80 Unique, Creative & Catchy Tequila Business Names

Naming your tequila brand or tequila bar is exciting! The name you choose sets the tone for your whole business.

To help with the brainstorming process, we’ve compiled this extensive list of 80 catchy, fun, and creative tequila business name ideas.

From cool names with Spanish flair to clever takes on agave and distilling, explore these names for inspiration in naming your booming tequila venture.

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Unique Tequila Business Names

1. Agave Dreams Tequila

2. Blue Spark Tequila 

3. Cascada Tequila

4. Dulce Fuego Tequila

5. El Jalisco Tequila

6. Fina Reserva Tequila

7. Firewater Tequila

8. Fortaleza Tequila

9. Gold Rush Tequila

10. Gran Azul Tequila

11. Herencia Tequila

12. Highland Spirit Tequila

13. La Piñata Tequila

14. Legacy Tequila

15. Libertad Tequila

16. Lunazul Tequila

17. Mayahuel Tequila

18. Monte Vista Tequila

19. Moonshine Tequila

20. Olmeca Tequila

21. Premium Blue Tequila

22. Pura Vida Tequila

23. Riviera Tequila

24. Santa Rosa Tequila

25. Sierra Madre Tequila

26. Soleado Tequila

27. Tapatio Tequila

28. Tierra del Sol Tequila

29. Tortuga Tequila

30. Tradición Tequila

31. Vida Nueva Tequila

32. Villa Luna Tequila

33. Zafiro Tequila

Catchy Tequila Business Names

34. Agave Lounge

35. Bar Sol

36. Cantina del Fuego

37. Casa de Tequila

38. El Agave Bar

39. El Camino Cantina

40. El Rey Cantina

41. Fuego Lounge

42. La Cantinita

43. La Escalera Lounge

44. La Luna Bar

45. Las Palmas Cantina

46. Los Compadres Cantina

47. Luna Azul

48. Plaza Cantina

49. Rosa’s Cantina

50. Sol Cantina

51. Taco & Tequila

52. Taqueria y Tequileria 

53. Tequila Boom

54. Tequila Cantina

55. Tequila Jack’s

56. Tequila Mockingbird

57. Tequila Ranch

58. Tequila Rose

59. Tequila Shack

60. Tequila Sunrise

61. The Agave Lounge

62. The Dos Arbolitos 

63. The Jalisco Room

64. The Mayahuel Lounge

65. The Mean Tequila

66. The Sangrita Lounge

67. Thirsty Iguana

68. Three Amigos Cantina

Creative Tequila Business Names

69. Agavero Tequila

70. Blue Heat Tequila

71. Cabrona Tequila

72. Caliente Tequila

73. Desert Rose Tequila

74. Dulce Vibes Tequila

75. Electric Lime Tequila

76. Green Magic Tequila

77. Jaguar Tequila

78. Picante Tequila

79. Suavecito Tequila

80. Sweet Ride Tequila 

What to Consider Before Choosing A Name?

Here are a few things you should consider when picking a name for your tequila business:

  • Represent Your Brand – The name should represent what your tequila is all about. Is it high quality? Fun? Traditional? Pick a name that matches your company’s image and values.
  •  Be Unique and Memorable – Choose something people will remember. You want your name to stand out from others. Make sure no other tequila company has a similar name. 
  • Works in Different Languages – Tequila is popular worldwide. Pick a name that sounds good in both English and Spanish. Or choose something simple to say in any language.
  • How It Looks on Marketing – Will your name look appealing on bottles, ads, and websites? Test how the design and logo will turn out before settling on a name. 
  • Easy to Spell and Say – Make sure potential customers can easily understand your written and spoken name. You don’t want confusion. 
  • Leave Room for Growth – Choose a name that has the potential to work as your company expands its product line over time. Don’t limit yourself too soon.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Do I Need to Register the Business Name?

You’ll want to register your name so no one else can use it. Check if the name is already being used for another tequila or alcohol brand.

Can I Use My Name as the Business Name?

You can use your name if you want. Something like “Juan’s Tequila” is a personal name that works. Just be sure no one else is already doing that.

What if I Can’t Decide on Just One Name?

It’s okay to come up with a few options to choose from. But pick just one to use in the end. Having multiple names can confuse customers.

How Important Is the Name?

A good name that describes your brand well is important. It will attract customers and help them remember you. But the quality of the product matters most in the long run.

Can I Change the Name Later if Needed?

You can change it, but it’s best to think it through now. Changing an established name can cost money, and you risk losing customers who knew the old one.

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Naming your tequila brand, distillery, or cantina requires finding the perfect blend of heritage, attitude, and edge.

Hopefully, these catchy name examples sparked some inspiration for your own unique and memorable tequila business name.

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