80 Unique, Creative & Catchy Strip Club Business Names Ideas

From sleek downtown venues to rowdy suburban haunts, strip clubs have long captivated customers with the promise of sensual delights. 

While the business of beauty is far from new, coming up with an attention-grabbing name to launch your enterprise requires creativity. 

With so much competition, your club’s title acts as its first impression. A clever handle catches the eye amid endless neon signage while hinting at the entertainment. 

This article provides 80 unique naming ideas for sparking curiosity and drawing in dollars at the door.

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Unique Strip Club Business Names Ideas

1. Pole Position 

2. The Body Shop  

3. Centerfold Club

4. Exposed Gentlemen’s Club 

5. Flash Dance

6. Hott Stuff 

7.  Cheri’s Den

8. fan-T’s-E 

9. Paradise City

10. Center of Attraction

11. VIP Room  

12. Spread Eagles

13. Dreamgirls 

14. Flesh Garden

15. Leading Ladies

16. Stage Fright

17. Golden Dreams

18. Naughty Notions

19. Fantasy Factory  

20. Show Me More

Creative Strip Club Business Names Ideas

21. Hunks & Shakes

22. Slippery When Wet  

23. Le Beau Monde 

24. The Body Boutique

25. Candyland Cabaret 

26. Teasers Gentlemen’s Club

27. Platinum Pleasures  

28. Exquisite Temptations 

29. Sin City Cabaret

30. Pleasure Palace

31. Xquisite Entertainers

32. Play It Again, Sam

33. Cherries Jubilee 

34. Legs Eleven

35. Fun Factory

36. Honey Hut 

37. Skin City

38. Centerfold Showgirls

39. Caliente Cabaret

40. Flash Tan-tasia

Catchy Strip Club Business Names Ideas

41. Humpday Happy Hour 

42. Exotic Dances

43. Eye Candy

44. Alluring Angles

45. Sapphire Dreams 

46. Wild Oats

47. Pure Pleasure 

48. Forbidden Fruit 

49. Platinum Club

50. Allure Gentlemen’s Club

51. Splash Cabaret 

52. Operation Seduction

53. The Body Dialogue

54. Butterflies

55. Golden Dreams

56. Desires Cabaret  

57. Temptation 

58. Cloud 9

59. Vanity Fair 

60. Botty Hall

61. The Men’s Club

62. Cheekz 

63. Centerfolds Cabaret

64. Leather & Lace

65. Exotic Oasis

66. The Body Shoppe 

67. On Stage

68. Prime Times

69. Rogue Gentlemen’s Club

70. Silk Fantasy

71. Star Dreams

72. Babes Cabaret

73. Fantasy Factory

74. Titanium

75. Hollywood Dreams

76. Temptasia  

77. Top Shelf

78. Allure

79. Platinum Plus

80.  Peep Show

Things to Consider Before Choosing a Strip Club Name

When selecting the perfect name for your new adult entertainment establishment, there are several important factors to weigh. 

Choosing the right moniker can make or break your business, so considering the decision seriously is key.

  • Branding & Image – Consider the overall branding and image you want to portray. Will the name suit your target demographic and attract the right clientele?  
  • Uniqueness – Make sure the name has not been used locally or by major chains. An original, one-of-a-kind name will stand out from the competition.
  • Memorability – The name should roll off the tongue in an easy, catchy way that people will remember. Avoid overly long or complicated phrases.
  • Legal Matters – Check for trademark issues or restrictions on certain suggestive terms. Make sure the name doesn’t infringe on copyright. 
  • Promotional Value – How will the name look on signs, ads, and promotional materials? Consider design elements like font, logo, and colors that complement the name. 
  • Future Growth – Select a name with room for expansion as your brand develops. It should work for multiple locations or business changes.
  • Tone & Message – Represent the overall vibe and experience at your establishment. Balance suggestive allure with approachability. 

Choosing the perfect name is an important decision with long-term branding consequences. 

Weigh these factors for a moniker that perfectly attracts clients and represents your business vision.

What Next 

Now your name’s set – it’s promo time! Spread the word far and wide in catchy ads and flyers. Giveaways like discounted dances on slow nights pull stragglers. 

Sponsor sports teams for sportsman exposure. Host contests for “Miss June” to keep buzz boiling. 

And what’s a titillating title without social proof? Reviews convince rovering eyes you’re not all sizzle. 

 With the right moves, the whole town will soon know your joint – in all the best ways!


Now that your imagination’s sparked, it’s time to reel it in! Choose a name wisely.

Suggestive yet tasteful names capture interest without scaring off newcomers. Wordplay also works wonders – think double meanings hinting at what lies beneath the lights. 

With the right blend of buzz-building branding and promotions, your doors will burst daily with dollars! 

Humor helps curb stigma by letting lads let loose amid laughter. With the right catchphrase, you’ll stack cash by the droves!

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