80 Unique, Creative & Catchy Hawaiian Business Names Ideas

Starting a business in Hawaii? Choosing the perfect Hawaiian name can help your company stand out and connect with local customers.

To inspire you, we’ve compiled this big list of 80 unique, creative, and catchy Hawaiian business name ideas to consider for your company.

We also include useful tips for choosing the perfect name for your business. 

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Hawaiian Culture-Inspired Business Names Ideas

Draw from Hawaiian history and culture with names like:

  • Aloha Apparel Co.
  • Maile Lei Shop
  • Koa Woodworks
  • Hula Dance Academy
  • Ono Grinds Café
  • Tiki Hut Supply Co.
  • Lava Excursions
  • Hawaiian Luau Catering
  • Maui Wowi Smoothies
  • Iolani Treasures Jewelry

Hawaiian Language Business Names Ideas

Incorporate Hawaiian words like:

  • Keiki Kids Learning Center
  • ‘Ono Food Truck
  • Aina Farms
  • Hanohano Formalwear
  • Mahalo Media
  • Kai Ocean Adventures
  • Halia Salon & Spa
  • Maika’i Marketing Agency
  • Mele Music Studio
  • Lokahi Boat Tours

Hawaiian Location Business Names Ideas

Feature specific Hawaiian islands or towns:

  • Oahu Surf Co.
  • Big Island Coffee Co.
  • Lanikai Beach Rentals
  • Molokai Tours
  • Kauai Botanicals
  • Maui Wave Riders
  • Haleiwa Surf Shop
  • Honolulu Party Rentals
  • Waikiki Catering Services
  • Kona Grill

Hawaiian Flora & Fauna Business Names Ideas

Use native wildlife and plants like:

  • Hibiscus Flowers
  • Orchid Gift Baskets
  • Sea Turtle Rescue
  • Nautilus Shell Jewelry
  • Koa Woodworking
  • Lava Limousine Services
  • Aloha Orchards Farm
  • Iwi Bone Carvings Gallery
  • Palani Ranch
  • Honu Ukuleles

Descriptive Hawaiian Business Names Ideas

Evocative descriptive names:

  • Island Style Clothing Co.
  • Paradise Paddle Boarding
  • Pacific Breeze Fishing Charters
  • Islander Properties
  • Tropical Nursery
  • Island Petals Florist
  • Blue Hawaii Glassworks
  • Coral Reef Dive Center
  • Aloha Surf Lessons
  • Hawaiian Dream Vacation Rentals

Traditional Hawaiian Business Names Ideas

Use traditional-sounding words:

  • Mauna Surf Shop
  • Ailana Salon & Day Spa
  • Lehua Florals
  • Haleakala Industries
  • Keanu Construction
  • Liko Taxi Services
  • Maluhia Med Spa
  • Kupono Accounting
  • Lanakila Sporting Goods
  • Kaia Dancewear

Punny Hawaiian Names

Puns and wordplay also work:

  • The Tiki Barber Shop
  • Aloha From My Bowl Café
  • Maui Thai Cuisine
  • Oahu Yeah Surf Club
  • The Big Island Ice Creamery
  • Spa Mahal-O
  • Tan Lines Sunscreen Shop
  • Pearl Jam Jewelers
  • Pacific Standard Timepieces

Surfing-Inspired Hawaiian Names

For surf-related businesses:

  • Hang Ten Surf School
  • North Shore Surf Co.
  • Surf Sisters Lessons
  • Wave Warriors Surf Comp
  • Beach Break Cafe
  • Aloha Board Riders Club
  • Shaka Surf Supplies
  • Oahu Surf Report Blog
  • Endless Summer Surf Camp
  • Gidget’s Surf Apparel

Hawaiian Souvenir Store Names

Gift shops, souvenirs and apparel:

  • Hawaii Gift Shoppe
  • Island Treasures Store
  • Oahu Apparel
  • Paradise Gifts & Gear
  • Hula Girl Souvenirs
  • Authentic Hawaiian Styles
  • Kona Coast Wear
  • Island Vibes Boutique
  • Hawaiian Style Hub
  • Aloha Crate Souvenirs

Hawaiian Hospitality Business Names

Hospitality, lodging and transport services:

  • Aloha Airport Shuttle
  • Pacific Island Limo Service
  • Oahu Luau Feast
  • Kauai Beach Resort
  • Iolani Hotel & Suites
  • Haleakala Inn & Suites
  • Aloha Tours Hawaii
  • Maui Vacation Rentals
  • Paradise VIP Tours
  • The Royal Hawaiian Hotel

What Should You Consider Before Choosing A Name?

Here are some factors to consider in simple language when picking fun Hawaiian business names:

  • Use Hawaiian words. Words from the Hawaiian language can make your name sound local. Words for beach, ocean, and waves are popular choices.
  • Include nature themes. Hawaii is known for its beautiful scenery. Nature words like sun, palm trees, flower, and volcano work well. 
  • Keep it short. Short names are easy to remember. Long, complicated words aren’t as good. 
  • Use fun meanings. Look up the meaning of Hawaiian words to find ones with fun or positive meanings. Meanings like fun, relaxing, and tropical are good.
  • Add surf or beach themes. Surfing and beaches are a big part of Hawaii’s identity. Names with surfboard, sand, and ocean are appealing.
  • Pick upbeat feelings. Like Hawaii’s island lifestyle, names should sound happy, chill, and laidback. Avoid names that sound serious.
  • Check, it’s simple to say. Make sure potential names can easily roll off customers’ tongues without confusion. 
  • See if the name is available. Search online to see if your top name choice is already being used.

Are there Any Benefits?

Here are some benefits of using Hawaiian business names:

  • It gives your business a local Hawaiian feel. This can attract customers who want to support Hawaiian businesses. 
  • Names in Hawaiian make your brand unique. They help your business stand out from others with more generic names.
  • Hawaiian names connect your business to the islands’ culture and lifestyle. This helps portray the laidback, tropical vibes of Hawaii.
  • It shows appreciation for the Hawaiian language and culture. Locals and visitors both enjoy seeing Hawaiian used for businesses.
  •  The meanings behind Hawaiian words can be positive for marketing. Words related to ocean, beach, and nature connect your brand to Hawaii’s beauty.
  • Well-chosen Hawaiian names often sound fun or exotic to visitors. This can spark their interest in checking out your business. 
  • Many Hawaiian words are short and easy to remember. This makes it simple for people to recall and discuss your business name.
  • Using the Hawaiian language builds a sense of place. It strengthens the relationship between your brand and the islands of Hawaii.

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Give your Hawaiian business a name that taps into rich cultural history and conjures tropical vibes. 

Your company can build authenticity and attract more local customers with the right branding. 

Choose a name that showcases your island style!

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