How To Start A Loaded Tea Business [2023] (Tea Shop)

It’s no secret that tea is becoming increasingly popular, and with the rise of social media, tea shops have become even more popular. 

But if you’re interested in starting your own loaded tea business, it can be daunting. Knowing how to set up a successful loaded tea business may seem intimidating, but with the right guidance and knowledge, you can make it happen. 

And the great news is that with today’s technology and modern take on marketing, it’s never been easier to get your business off the ground.

In this article, I’ll share my advice on how to start a loaded tea business in 2023, from coming up with a concept for your store to getting the marketing just right. 

I’ll walk you through every step so you can open the doors of your loaded tea shop in no time.

How To Start A Loaded Tea Shop

Tea merchants have been around hot or cold, with or without cream and sugar, for centuries and will likely remain popular for many years. 

Starting a tea shop can be an exciting new venture, and the right business plan can help you succeed. 

Remember that this will require much prep work and planning, but your hard work will pay off if you do it right.

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Here are a few steps to start a loaded tea business:

  1. Research

Before you begin, research the types of popular teas in your area and decide what tea you want to offer. Look into your competition and determine what makes theirs special and how you can stand out.

  1. Get a Business Plan

Develop a comprehensive business plan to cover all aspects of your business, including marketing strategy, operational structure, and capital requirements. This will help ensure that all efforts are effectively coordinated while also helping you secure funding if needed.

  1. Get Licenses & Permits

Ensure you understand all the licensing requirements for selling tea in your location, including any associated taxes or fees.

Your local government will likely require specific permits to open a loaded tea shop. Make sure you research exactly what paperwork needs to be done to avoid missing any steps.

  1. Find the Right Products & Services

A successful loaded tea shop offers a variety of teas from different regions and assorted flavors such as chai and bubble teas. 

Consider offering hot and cold drinks, specialty items such as loose-leaf tea, and related products like honey, fruit, spices, etc.

  1. Get a Good Location and Start Marketing 

Location is key when starting a loaded tea shop. Choose the right location with easy accessibility for customers and ample space for stocking goods. 

For marketing, plan to consider traditional advertising approaches like printed media and focus on digital methods such as email campaigns and social media presence to reach out to existing customers and attract new ones.

  1. Get the Equipment & Supplies

It’s time to get the necessary equipment and supplies for your business! Depending on the size of your store, think about whether or not you’ll need appliances like fridges and ovens. 

Also, consider what furniture and other decorations could help spruce up the shop. Don’t forget cleaning supplies either — make sure you get all the essentials like mops, buckets, and brushes!

  1. Hire a Staff

You will need employees to manage the shop, so start looking for people with industry experience or who know about different teas.

Once these steps are taken care of, it’s time to get to business! Start marketing your new tea shop and enjoy the great life of owning a business!

Once everything is set up and ready for customers, it’s time for the grand opening!

How to Find the Right Location for Your Tea Shop

Choosing a location is an important decision when starting your tea business. Whether it’s a storefront or an online business, the right location can significantly contribute to the success of your business.

When looking for the ideal spot, you should make sure it meets certain criteria:

  • High visibility: 

Ensure the spot is in a place with lots of foot traffic — like a mall or a high street. If you’re opening an online tea shop, make sure it’s easy to find on Google search engine results pages (SERPs).

  • Easy accessibility:

If you’re opening a physical store, look for areas within walking distance of popular spots — this will attract more customers and help boost your sales. The same goes if you’re setting up an online store — make sure it’s easy to navigate and locate in customer searches.

  • Access to amenities:

Check whether there are facilities near the spot where you plan on setting up — restaurants, parking spaces, etc., that can make life easier for customers visiting your tea shop.

  • Low rent prices: 

Selecting an affordable spot is essential because this will determine how much profit you can make from your sales. When selecting commercial property, rates, and rental costs can vary greatly depending on region and supply-demand ratios, so do your research so that you don’t end up paying too much!

