10 Best Accounting Software for Wholesale Businesses and Distributors

Running a distribution or wholesale business means managing the intricacies of purchasing goods at volume, negotiating deals, and rapidly fulfilling orders. 

Finding the right software is crucial to help handle complex inventory operations, order processing, pricing margins, and accounting needs.

This guide reviews the top 10 software solutions purpose-built for wholesaler businesses and distributors to make financial operations and supply chain management more efficient.

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    10 Best Accounting Software for Wholesale Businesses and Distributors

    The following are the best accounting software for wholesale businesses and distributors: 

    1. NetSuite ERP

    NetSuite offers robust cloud accounting software designed for distributors and wholesalers. 

    Key capabilities include:

    • Inventory and warehouse management
    • Purchasing, billing, and invoicing
    • Financial management and reporting
    • CRM and e-commerce integrations
    • Multi-currency and multi-location support
    • Real-time dashboard visibility into operations
    • Automation of key order-to-cash workflows

    As an end-to-end solution, NetSuite helps wholesalers and distributors manage crucial financials while optimizing the distribution process.

    2. SAP Business One

    SAP Business One provides integrated financial management and distribution capabilities for midsize wholesale companies. 

    Features include:

    • Inventory and warehouse optimization
    • Purchasing management and reordering
    • Sales quotations, orders, and invoicing
    • Financial reporting and analysis
    • CRM and shipping software integrations
    • Multi-currency and multi-location support
    • User dashboards and automated notifications

    The centralized platform enhances organization-wide workflow orchestration and financial oversight.

    3. AcumatiX ERP

    Acumatica accounting software offers a full-featured solution for distributors and wholesalers. 

    Capabilities include:

    • Order processing and management
    • Inventory optimization with lot and serial tracking
    • Warehouse and supply chain functionality
    • CRM, manufacturing, and e-commerce integrations
    • Financial reporting with real-time dashboards
    • Multi-company, multi-currency support
    • Customizable user workflows and permissions

    As a cloud platform, Acumatica provides automation, insights, and flexibility for evolving distribution firms.

    4. Brightpearl

    Brightpearl provides an accounting and inventory management platform tailored for wholesalers and distributors. 

    Key features:

    • Purchasing and sales order management
    • Inventory tracking and reorder point automation
    • Warehouse and drop-ship support
    • Accounting, CRM, and POS integrations
    • Financial dashboards, reporting, and analysis
    • Custom fields and user permissions
    • Built-in accounting and tax compliance

    Specialized functionality streamlines ordering, inventory, warehouses, and finances.

    5. TradeGecko

    TradeGecko offers a cloud platform combining order and inventory management with integrated accounting and financial tools.

    Key features include:

    • Purchasing and sales orders orchestration
    • Inventory and warehouse management
    • Invoicing, billing, and financial reporting
    • Order fulfillment and shipping management
    • CRM and marketplace integrations
    • Mobile apps, barcoding, and automation

    TradeGecko aims to be an all-in-one operational system for small to mid-sized wholesalers and distributors.

    6. Katana MRP

    Katana MRP provides an integrated manufacturing, inventory, finance, order management, and shipping solution. 

    Features include:

    • Purchase orders and supplier management
    • Inventory tracking and optimization
    • Production scheduling and management
    • Invoice creation, accounts payable, receivable
    • Shipping, e-commerce, and POS integrations
    • Custom reporting on orders, inventory, finances
    • User roles and permissions

    End-to-end support aims to help distributors and wholesale product companies scale while optimizing workflow.

    7. Fishbowl Inventory

    Fishbowl offers inventory management software focused on order, warehouse, and supply chain needs for distributors and manufacturers. 

    Capabilities include:

    • Purchase order and sales order tracking
    • Inventory control with barcode scanning
    • Bill of materials and routing
    • Integrated accounting and tax features
    • CRM and shipping software integrations
    • Custom reporting and analytics
    • Multi-warehouse functionality

    Fishbowl provides deep inventory features interfacing with your existing financial systems.

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    8. Ecount ERP

    Ecount ERP delivers integrated financials, operations, and inventory management for wholesale distributors. 

    Features include:

    • Inventory optimization with lot tracking
    • Order entry, purchasing, invoicing
    • Warehouse and shipping management
    • Financial reporting – AR/AP, GL, fixed assets
    • Branded online client portals
    • Partial and drop-ship order fulfillment
    • Multi-currency and location support

    The unified platform aims to help distributors scale while improving financial oversight.

    9. Infor Distribution SX.e

    Infor Distribution SX.e offers an end-to-end ERP solution catering to distributors. 

    Capabilities include:

    • Order processing, delivery, and invoicing
    • Purchasing automation and costing
    • Inventory optimization and warehouse management
    • Financials like AR/AP, fixed assets and payroll
    • Budgeting and profitability analysis
    • Transportation and route management
    • CRM and e-commerce platform integrations

    SX.e aims to optimize the full distribution cycle while integrating accounting needs seamlessly.

    10. Magaya Supply Chain

    Magaya provides an integrated logistics platform covering inventory, warehousing, order management, accounting, and shipping. 

    Key features include:

    • Inventory tracking, costs, and optimization
    • Streamlined order entry and fulfillment
    • Purchasing orders and supplier management
    • Financials, invoicing, and payment processing
    • Multi-warehouse and multi-currency support
    • Integrations for marketplaces, shipping, CRM, and POS
    • Visibility via reports, KPI dashboards

    The unified capabilities cater specifically to SME distributors and wholesalers.

    Key Capabilities to Seek

    Leading accounting software for wholesale businesses and distributors offer:

    • Purchasing automation and cost-tracking
    • Sales orders, invoicing, and payment processing
    • Inventory management with serial/lot tracking
    • Warehouse and drop-ship enablement
    • Real-time reporting and metrics on orders, inventory, margins, cash flow
    • Integrations with sales channels, shipping, CRM, POS, and accounting systems
    • Custom workflows tailored to your operations


    Selecting software that interconnects your distribution operations with robust accounting and insights will optimize growth and profitability. It will help you stay organized and efficient in your business. 

    We hope you find this guide useful in getting good accounting software for your wholesale businesses and distributors. 

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