80 Unique, Creative & Catchy Wallpapering Business Names Ideas

Choosing the perfect name for your wallpapering business is an important first step. 

The right name can convey your skills, grab attention, and reflect your brand identity.

To help spark ideas, we’ve compiled this list of 80 creative, catchy, and unique wallpaper business names:

Classic & Elegant Wallpapering Business Names Ideas

Classic and elegant names evoke luxury and artistry using words like “prestige,” “palatial,” and “regal.” They give the impression of refined tastes and intricate details.

Examples include: 

  • Prestige Paperhangings
  • Fine Finishes Wallpaper
  • Classic Wall Coverings
  • Timeless Touch Wallpapering
  • Legacy Design Paper
  • bars of gold and swirls of silver
  • Graceful Wall Treatments
  • Palatial Paperhangings
  • Regal Wall Wares
  • Tailored Wall Treatments

Modern & Sleek Wallpapering Business Names Ideas

For a more contemporary vibe, names with “modern,” “minimalist,” or “clean” project a streamlined sensibility. They fit bold, geometric patterns.

Examples include: 

  • Blank Canvas Wallpaper
  • Modern Wall Works
  • Minimalist Wall Coverings
  • Bare Wallpapering Co.
  • Clean Lines Paperhanging
  • Sharp Wall Treatments
  • Simplicity Wallpaper
  • NuWalls
  • Contemporary Wall Artisans
  • Clean Finish Wallcovers

Vintage & Retro Wallpapering Business Names Ideas

Vintage inspired names hearken back to classic eras. Words like “yesteryear,” “heritage,” and “blast from the past” suggest artfully aging designs.

Examples include: 

  • Vintage Wallpaper Co.
  • Retro Reams
  • Throwback Wall Treatments
  • Yesteryear Wallcovers
  • Classic Wallpaper Mill
  • Heritage Hideaways
  • Wallpaper Time Machine
  • Bygone Beauty Papers
  • Blast From the Past
  • Vintage Charms & Wallpaper

Artsy & Unique Wallpapering Business Names Ideas

Creative names evoke artsy, quirky appeal. Phrases like “One-of-a-Kind,” “Artisan,” and “Handcrafted” emphasize imaginative artistry.

Examples include: 

  • Bespoke Walls
  • Artisan Wall Co.
  • Handcrafted Hideaways
  • One-of-a-Kind Wallpaper
  • Custom Canvas Paper
  • Chic & Unique Wall Treatments
  • Wabi Sabi Walls
  • Artful Wallcoverings
  • BoHo Wallpaper Inc.
  • Iconic Wall Decor

Nature & Garden Wallpapering Business Names Ideas

Nature inspired names give an earthy character using words like “garden,” “floral,” “forest,” and “ocean.” They feel grounded yet dreamy.

Examples include: 

  • Garden Wallpaper
  • Leaf & Vine Wall Art
  • Wildflower Walls
  • Harvest Wall Treatment
  • Botanical Paperhangings
  • Floral Fields Wallpaper
  • Forest Wallscapes
  • Canyon Color Wall Art
  • Ocean Oasis Walls
  • Nomad Designs

Inviting & Cozy Wallpapering Business Names Ideas

Warm, welcoming names evoke coziness and comfort using words such as “blissful,” “cozy,” and “sanctuary.” They encourage relaxation and self-care.

Examples include: 

  • Blissful Walls Co.
  • Cozy Wallpaper
  • Cottage Wall Art
  • Heavenly Hideaways
  • Home Sweet Home Walls
  • Nest Wallpapering
  • Comfy Wall Treatments
  • Welcoming Walls
  • Wallpaper Cocoon
  • Sanctuary Designs

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Positive & Uplifting Wallpapering Business Names Ideas

Feel-good names inspire happiness and positivity. Words like “beautiful,” “wonderful,” “lovely,” and “blissful” create uplifting branding.

Examples include: 

  • Perfected Walls
  • Passion Wallpaper
  • Beautiful Wallcovering
  • Happy Wall Treatments
  • Prime Wallpaper
  • Wonderful Walls
  • Lovely Layers
  • Blissful Wallcovers
  • Walls of Joy
  • Dream Wall Artisans

Founder Inspiration Wallpapering Business Names 

Using your name or combining co-founder’s names adds a personal touch. You can also feminize or masculinize names for a unique twist.

