Start a Mobile Detailing Business to Make More Money (2023)

If you’re tired of struggling to make ends meet and want to boost your income, launching a mobile detailing business could be the solution;

You can get up and running in a few weeks with a portable pressure washer, some cleaning supplies, and the right marketing. 

By offering premium car detailing and washing services to your customers, you’ll tap into an industry that generates over $8 billion annually in the US alone. 

Keep reading to learn how to join the ranks of successful mobile detailers and earn good money. 

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How to Start a Mobile Detailing Business

A mobile detailing business is a service that provides professional cleaning, restoration, and maintenance for vehicles. 

Unlike traditional car washes or detailing shops, mobile detailing businesses operate out of specialized vehicles equipped with all the necessary tools, equipment, and supplies to perform a wide range of automotive detailing services on-site.

To start a mobile detailing business, you will need to follow these steps: 

1. Determine Your Target Customers

You must determine your target customers to run a successful mobile detailing business. 

Do you want to focus on high-end clientele with expensive vehicles or offer more affordable services to the general public? 

Targeting luxury car owners may be more lucrative, but the general population provides a larger customer base. 

You could also offer different tiers of services at varying price points to cater to multiple customer segments.

Some options to consider include:

I. Luxury vehicle owners

Target owners of high-end cars like Mercedes, BMW, Audi, etc. These customers will likely pay more for premium services. Advertise in affluent neighborhoods and country clubs.

II. Fleet companies

Provide services to rental car companies, car dealerships, or transportation companies with large fleets of vehicles. Negotiate contracts to secure repeat business.

III. General public

Market to all vehicle owners in your area. Offer affordable wash and detailing packages. 

Advertise on community Facebook groups, at gas stations, and car washes.

IV. Classic car collectors

Specialize in meticulously detailing vintage and classic vehicles. Owners of collectible cars want the best care and will pay higher prices for high-quality work. Market at classic car shows and clubs.

2. Determine Your Service Offerings

Once you identify your target customers, decide what services you want to offer.

By defining your target market and service offerings, you can develop an effective marketing plan and pricing strategy to get your new mobile detailing business up and running. 

Focus on your strengths, outsource when needed, and over time you can expand into other areas. 

Some options include:

I. Basic wash and wax

Affordable wash, dry, and hand wax service. For budget-conscious customers.

II. Express Detailing

Wash, vacuum, wipe down the interior, and apply protectant to tires and trim. Quick same-day service.

III. Full Detailing

A thorough wash, wax, interior steam cleaning, conditioning of leather seats, polishing trim, etc. For vehicle owners wanting the works. Charge a premium price.

IV. Additional Services

Offer engine bay cleaning, dent removal, scratch repair, odor elimination or upholstery repair for an extra charge. Upsell to increase the average customer ticket price.

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3. Get the Equipment You Need to Start a Mobile Detailing Business

You’ll need some essential equipment to get your mobile detailing business up and running.

First, you’ll want a vehicle to transport all your gear. A van, SUV, or truck with plenty of storage space is ideal. 

You’ll also need things like:

I. A Vacuum Cleaner

A heavy-duty vac that can handle wet and dry pickups. Look for one with different attachments for upholstery and vents.

II. Buckets

At least two, one for clean water and one for dirty. Five-gallon buckets with built-in grit guards are best.

III. Towels

Stock up on microfiber towels, mitts, and drying cloths. You’ll go through a lot.

IV. Shampoos and Conditioners

Have for various surfaces like paint, glass, vinyl, leather, and fabric. pH-neutral and chemical-free products are gentler.

V. Polishes and Waxes

For bringing out a bright shine and protecting vehicle surfaces.

VI. Dressings

For vinyl, plastic, and tire treatments. Water-based, low-gloss dressings tend to look most natural.

VII. Pads and Applicators

Foam pads, microfiber pads, and sponges for applying polishes, waxes, dressings, and cleaners.

VIII. Detailing Brushes

For wheels, air vents, seams, and trim. Soft and firm bristles in varied shapes and sizes.

IV. Air Compressor

For blowing out air vents, seams, and tight spaces. Look for a portable 12V compressor.

4. Set Your Mobile Detailing Business Prices

Setting prices for your mobile detailing services is key to building a successful business. 

You need to charge enough to cover costs and turn a profit but not so much that you price yourself out of the market.

I. Do Some Research

Check what other local detailers are charging for similar services. See what prices car washes and detail shops advertise. 

Search online for the typical price range for basic washes, interior cleaning, waxing, polishing, and other services in your area. 

Use this to determine a competitive and realistic starting point for your pricing.

