80 Unique, Creative & Catchy Pest Control Business Names

Starting a pest control company? Finding a creative, memorable name is key to building your brand. 

The right name can communicate professionalism and expertise to attract customers.

To help generate ideas for your pest control business name, we’ve compiled this list of 80 unique, catchy, and creative name options to consider.

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Descriptive Pest Control Business Names

Simple and descriptive names get the point across:

  • AAA Pest Control
  • Rapid Pest Removal
  • Quick Kill Pest Control
  • Precision Pest Solutions
  • Pro Pest Elimination
  • Safe Pest Control
  • Total Pest Protection
  • Dependable Pest Defense
  • Certified Pest Control
  • Pros at Killing Pests

Location-Based Pest Control Business  Names

Use your city, state, or region:

  • Main Street Pest Control
  • Austin Pest Experts
  • Carolina Pest Solutions
  • Pacific Pest Control
  • Garden State Pest Solutions
  • Lakeland Pest Experts
  • Desert Pest Solutions
  • Tampa Bay Pest Defense
  • Jersey Pest Control
  • First Rate Florida Pest Control

Exterminators’ Pest Control Business Names

Names with ‘exterminator’ convey power:

  • Ace Exterminators
  • Rapid Exterminators
  • Major League Exterminators
  • Super Exterminators
  • Strike Force Exterminators
  • Ultimate Extermination
  • Pro Exterminators
  • Precision Extermination
  • Rapid Rescue Exterminators
  • Swift & Safe Exterminators

Animal-Focused Pest Control Business Names

Name specific pests you handle:

  • Ants No More Pest Control
  • Spider Crusaders Pest Solutions
  • Raccoon Runners Pest Removal
  • Rat Attack Pest Control
  • Roach Busters Pest Control
  • Fly Squashers Pest Solutions
  • Snake Chasers Pest Control
  • Wasp Warriors Pest Defense
  • Bee Gone Pest Experts
  • Mosquito Command Pest Control

Defence-Focused Pest Control Brand Names

Use combat and defense terms:

  • Pest Defense League
  • Pest Patrol
  • Homefront Pest Defense
  • Invasion Stoppers Pest Control
  • Pest Guardians
  • 24 Hour Pest Defense
  • Pest Special Forces
  • Rapid Response Pest Control
  • First Strike Pest Solutions
  • Enemy Pest Control

Humorous Pest Control Business Names

Play with puns and humor:

  • The Pest Rest in Peace Control
  • Buzz Off Pest Control
  • Hit the Roach Pest Control
  • Kill Bill’s Pest Control
  • Squish Squad Pest Control
  • You’ve Got Ant-Other Problem Pest Control
  • We’ll Bee Right Over Pest Control
  • Bugging Out Pest Control
  • Crime Scene Pest Control
  • Don’t Bug Me Pest Control

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Green Pest Control Company’s Names

Eco-friendly names appeal to some:

  • Greenwave Pest Solutions
  • Eco Pest Control
  • Natural Pest Removal
  • Critter Catchers Pest Control
  • Chemical-Free Pest Control
  • Nature’s Pest Patrol
  • Organic Pest Solutions
  • Pest Elimination Experts
  • Pure Pest Control
  • Environmental Pest Solutions

Expertise-Focused Pest Control Business Names

Connote professionalism and expertise:

  • Guru Pest Control
  • Pest Control Pros
  • Certified Pest Experts
  • Master Pest Solutions
  • Pest Control PhD
  • Pest Removal Expert
  • Qualified Pest Control
  • Elite Pest Control
  • First-Class Pest Control
  • Premier Pest Defense

Catchy Pest Control Business Names

Some extra catchy ideas:

  • The Pest Erasers
  • Pest Eviction Services
  • Goodbye Pest Control
  • You Pest Believe It’s Gone
  • Bugging Out Pest Control
  • 24/7 Pest Busters
  • Pest Be Gone
  • We’ll Crush Those Pests
  • Call in the Pros Pest Control
  • Don’t Pest-icize, Call Us!

How to Pick A Catchy Name For Your Pest Control Business Names 

Here are useful tips to pick the best names for your pest control company: 

1. Choose a name that clearly says what you do 

People should immediately know from the name that you deal with pests like bugs, rodents, etc. 

Things like “Bug Busters Exterminators” or “Pest Patrol” work well. 

2. Keep it short and simple

Long, complicated names are harder to remember. Stick to 2-3 words that are easy to say.

Include keywords that people search for online. Things like “exterminator” “pest removal” will help customers find you.

3. Make it fun or playful if you can

Names like “The Bug Stoppers” or “Six Legged Out” add some humor that people like.

Mention your location or service area. This helps customers know if you serve their area like “Jones Pest Control – Springfield”. 

Consider alliteration that sounds catchy, like all names that start with the same letter. “The Best Bug Blitzers” is more fun to say. 

4. Use descriptive words that match your business

Words like fast, reliable, and expert help customers understand your qualities.

Most importantly, ensure the name matches your company values and desired image. Have friends test it to see what impression it gives.


Finding the right pest control name can bring authority and trust to your brand. 

Use descriptive, location-based, defense-focused, humorous, or catchy names to attract customers and grow your business. 

Don’t use long, boring scientific names. Keep it simple for quick understanding and easy recall by potential customers.

Test out different options online to see what name seems most prominently featured for your services.

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