10+ Top Accounting Software for Distribution Companies and Wholesale Businesses

All distribution companies or wholesale businesses need accounting software to handle the financial aspects of the firm easily. 

The right software is essential to running an efficient operation, from managing inventory to tracking sales and expenses across multiple locations.

We’ve compiled this list of the top 11 accounting software options for distribution and wholesale businesses like yours. 

For each one, I’ll summarize the key features and benefits.

10+ Top Accounting Software for Distribution Companies and Wholesale Businesses

Here are the best accounting software for distribution companies and wholesale businesses; 

1. NetSuite

NetSuite is a cloud-based solution designed for larger distribution and wholesale businesses. 

It provides complete visibility across your entire company with a unified platform that includes:

  • Financial management – General ledger, accounts payable/receivable, multi-currency support
  • Inventory management – Real-time visibility into stock levels and costs across multiple warehouses
  • Order management and fulfillment – Streamlined processes from order to delivery
  • CRM and e-commerce – Tools for marketing, sales, and online stores
  • Reporting and analytics – Real-time insights into business performance

NetSuite allows you to manage your backend operations and frontend customer experiences all in one place. 

Automations and workflows improve efficiency. NetSuite also scales easily as your business grows.

2. Infor Distribution SX.e

Designed for distributors and wholesalers, Infor Distribution SX.e provides deep supply chain functionality. Key features include:

  • Warehouse management – Optimize stock within warehouses and when transferring between locations
  • Sales and order management – Convert quotes to orders to invoices quickly
  • Inventory optimization – Reduce excess stock and costs while improving service levels
  • Financial management – General ledger, accounts receivable/payable, and multi-book accounting
  • Reporting and analytics – KPIs and role-based dashboards for actionable insights

Infor Distribution SX.e helps you manage complex distribution requirements like multiple warehouses, diverse products/SKUs, and delivery routes. It provides the visibility and control you need over your operations.

3. SAP Business One

SAP Business One is designed for small to midsize wholesale and distribution companies. Key features include:

  • Financial management – General ledger, banking, accounts payable/receivable
  • Inventory and warehouse management – Inventory optimization, warehouses, bins, transfers
  • Sales and customer management – Quotes, orders, deliveries, invoicing, CRM
  • Purchasing and vendor management – Procurement, vendor selection, payment
  • Reporting and analytics – KPI dashboards for all business areas

SAP Business One provides an affordable, all-in-one solution to manage your end-to-end operations.

It scales as your business grows, with over 500 industry-specific add-on solutions available.

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4. Acumatica

Acumatica is a browser-based cloud ERP solution well-suited for distributors and wholesalers. Standout features include:

  • Order management – Process quotes, orders, shipments, drop-shipments, and returns
  • Inventory management – Real-time visibility with lot and serial number tracking
  • Financial management – General ledger, payables/receivables, financial reporting
  • Warehouse management – Perform pick, pack, and ship operations; barcode scanning
  • CRM and sales management – Manage leads, opportunities, and sales processes
  • Business intelligence – KPI dashboards and reporting across all business areas

Acumatica provides visibility and coordination across your business with robust distribution capabilities. 

Flexible pricing options allow you to pay only for the functionalities you need.

5. Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

Dynamics 365 Business Central is a cloud-based ERP solution with distribution and wholesale capabilities. 

Key features include:

  • Supply chain management – Inventory, warehousing, delivery route planning
  • Sales and order processing – Quotes, orders, invoicing, returns
  • Financial management – Accounts payable/receivable, cash flow, financial statements
  • Warehouse management – Inventory tracking, orders and fulfillment
  • Reporting and analytics – Role-specific insights into sales, inventory, finance
  • CRM – Sales pipeline, marketing campaigns, customer service

Business Central provides an affordable, modular solution to manage finances, operations, reporting, and customer interactions. It’s easy to set up, use and customize.

6. QuickBooks Enterprise

QuickBooks Enterprise is Intuit’s solution for larger, multi-location wholesale and distribution businesses.

