80 Unique, Creative & Catchy Med Spa Business Names Ideas

Opening a Med Spa business? Choosing the right name is one of the most important decisions. 

The name you choose can impact how well your spa stands out, attracts customers, and communicates your vision.

Finding a unique name can be challenging with the Med Spa industry booming. 

To help inspire you, we’ve created a list of 80 creative, catchy, and unique med spa business name ideas to consider for your new business.

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Beauty-Focused Med Spa Business Names Ideas

For a spa with a focus on aesthetic beauty treatments, consider a name like:

  • Beautify MedSpa
  • Pretty You Medical Spa
  • The Glow Spa
  • Radiance Medical Spa
  • Revive Beauty Spa
  • Luxury Beauty Spa
  • Silhouette MedSpa
  • Contour Medical Spa
  • Image MedSpa
  • Skintelligence Medical Spa

Wellness-Focused Med Spa Business Names Ideas

If you want to emphasize patient wellbeing and relaxation, some ideas are:

  • Serenity Medical Spa & Wellness Center
  • Tranquil Med Spa
  • Namaste Med Spa
  • Wellness Medical Spa
  • Renew Medical Spa & Hyperbaric Center
  • Revitalize Med Spa & Yoga Studio
  • Balance Medical Spa & Nutrition
  • Nourish MedSpa + IV Therapies
  • Lift MedSpa & Salt Cave

Expertise-Focused Med Spa Business Names Ideas

For a clinical, expertise-focused name, consider:

  • Precision Medical Spa
  • Excel Medical Spa
  • Elite MedSpa
  • Premier Medical Spa
  • Posh MedSpa
  • Luxe Medical Spa
  • Lavish Medical Spa
  • Indulge Medical Spa
  • Escape MedSpa
  • Imagine MedSpa

Location-Based Med Spa Names

You can also draw on your location for inspiration:

  • Palm Beach MedSpa
  • OC Wellness Medical Spa
  • Hudson Valley Medical Spa
  • Lakeview MedSpa & Laser Center
  • Mountain Wellness MedSpa
  • Desert Springs Medical Spa
  • Coastal MedSpa
  • Sonoma Medical Spa

Descriptive Med Spa Names

Some more options using words that describe procedures or atmosphere:

  • Glow MedSpa
  • Lase MedSpa
  • Skin & Laser Medical Spa
  • Young MedSpa
  • Ageless Medical Spa
  • Timeless MedSpa
  • Reveal Medical Spa
  • Transform MedSpa
  • Restorative Medical Spa
  • Rejuvenate MedSpa

Alliterative Med Spa Business Names Ideas

An alliterative name using the same first letters can boost brand recall:

  • Purely Polished Med Spa
  • Prudence Medical Spa
  • Posh Precision MedSpa
  • Perfectly Plumped Med Spa
  • Relax & Rejuvenate Medical Spa
  • Shape & Shine Medical Spa
  • Lovely Laser MedSpa
  • Skin Sanctuary Medical Spa
  • Silk Skin MedSpa

Rhyming Med Spa Names

Rhyming names have a nice ring that makes them memorable:

  • Glow & Go MedSpa
  • Shape & Shave MedSpa
  • The Skinny Skin Spa
  • Tone Zone Medical Spa
  • Flex & Finesse Medical Spa
  • Lift & Light Medical Spa
  • Radiant & Rejuvenate MedSpa
  • Beauty Duty MedSpa
  • Pretty & Witty Medical Spa

Combination Med Spa Names

You can combine multiple words for a unique name:

  • Sculpt MedSpa
  • Envy MedSpa
  • Allure Medical Spa
  • Pure Skin Spa
  • EverGlow Medical Spa
  • AgeFix MedSpa
  • DermaDream Spa
  • Contourly Yours Medical Spa
  • Beautech Medical Spa

Short Med Spa Business Names Ideas

A short, simple name can be powerful too:

  • Glow Spa
  • Lift Spa
  • Lase Spa
  • Skin Spa
  • Renew Spa
  • Elevate MedSpa
  • Dazzle MedSpa
  • Bloom Spa
  • Silk Spa

Luxury-Focused Med Spa Names

For upscale branding, consider:

  • Opulence Medical Spa
  • Royale Medical Spa
  • Elite Skin Spa
  • Haute Health Medical Spa
  • Signature Medical Spa
  • Estate MedSpa
  • Privé Medical Spa
  • Elegance Medical Spa
  • Luxe Skin Spa

Trendy Med Spa Names

You can also integrate hot buzzwords like:

  • Glam MedSpa
  • Selfie Ready Medical Spa
  • Flawless Skin Bar
  • The Beauty Lab MedSpa
  • Fabulous MedSpa
  • BeautyBoss MedSpa
  • G.L.O. MedSpa
  • #NoFilter Medical Spa
  • Snapchat Ready MedSpa

Masculine Med Spa Names

For a male-oriented med spa, some rugged names could be:

  • Hammer MedSpa
  • Phoenix Medical Spa
  • Sparta Skin Spa
  • Ambassador Medical Spa
  • Maverick Medical Spa
  • Titan MedSpa
  • Champion Medical Spa
  • Brave Skin Spa
  • Valor MedSpa

Feminine Med Spa Business Names Ideas

Some feminine touch options:

  • Blush Medical Spa
  • Petal Medical Spa
  • Pearl MedSpa
  • Butterfly Wellness Spa
  • Honey Skin Spa
  • Cozy MedSpa
  • Sweet Pea Medical Spa
  • Rose MedSpa
  • Lily Skin Spa

Nature-Inspired Med Spa Names

Natural elements also work well:

  • Luna MedSpa
  • Solar Medical Spa
  • Aura Medical Spa
  • Willow MedSpa
  • Oak Medical Spa
  • Rain Medical Spa
  • River Rock Medical Spa
  • Oasis Wellness Spa
  • Sunset MedSpa

Unique Med Spa Business Names Ideas

Finally, a few more one-of-a-kind name ideas:

  • Skinovate Medical Spa
  • Beautility MedSpa
  • Profile Medical Spa
  • Skin Deep Medical Spa
  • Skinology MedSpa
  • Contour MedSpa
  • Skincerity Medical Spa
  • Dermageek MedSpa
  • EverYoung Medical Spa

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When starting a med spa, choose a name that communicates your vision, resonates with your audience, and sets you apart. 

With the right branding, your spa can attract new patients. Which of these med spa name ideas do you like best?

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