80 Unique, Creative & Catchy Halloween Store Business Names Ideas

Creating the perfect name for your Halloween store is an important first step to creating your brand identity. 

The right name grabs attention and conveys your fun, spooky vibe.

Here are 80 unique, catchy, and memorable name ideas for Halloween stores and costume shops to get your creative juices flowing.

Spooky/Haunted Halloween Store Business Names Ideas

Spooky names like “Eerie Emporium” and “Witching Hour Store” use Halloween language to give a haunted vibe.

Examples include: 

  • Hallow’s Eve Emporium
  • All Hallow’s Shoppe
  • Witching Hour Store
  • Macabre Marketplace
  • Eerie Emporium
  • Ghostly Gorge
  • Tombstone Treats
  • Graveside Goodies
  • Mummy’s Mystique Bazaar
  • Pirate’s Nook

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Pumpkin/Fall Halloween Store Business Names Ideas

Names featuring pumpkins, autumn, and other fall imagery connect to Halloween.

Examples include: 

  • Pumpkin Plaza
  • Pumpkin Patch Shop
  • Autumn Alley Stores
  • Harvest House of Horrors
  • Scary Fall Market
  • October Outfitters
  • Halloween Towne
  • Trick or Treat Lane
  • Jack-o-Lantern Junction
  • Leaf & Pumpkin Plaza

Character/MonsterHalloween Shop Business Names Ideas

Names based on famous horror movie characters and monsters are recognizable and evoke Halloween fun.

Examples include: 

  • Dracula’s Den
  • Wolfman’s Warehouse
  • Wicked Witch Wardrobe
  • Haunted Haven
  • Monster Mashup
  • Skeleton Stop
  • Zombie Zone
  • Vlad & Vamp Emporium
  • Crypt Collection
  • Dead and Breakfast

Punny/Humorous Halloween Brand Business Names 

Puns and humorous names add a playful spirit, like “Rest in Peach Costumes” or “Party Fowl.”

Examples include: 

  • Costume Conundrum
  • Mask-querade Shop
  • Party Fowl Costumes
  • Legend Dairy Fashions
  • Dyeing to Party
  • Rest in Peach Costumes
  • Casket Ready Fashion
  • Be Afraid Boutique
  • Not So Itsy Bitsy Costumes
  • Dressed to Kill Shoppe

Spooky Creatures Halloween Business Names Ideas

Naming shops after spooky creatures like spiders, bats, ghosts, and vampires ties to Halloween.

Examples include: 

  • Batty Boutique
  • Spiderweb Store
  • Creepy Crawly Closet
  • Frightful Frogs Emporium
  • Skeletal Surplus
  • Ghostly Garb
  • Vampire Vault
  • Macabre Menagerie
  • Wicked Wings & Fangs
  • Howling Halloween

Adjective Descriptors Halloween Business Names Ideas

Using adjectives like “eerie,” “creepy,” and “frightful” emphasizes your scary theme.

Examples include: 

  • Freaky Costumes
  • Fearsome Fashions
  • Fiendish Frights Store
  • Creepy Clothing Shoppe
  • Macabre Masquerade
  • Sinister Styles
  • Eerie Emporium
  • Gruesome Garb
  • Horrifying Halloween
  • Ghastly Getups

Alliteration Halloween Business Names Ideas

Alliteration makes names more fun and memorable by repeating first sounds.

Examples include: 

  • Witching Window Shoppe
  • Vampire Vault
  • Masked Mart
  • Pumpkin Party Place
  • Phantom Fashion Store
  • Terror Trinkets
  • Scary Spiderweb Store
  • Ghostly Garb
  • Bloodcurdling Boutique
  • Bone-Chilling Costumes

Rhyming Halloween Store Business Names Ideas

Catchy rhyming makes names stand out. Examples include: 

  • Thrills & Frills
  • Cloak n’ Joke Shoppe
  • Dress to Impress
  • Pranks & Costume Ranks
  • Trick or Treat Sweets
  • Disguise and Surprise
  • Masquerade Brigade
  • Costume and Doom Shop
  • Party Hearty Mart
  • Frights and Lights

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Founder Name 

Using your name or combining founders’ names gives a personal touch.

Examples include: 

  • Victoria’s Macabre Market
  • Robin’s Wicked Costumes
  • Alex’s Eerie Emporium
  • Nicole’s Haunted Haven
  • Sam’s Monster Mashup
  • Bill & Ted’s Excellent Costumes
  • RJ’s Phantom Fashions
  • Annabelle’s Creepy Closet
  • Edgar’s Gore Galore
  • Vincent’s Vampire Vault

Location-Based Halloween Store Business Names Ideas

Adding a location establishes your region and local vibe. Examples include: 

  • New Orleans Fright Fest
  • Spooky SF Store
  • Austin Terror Shop
  • Tombstone Costumes Arizona
  • Salem’s Witch Wares
  • NYC Bone-Chilling Costumes
  • Wicked LA Garb
  • Mile High Haunted Fashions
  • MidWest Monster Costumes
  • Carolina’s Creepy Closet

Mistakes to Avoid When Choosing Halloween Store Names 

Here are some common mistakes to avoid when choosing a unique, creative, and catchy name for your Halloween store business:

1. Use short names

Don’t use super long and wordy names, as those can be tough for potential customers to remember. 

Keep the name short, sweet, and to the point. You want passing customers to recall the name when deciding where to shop easily.

2. It should be less scary

It’s also not a good idea to choose too scary or creepy names, as that could scare away families with young kids who make up a big part of the Halloween customer base. 

Opt for names that have a fun, festive vibe rather than purely frightening. 

3. It shouldn’t be offensive 

You’ll want to avoid any names with offensive, inappropriate, or bad language. 

The name should be family-friendly and appeal to all ages that celebrate Halloween. 

Illicit or rude words could damage your brand reputation and drive customers away.

4. Choose a unique name 

One mistake is repeating names that many other Halloween seasonal stores heavily use. 

Get creative and think of an original name that stands out from the competition. Brainstorm name ideas you’ve never seen before for maximum impact.

5. It should be simple

Likewise, steer clear of names with tricky or confusing spellings that could cause headaches for customers. 

Opt for short, simple words that roll easily off the tongue and can be spelled accurately by anyone. 

You want your name prominently displayed but not be a source of frustration.

Names that are overly complicated or include lots of hard-to-remember details should also be avoided. 

Keep it concise with just a few descriptive words at most. Complex names are tough for busy shoppers to commit to memory quickly.

6. Don’t go for trends

One key thing to watch out for is picking a name that seems trendy but won’t remain relevant for years. 

Opt for a classic moniker not tied to current fads or pop culture to ensure long-lasting name recognition. 

7. Be creative  

You also don’t want to choose something so over-the-top crazy that it seems unappealing or uninviting to the average Halloween shopper. 

Find a balance of creativity without being too obscure or eccentric. 

8. It should suit your niche

When deciding, consider how the name will suit your specific store type, product offerings, and neighborhood location. 

Choose a moniker that accurately represents what you provide and will naturally fit your target customer base.


Finding the perfect name for your Halloween shop can take time. Get creative and brainstorm combinations until you land on a name that excites you. 

Use these spooky name inspirations to spark the frighteningly fun moniker your store deserves!

Also, by avoiding common mistakes in choosing a store name, you can land on the perfect unique, catchy, and creative name to attract Halloween fans for many spooky seasons.

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