Key features include:

  • Multi-location inventory tracking – View stock levels across multiple warehouses
  • Billing and invoicing – Create quotes, sales orders, and invoices from anywhere
  • Advanced Purchasing – Purchase orders, vendor management, and payment
  • Warehouse and barcode scanning – Receive, pick, and ship orders efficiently
  • Reporting – Customizable reports and dashboards across business areas
  • Advanced pricing – Volume discounts, special pricing, and price lists for customers

QuickBooks Enterprise provides multi-user access and deep inventory, warehouse management, and accounting functionality. It scales from 5 to 30+ users.

7. Sage 300

Sage 300 (formerly Sage ERP Accpac) offers robust capabilities for mid-market distributors and wholesalers. Key features:

  • Warehouse and inventory management – Real-time visibility and inventory optimization
  • Supply chain management – Strategic procurement and vendor analysis
  • Order management and fulfillment – Integrated quote-to-cash processes
  • Financial management – General ledger, AR/AP, credit/collections
  • Manufacturing – Bills of materials, routings, material requirements planning
  • Business intelligence – Reporting, dashboards and analytics

Sage 300 helps you gain control and visibility over your entire supply chain. It’s customizable to your specific industry, location, and workflow.

8. Odoo

Odoo is an open-source ERP system suitable for small to midsize wholesale/distribution businesses. Key features include:

  • Sales management – Quotes, sales orders, invoicing and CRM
  • Purchasing – Procure and purchase orders, vendor pricing and payments
  • Warehouses and inventory – Real-time stock on hand, transfers, barcode scanning
  • Manufacturing and MLPS – Bills of materials, work orders, production scheduling
  • Accounting – General ledger, accounts payable/receivable, bank reconciliation
  • Reporting – Review sales, purchases, inventory and financials

Odoo is affordable and modular. Start with basic accounting and grow into more advanced distribution and manufacturing capabilities as needed.


Designed for wholesale distributors, eCOUNT ERP offers robust functionality out of the box. Key features:

  • Inventory control – Real-time visibility into inventory across all warehouses
  • Order entry and management – Easily convert quotes to sales orders
  • Purchase management – Integrated procure-to-pay processes
  • Warehouse management – Directed picking, receiving and put-away
  • Financial management – General ledger, AR/AP, financial reporting
  • Business Intelligence – Advanced analytics and custom reports

eCOUNT combines the tools distributors need for efficient operations with real-time data and visibility. It provides a comprehensive solution without extensive customization.

10. Fishbowl

Fishbowl provides an affordable inventory and order management solution for small distributors. Key features include:

  • Inventory tracking – Manage stock levels, transfers, consumption and orders
  • Purchase orders – Easily convert estimates to POs and receive against them
  • Sales orders – Turn quotes/backorders into pick tickets and sales orders
  • Barcode scanning – Speed up cycle counts, receiving, and order picking
  • Bill of materials – Define kits/packages and build finished goods
  • Reporting – Inventory valuation, sales margins, turns, and other KPIs

Fishbowl integrates with QuickBooks Online and Xero to provide end-to-end inventory, sales, and accounting visibility. Extend functionality as your business grows.

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11. Brightpearl

Brightpearl offers a complete operations management solution for wholesalers and distributors. Key features:

  • Inventory and warehouse management – Real-time visibility, serial/batch tracking
  • Order processing – Quotes, sales orders, purchases and fulfillment
  • Accounting – GL, AR/AP, financial reporting and multi-currency
  • CRM – Contacts, pipelines, campaigns, POS and email marketing
  • Business intelligence – Custom reports and dashboards

Brightpearl combines robust accounting, inventory management, and CRM into one centralized cloud platform. It scales to your needs and integrates easily with other business systems.


There are many accounting software options suitable for wholesale or distribution businesses. 

Leading solutions like NetSuite, Infor Distribution, and SAP Business One offer robust functionality immediately. 

Mid-market options like Acumatica, Sage 300, and eCOUNT provide comprehensive solutions tailored to your industry.

QuickBooks Enterprise and Fishbowl are affordable options for smaller distributors and wholesalers. 

Open-source solutions like Odoo provide flexibility to build on core ERP as you grow. Brightpearl and others combine accounting, operations, and CRM onto unified platforms.

Think about your business requirements, budget, and growth plans as you evaluate these accounting software options for your distribution or wholesale company. 

The right solution will provide the visibility, efficiency and scalability you need to drive success.

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