10 Best Coffee Shops in Greenwich, CT, Right Now

Are there any coffee shops in Greenwich, CT? We sought advice from local Greenwich residents on the best coffee shops in the city.

The best coffee in Greenwich can be found at the places listed here.

Turning Point Coffee Roasters

Turning Point quickly established itself as a fan favorite when it opened for business, thanks to its unique local cocktails.

They also have basic pastries or freshly prepared organic meals on their menu, which is very popular.

Humbled Coffeehouse

This coffee shop is a business that began as a dream to motivate its patrons and enable them to inspire themselves via their coffee brews.

As their name would imply, they are renowned for their inviting atmosphere, which is a huge draw for customers.

Ada’s Kitchen & Coffee

Ada’s, which started as a confectionery shop, has grown known for its excellent customer service and extensive past.

The current refurbishment left a section of the store devoted to candy since it didn’t want to erase the building’s history.

The newly constructed addition has transformed the once-quaint sweets shop into a spot where people of all ages may stop for a quick snack.

Lorca Coffee Bar – Stamford, CT

It started as a coffee shop in Stamford and has since grown to a new site in Greenwich and was founded by a former architect who became a business owner after falling in love with the vast world of food and coffee.

Leyla Jenkins decided to turn her dream become a reality after losing her job.

This eatery, which is well-known for its well-liked cold brew coffee, has a welcoming atmosphere and excellent food.

Coffee Café Roasters

An authentic sense of passion is promoted by this café, which was inspired by Asian blends, by “offering a true break from generic, similar-tasting drinks by delivering professionally brewed coffee from our daily roasted beans, for a truly memorable experience that will leave you with an invigorated and uplifted feeling.”

Whatever you’re in the mood for that day, they provide a wide selection of delectable pastries and espressos.

This is one of the best coffee spots in the neighborhood because of the ambiance, service, and quality.


For people in Greenwich, CFCF is the go-to coffee shop.

The best coffee shop in Greenwich, without a doubt, is CFCF, according to locals.

Locals enjoying coffee will welcome you if you visit the CFCF on Greenwich Avenue.

Even though there are only a few tables outdoors and a little indoor space, residents still frequent CFCF to get their fill of coffee. It is that wonderful!

Aux Delices

Local Greenwich residents frequently congregate for coffee at Aux Delices.

There are two Aux Delices locations: one in Riverside and one-off Greenwich Avenue.

You can’t go wrong with coffee from this renowned Greenwich bakery café. With your coffee, enjoy a Pain au Chocolat.

The ideal way to begin the day!

Granola Bar

A well-known coffee shop in Greenwich called Granola Bar.

Residents of Greenwich frequently gather there for coffee.

A Granola Bar, a variety of coffee drinks are available, including Turkish and Americano.

The Granola Bar on Greenwich Avenue has plenty of seating, which is a nice feature.

Since it offers full service, you can order breakfast with your coffee.

Avocado toast and coffee? Please, yes! For orders of coffee to go, there is also a counter.

Sweet Pea’s Café 

The Old Greenwich locals’ preferred coffee establishment is Sweet Pea’s Café.

On Sound Beach Avenue, there is a cute little neighborhood bakery café.

The ideal place to meet a friend for coffee or to read a book.

Cortado and Nutella Latte are just a couple of the many coffee options available.

Pair po de queijo with your coffee (Brazilian Cheese Bread).

The Drawing Room Café

If you don’t reside in Greenwich, it’s unlikely that you are familiar with The Drawing Room Café.

It’s a cute small coffee shop behind a store selling accessories and home goods.

Local Greenwich residents frequently congregate for coffee at The Drawing Room Café.

Coffee is available in various flavors, from Cappuccino to Iced Latte. You’ll be pleased with their wide selection if you enjoy drinking tea.

Even more traditional options like afternoon tea with scones, finger sandwiches, clotted cream, and jam are available.

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