Examples include: 

  • Hannah’s Wallpaper
  • Emily’s Wall Art
  • Melissa’s Wall Works
  • Carol’s Wallpapering
  • Robin’s Wallscapes
  • Alex and James Wall Treatments
  • Nina Lake Wallcovers
  • Liz Katherine Designs
  • Amanda’s Wallpaper Studio
  • Olivia’s Wallpaper Mill

Functional Names Wallpapering Brand Names Ideas

Names that describe services set client expectations. “Wallpaper Services” and “The Wallpaper Hangmen” clarify your specialty.

Examples include: 

  • The Wallpaper Hangmen
  • DC Wallpaper Services
  • Chicago Wall Coverings
  • The Wallpaper Company
  • Wall to Wall Wallpaper
  • Wall Trends Wallpapering
  • Smooth Wallpapering Services
  • Seamless Wall Treatments
  • Signature Wall Artisans
  • Expert Wallpaper LLC

Specialized Skills Wallpapering Company Names Ideas

Convey precision and high-quality workmanship using words like “museum,” “bespoke,” “master” and “certified.” Show off expertise.

Examples include: 

  • Precision Wallpaper
  • Meticulous Walls
  • Museum-Quality Wall Art
  • High-End Wall Treatments
  • Tailored Wallcovering
  • Fine Lines Wallpaper
  • Artisanal Wall Decor
  • Bespoke Wall Art
  • Certified Wallpaper Pro
  • Master Paperhanger

Style Focus Wallpapering Business Names Ideas

names that focus on specific styles, textures, or eras showcase your niche. Target clientele will recognize specialty.

Examples include: 

  • Damask Dreams Wallpaper
  • Mod Wallpapering
  • Deco Wall Artisans
  • Printed Paper Walls
  • Scenic Wallpaper Studio
  • Bold Pattern Walls
  • Silk Wallcoverings
  • Textured & Tasteful
  • Chinoiserie Papers
  • Gilded Wall Treatments

Size Descriptors Wallpapering Company Names

Using “wall to wall” and “floor to ceiling” conveys your ability to decorate entire rooms, not just accents.

Examples include: 

  • Wall to Wall Wallpaper
  • Floor to Ceiling Wall Art
  • Wallpaper Wall to Wall
  • Complete Wallcovering
  • Wall Enhancements
  • Full Wall Treatment
  • All Wall Design Studio
  • House of Wallpaper
  • Wall Creations
  • Interior Wall Specialists

Unique Qualities Wallpapering Brand Names Ideas

Suggesting exclusivity and rarity with words like “heirloom,” “vintage,” and “connoisseur” portray unique offerings.

Examples include: 

  • One of a Kind Wall Art
  • Rare Wallpaper Finds
  • Heirloom Wallpapering
  • Old World Wallcovering
  • Vintage Wallpaper Suppliers
  • Authentic Wall Treatments
  • Wallcovering Connoisseurs
  • Curated Wall Collections
  • Legacy Wallpaper
  • DeGournay Reimagined

Regional Names Wallpapering Business Names Ideas

Using your location helps customers know where you serve while adding local pride. Great for establishing a neighborhood presence.

Examples include: 

  • NYC Wallpaper
  • Austin Wall Artisans
  • Chicago Style Wallcovering
  • Carolinas Wall Decor
  • Texas Wall Treatments
  • MidSouth Wallpaper
  • SoCal Wall Creations
  • Northwest Wallpaper Mill
  • Boston Wall Artistry
  • Mile High Wallscapes

International Influence Wallpaper Business Names 

Names reflecting popular international styles and locales portray cosmopolitan elegance for high-end clientele.

Examples include: 

  • English Wallpaper Company
  • Channeling Chinoiserie
  • Milan Wall Inspiration
  • Tuscan Wall Artisans
  • Barcelona Walldesigns
  • Canada Wallconcepts
  • Aussie Wall Decorators
  • Tokyo Wall Coverings
  • Wallpaper Francais
  • Deco Walls of Paris

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With these creative ideas, you can brainstorm the perfect sophisticated, memorable name for your new wallpapering venture. 

Find a name that excites you and sets the tone for your brand’s sensibilities. The possibilities are wide open.

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