massive fan base, offering them an exhilarating and immersive platform to cheer for their beloved teams.

How to start a football viewing centre in Nigeria

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll walk you through the essential steps to kickstart and manage a successful football viewing center in Nigeria. From planning to execution, here’s your roadmap to score big in the football entertainment industry.

Step 1: Research and Planning

Market Analysis: Conduct in-depth research on your target market, examining potential locations and gauging local competition. Evaluate factors such as population density, football fanbase, and existing entertainment options.

Business Plan: Develop a comprehensive business plan outlining your vision, objectives, target audience, financial projections, marketing strategies, and operational procedures. This plan will serve as a roadmap for your venture and aid in securing funding if needed.

Step 2: Location and Facilities

Location: Choose a prime location with high visibility and easy accessibility for football fans. Areas near universities, residential neighborhoods, or commercial centers attract a significant number of potential customers.

Space and Layout: Rent or lease a spacious area that comfortably accommodates a substantial number of viewers. Ensure ample room for seating, screens, sound systems, restrooms, a bar or refreshment area, and parking facilities.

Licensing and Legalities: Obtain necessary licenses and permits from local government authorities, such as a business license, entertainment permit, fire safety certificate, and health inspection approvals. Ensure compliance with all relevant regulations for a smooth and legally compliant operation.

Step 3: Equipment and Technology

Screens and Projectors: Install high-quality large screens and projectors for a clear and immersive viewing experience. Multiple strategically placed screens can accommodate different matches simultaneously.

Sound System: Invest in a robust audio system for crystal-clear commentary and an electrifying atmosphere during matches. Consider acoustic considerations to prevent sound distortion or excessive noise pollution.

Satellite/Cable TV Subscription: Acquire subscriptions to reputable satellite or cable TV providers broadcasting a wide range of local and international football leagues. Negotiate commercial viewing rates for establishments.

Backup Power Supply: Install a reliable backup power supply, such as generators or inverters, to mitigate the impact of frequent power outages and ensure uninterrupted viewing experiences.

Step 4: Amenities and Services

Seating and Comfort: Provide comfortable seating arrangements, ensuring sufficient space between rows. Consider offering VIP or premium seating options.

Refreshments and Snacks: Set up a bar or refreshment area offering a variety of beverages and snacks, including local favorites like suya and popcorn.

Security and Safety: Employ trained security personnel, install security cameras, fire extinguishers, and emergency exits to comply with safety standards.

Step 5: Marketing and Promotion

Branding: Develop a unique brand identity and logo. Use attractive signage, banners, and digital displays for visibility.

Online Presence: Create a professional website and establish a social media presence. Encourage customers to leave reviews online to build credibility.

Collaborations and Sponsorships: Forge partnerships with local football clubs, sports-related businesses, or influencers. Sponsor local events to increase visibility.

What is needed to start a football viewing centre in Nigeria

Starting a football viewing center in Nigeria involves gathering various items and setting up the necessary infrastructure to create an enjoyable viewing experience for customers. Here’s a list of items you may need:

  1. Space:
    • Rental space in a strategic location with high foot traffic.
  2. Seating:
    • Chairs, benches, or sofas to accommodate customers comfortably.
  3. Audio-Visual Equipment:
    • Large-screen TVs or projectors for displaying football matches.
    • High-quality speakers for clear audio.
  4. Cable or Satellite TV Connection:
    • Subscribe to sports channels to broadcast live football matches legally.
  5. Broadcasting Rights:
    • Obtain the necessary rights and permissions to broadcast matches.
  6. Decoration:
    • Decorate the space with football-related themes to create a vibrant atmosphere.
  7. Lighting:
    • Ensure proper lighting for clear visibility during matches.
  8. Tables:
    • Provide tables for customers to place food and drinks.
  9. Menu Board:
    • Display a menu board with available snacks and refreshments.
  10. Menu Items and Refreshments:
    • Snacks such as popcorn, nachos, and finger foods.
    • Soft drinks, water, and possibly alcoholic beverages if permitted.
  11. Refrigeration:
    • Refrigerators or coolers to keep beverages and perishable items cold.
  12. Signage:
    • Outdoor and indoor signage to attract customers and indicate your services.
  13. Cash Register or Point of Sale (POS) System:
    • For processing payments and keeping track of sales.
  14. Furniture:
    • Additional furniture like tables and chairs for dining areas.
  15. Cleaning Supplies:
    • Cleaning products to maintain a clean and sanitary environment.
  16. Restroom Facilities:
    • Ensure clean and well-maintained restroom facilities for customers.
  17. Security Measures:
    • Surveillance cameras for security purposes.
    • Security personnel, if necessary, to ensure a safe environment.
  18. Technical Support:
    • A plan for technical support to address any issues with audio-visual equipment promptly.
  19. Marketing Materials:
    • Flyers, posters, and other marketing materials to promote your football viewing center.
  20. License and Permits:
    • Necessary business licenses and permits from local authorities.
  21. COVID-19 Safety Measures:
    • Implement safety measures such as hand sanitizers, social distancing arrangements, and other precautions as per current guidelines.
  22. Customer Service Training Materials:
    • Materials for training staff to provide excellent customer service.
  23. First Aid Kit:
    • A basic first aid kit for addressing minor injuries or health issues.

Remember to adapt your offerings and setup based on the specific needs and preferences of your target audience. Additionally, stay informed about any legal requirements and adhere to them to operate your football viewing center successfully.

Conclusion: Launching a football viewing center in Nigeria demands careful planning, market analysis, and attention to detail. By selecting a strategic location, providing excellent facilities, employing cutting-edge technology, and offering exceptional customer service, you can create a thriving business that caters to passionate football fans. Stay committed to delivering an unforgettable experience, adapt to evolving customer needs, and leverage effective marketing strategies for long-term success.


What are the legal requirements to start a football viewing center in Nigeria?

To operate legally, you need to obtain the necessary business licenses and permits. This includes an entertainment license, which you can obtain from the appropriate local authorities. It’s crucial to comply with local regulations to avoid legal issues.

How much space do I need for a football viewing center?

The space you need depends on the capacity you want and the amenities you plan to provide. A small viewing center might require a space of around 50-100 square meters, while larger ones may need several hundred square meters. Consider factors like seating arrangements, screen sizes, and any additional facilities you want to offer.

What equipment is essential for a football viewing center?

Essential equipment includes televisions or projectors, sound systems, seating arrangements, and possibly a backup power source to handle electricity fluctuations. Invest in high-quality audio-visual equipment to enhance the viewing experience. Ensure you have subscriptions to broadcasting services to legally show football matches.

How can I attract customers to my football viewing center?

Marketing and promotion are crucial. Utilize social media platforms to create awareness and engage with potential customers. Consider offering promotions, discounts, or loyalty programs to attract regular patrons. Creating a comfortable and inviting atmosphere in your viewing center can also contribute to customer satisfaction and retention.

What are the key challenges in running a football viewing center in Nigeria?

Challenges may include electricity fluctuations, which can affect the viewing experience. It’s essential to have a backup power source like a generator or inverter. Copyright and licensing issues can arise if you broadcast matches without the proper permissions, so ensure you have legal subscriptions in place. Security is another concern, so investing in security measures is important for the safety of both customers and your business.

Starting a football viewing center requires careful planning and consideration of various factors. Conduct thorough research, develop a detailed business plan, and seek advice from local business experts to increase your chances of success in this venture.

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