II. Calculate Your Costs

Make sure you understand how much it costs you to provide each service. Factor in expenses like water, cleaning products, towels, marketing, and your mobile set-up and equipment costs. 

You’ll also need to pay yourself a decent wage. Add a markup, like 30-50% over your total costs, to determine a profitable yet affordable price for each service.

III. Consider Your Target Customers

Who do you want to serve? You can charge premium rates if you aim for high-end clients with luxury vehicles. 

Targeting everyday car owners will require more affordable pricing. Consider what types of customers will value your services and be willing to pay the prices you need to charge to sustain your business.

IV. Offer Packages and Discounts

Bundle related services together at a lower price to increase sales. For example, offer a wash and interior package or a wash, wax, and interior special. 

Providing discounts for repeat customers or referrals is also a good strategy. You might give $10 off for every new customer referred or a free wash after every 5 washes.

5. Market Your New Mobile Detailing Business

You need to spread the word and market your services to get your new mobile detailing business up and running. 

Here are some effective ways to promote your business:

I. Build a Website

A website is essential for any business today. Create a simple but professional site to tell potential customers about your service, post photos of your work, and share contact information. 

Optimize your site for local search results by including your business name, location, and services.

II. Social Media Marketing

Many search social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram for local businesses and service providers. 

Start accounts for your mobile detailing business and post regularly to increase visibility, engage with potential customers, and spread brand awareness. 

Post photos, share news and tips about auto care and detailing, promote discounts or specials, and engage with those commenting on your posts.

III. Use Car Detailing Facebook Ads

Running Facebook ads is one of the best ways to reach car owners in your area and grow your client base.

Even $20-$50 a week can go a long way. Boost your ads during peak times when people are most likely shopping for services online or on social media. 

Early evenings and weekends usually see the most traffic. Monitor your ads regularly to see which ones are performing best, then put more money behind those to improve results.

IV Google My Business

Claim your free Google My Business listing to help boost your visibility in local search results. 

Add photos, your business hours, contact information, and a description of your mobile detailing service. 

Encourage customers to leave reviews on your listing, which establishes credibility and helps rank you in search results.

V. Create Printed Marketing Materials

Even in the digital age, printed materials like business cards, flyers, and car magnets remain effective for promoting a local business. 

Distribute flyers on community boards at local automotive parts stores, service centers, and car washes. 

Place business cards and flyers on vehicles. Offer car magnets as a promotional giveaway. These materials spread awareness of your business wherever vehicles travel.

VI. Networking

Get out in your local community and network both online and in person. Join relevant social networking groups and engage with others. 

Strike up conversations at places vehicle owners frequent, like gas stations, car shows, and car club meetups. 

Build relationships with people in related businesses like car washes, service centers, and parts stores. 

Referrals and word-of-mouth marketing from networking can be an excellent sources of new customers.

6. Build a Loyal Customer Base Through Excellent Service

Building a loyal customer base is key to any successful mobile detailing business. 

Provide excellent service, and your customers will keep returning and referring others.

I. Go Above and Beyond

Do more than just the basic wash and vacuum. Pay close attention to details like conditioning the leather seats, polishing trim pieces, and cleaning door jambs. 

Leave your customers with a car that looks showroom new.

  • Offer add-on services like paint touch-up, dent removal or headlight restoration. Meet all your customers’ needs in one visit.
  • Do a final inspection and touch up any spots you may have missed. Your customers will notice the extra care and attention.
  • Provide quality products and equipment so you can achieve the best results possible. Invest in your business, and it will pay off.

II. Build Relationships

Get to know your repeat customers and their specific needs. Anticipate what services they want so their car is ready to go when they arrive for their appointment. Make them feel like a VIP.

  • Follow up with customers after their appointment to ask for feedback and ensure they are 100% satisfied with your work.
  • Offer loyalty programs and discounts for repeat customers and referrals. Word-of-mouth marketing is powerful.
  • Build connections by engaging your customers in friendly conversation. Show you value them and their business.

III. Convenience is Key

Make the customer experience as convenient and hassle-free as possible. Accommodate their schedule so they keep coming back.

  • Offer mobile on-site detailing so customers don’t have to drive to a shop. You go to them wherever their vehicle is parked.
  • Provide quick turnaround times and flexible scheduling, including evenings and weekends.
  • Accept various payment methods like cash, credit cards, and mobile wallets to make paying more convenient.


So there you have it, a blueprint for starting your own mobile auto detailing business in 2023. 

While it will take work and dedication, the rewards can be worth it. The key has everything you need to thoroughly clean, shine, and protect customers’ vehicles to keep them coming back.

You’ll have a loyal customer base that keeps your business thriving by providing impeccable service, building personal connections, and making the overall experience as convenient as possible. 

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