Once you have identified an ideal spot, make sure it meets legal requirements like zoning regulations and licensing rules before signing any lease contracts or making any purchases related to setting up said spot for your tea shop!

How to Get the Right Supplies & Ingredients for Your Tea

Once your space is sorted out, it’s time to get the right supplies and ingredients for your tea business. 

This is no trivial matter since the quality of the ingredients you use will significantly affect the taste of your tea.

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First and foremost, you’ll need to choose a range of teas you want to offer. Popular options include green tea, oolong tea, black tea, white tea, and herbal tea. 

You’ll also need to decide whether or not you want to buy loose-leaf teas or pre-packaged teabags.

Loaded Tea Essentials

Once you’ve settled on the type of tea you want to offer, then all the other loaded tea essentials go along with it—milk & dairy alternatives like oat milk or almond milk.

Also, sweeteners like honey or sugar; flavored syrups like coffee flavor syrup; spices & herbs like lavender and cardamom; fresh fruit & vegetables such as mangoes or oranges; flavored jellies such as lychee or peach jelly; and toppings such as nuts & seeds or candy. 

Make sure to buy plenty of these extras so your customers can customize their drinks according to their preferences!

How to Find the Right Employees

Starting a loaded tea business comes with a lot of responsibility—especially regarding staffing. You’ll need to hire employees who are passionate about tea and excited to learn the ins and outs of the business.

Understand Your Business Goals

It’s important to know what you want out of your business, so you can find employees who can help you reach those goals. 

Talk with potential employees about your mission statement, core values, and whether they’re willing to be part of the team to help you reach your objectives.

Get Organized

Organizing your hiring process is essential — especially when finding the right people for the job. Most businesses start with job postings online, sorting through resumes, and conducting interviews. 

From there, consider having a few interviews (with hiring managers and team members) before deciding who best fits the role.

Train & Develop Them

Once you’ve found your new employees, training is key! Ensure everyone’s on the same page with the operations and customer service standards, then equip them with everything they need to succeed — from product knowledge to understanding customer needs. 

And don’t forget about developing them professionally: take time out once a year for refresher classes that cover topics like customer service, conflict resolution, and sales.

Ultimately, finding quality candidates for your loaded tea business will require patience and dedication — but the payoff will be worth it!

Popular Menu Ideas for Your Tea Shop

If you want to make your tea shop stand out, it’s essential to have creative and popular menu options. 

Having something to offer for customers of various ages and tastes is key. Some of the most popular menu items include:

Bubble teas

Bubble teas are one of the latest trends in the hot beverage market, so offering these at your shop will surely draw in a crowd. 

You can even create unique flavors like blueberry or kiwi that no other tea shop has in their selection.

Tea-based smoothies

Tea-based smoothies are a great way to provide customers with a delicious and refreshing drink. 

You can mix different types of fruits with various teas such as white, green, or black tea for a fantastic taste experience.

Herbal blends

Herbal blends are also popular with customers due to their health benefits. Popular herbal blends include chamomile and ginger. 

These two flavors boost immunity and improve digestion while providing a soothing taste experience. 

You can also offer herbal blends with more unusual ingredients, such as lavender, rose petals, and lemongrass – these will stand out on the menu!

Specialty drinks

Specialty drinks like spiced chai lattes or honey green teas will surely be easy crowd-pleasers. 

This offering is also quite popular amongst younger generations looking for something unique yet delicious. 

Experimenting with combinations will help you find that special recipe that customers can’t resist!


Starting a loaded tea business involves many technical and logistical hurdles, but the rewards are worth it. 

The key to success is to plan, be passionate, and identify the unique value that your loaded tea business can offer. 

With the right approach, you can build a profitable and successful loaded tea business that will turn heads.

Following the steps outlined in this guide and with patience and perseverance, you can establish your own loaded tea business in 2023. 

Whether you’re looking for a full-time business venture, a side hustle, or simply want to explore a new industry, starting a loaded tea business is a great way to learn, have fun, and make money. Are you ready to start your own loaded tea business?

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