Where to buy grenadine near me

Grenadine is commonly used in various beverages, such as a mocktail. Initially, this drink was made using lemon, pomegranate, and sugar.

Artificial colors, food coloring, and sugar are some of the main ingredients used in commercial syrups.

Although it’s commonly used in various beverages, grenadine doesn’t contain alcohol. As a result, people often ask where to find this syrup in the grocery store.

The article covers five easy ways to find grenadine syrup in the grocery store.

Where to buy grenadine near me

Grenadine is standard in places with a license to sell alcohol because it serves as a mixer. These are some of the places to get grenadine;


Since some states only have liquor stores run by the state, grocery stores might not carry grenadine syrup.

However, going to a Walmart will find it in the hard liquor and wine aisle.


If you can’t find the grenadine syrup with the alcohol mixers, you might want to check the other ingredients like sweeteners and different syrups.

Most grocery stores, such as Aldi, Albertson’s, and Publix, use alcohol mixers.

How does grenadine taste?

The flavor of grenadine is tart and sweet, and it’s commonly used as a mixer. However, it can also color or add various colors to beverages.

A classic example of a non-alcoholic grenadine drink is the Shirley Temple; a mixed drink typically made with grenadine and Ginger Beer.

A modern take on this drink can be made with a combination of lemon-lime soda and orange juice.

Although the name grenadine is common, its authentic flavor can vary. For instance, it can have a sweet-tart taste that’s often compared to a sour mix.

Is Grenadine Healthy?

Although it’s commonly used in various beverages, grenadine is not a healthy product. It contains high fructose corn syrup and artificial colors.

Grenadine might be unhealthy, but it’s not bad for you if you use it as a mixer. It can also add a bit of color and flavor to a drink. As long as you take it in moderation, it’s okay.

Five Easy Ways to Find Grenadine Syrup in the Grocery Store

Locating grenadine in the store is pretty straightforward. These are five easy ways to find grenadine in the grocery store;

  • In most supermarkets, you’ll find bottles of grenadine syrup in the liquor section. In addition, liquor can be found in the wine, beer, and liquor departments of various stores, such as Costco, Kroger, and Walmart.
  • Non-alcoholic mixers such as grenadine and margarita mix sometimes have their section in grocery stores.
  • If you can’t find grenadine syrup in the alcohol mixers, look for it in the other sections, such as the sparkling water, club soda department, juice, et cetera.
  • You can also find grenadine in the sweetener section of your favorite grocery store.
  • And last but not least, which happens to be our favorite, is simply asking any staff present.

What Can you do with grenadine?

One of the most popular ways to use grenadine is in a tequila sunrise drink, a combination of orange juice and grenadine.

Aside from alcoholic beverages, various non-alcoholic drinks contain grenadine.

Some of these include Roy Rogers and Shirley Temple. These are great if you’re not a fan of alcohol and want to have fun with the kids.

How to Tell if a Grenadine is of Good Quality?

There are several ways to tell if the grenadine you’re buying is good quality. One of these is looking for the syrup’s deep red or pink color.

A good-quality bottle of grenadine will have a deeper red color, while a lower-quality one will have a light pink or red tint.

Another way to tell if the grenadine you’re buying is good quality is by its scent.

A good-quality syrup bottle will have a strong sweet smell, while a lower-quality one might have a harsh or tart taste.


If you’re trying grenadine for the first time and are unsure of the right place to get them, the article highlighted the stores where you’re most likely to find them.

It also covered five easy ways to find grenadine in the grocery store.

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