Top 30 Fruits that Start with R

Fruits are a great source of nutrients and are a convenient addition to any diet. Unfortunately, over 2,000 types of fruit are available, and picking the right one can be challenging.

Each fruit has its unique set of nutrients that the whole family can enjoy. Here are the top 30 fruits that start with R.

Top 30 Fruits that Start with R

In this article, we’ll take a quick look at the top 30 fruits that start with R. These are the top 30 fruits that start with R;

1. Red Banana

Unlike other bananas, this type has a deep red color that differs from the rest. This characteristic makes these trees very popular.

2. Red Bayberry

Since ancient times, due to its excellent flavor, China has cultivated red bayberry, also known as yumberry.

3. Red Bush Apple

The red bush apple is native to Australia’s Northern region and is commonly eaten to relieve cough and sore throats.

4. Raisin

In French, the term “raisins” refers to dry or “grapes” or “ground grapes.” This fruit is produced from the seedless grapes of California’s largest organic farm.

5. Red Mulberry

The red-colored fruit of the mulberry tree is similar to the white one. It’s commonly eaten as a snack or a component of making cakes, bread, and drinks.

6. Red Mombin

In the US, the red mombin is a typical small fruit that can grow singly or in groups. This fruit has a similar appearance to a plum.

7. Red Huckleberry

Red huckleberry is a bush that’s about four meters tall. It has pale green branches and oval leaves.

8. Red Grape

Red grapes are a popular and healthy fruit worldwide and can be grown in warm climates.

9. Red Apple

The red-colored apple is a well-known and commercially successful variety in the US. Its vibrant red color and sweet taste make it a popular choice for everyone.

10. Redcurrant

The redcurrant is native to Northern Asia and Europe, and it’s also widely used all around the world.

11. Riberry

This red-colored fruit is similar to a pear. It has a tiny seed inside each fruit. Some varieties are bred to produce seedless fruit.

12. Rhobs El Arsa

The Rhobselarsa is often harvested in February or March each year. Its skin is usually smooth.

13. Rata

The Rata fruit is native to Asia, and it usually has seeds inside it.

14. Raspuri Mango

Mangoes are also known to be fully ripe when they’re harvested at the right time. They have a great flavor and a lot of juice.

15. Raspberry

Different types of raspberries have varying colors, such as yellow, red, and black raspberries. Red raspberries are the most popular.

16. Rangpur Lime

A type of lime known as the rajpur lime is a cross between a mandarin and a lemon. It is a bright orange color and can easily be split and peeled.

17. Ramontchi

The Ramontchi is a flowering plant native to various regions in Asia and Africa. It can be yellow, purple, or red.

18. Rambutan

The rambutan is a tropical fruit that’s native to Southeast Asia. It has a sweet and sour taste and is filled with nutrients and fiber.

19. Rambai

Unripe rambai has a sour taste, while its ripe counterparts have a sweet and savoryflavor.

20. Rajka Apple

Rajka apple is considered to be a modern apple variety that’s capable of fighting off diseases.

21. Rumdul

The rumdul tree is native to Cambodia and has clusters of fruit that turn red when ripe. You can find them in various markets throughout the country.

22. Rough Lemon

Like other lemons, you can use them in various ways. It can be used as a base for multiple recipes, such as making iced tea.

23. Rosigold Mango

The Rosigold mango is an oval fruit that has a sweet taste. Its fruit is completely fiber-free.

24. Rose Hip

In Chile, you can find small red fruits known to have vibrant red-colored pulps.

25. Roselle

Roselle has a distinct sour taste and natural red color.

26. Rose Apple

Some rose apples have a strong sweet taste, while others have a slightly acidic or bitter taste.

27. Rollinia

Rollinia is round, has a rough surface, and has spines that turn black as the fruit ripens.

28. Rockmelon

The pulp inside is usually orange-colored, producing a large amount of juice once cut.

29. Rocha Pear

The Rocha pear is an elongated fruit that’s similar to a small pear or a medium-sized one.

30. Rubus Parviflorus

This fruit is native to Southern China, Japan, Korea, and Vietnam.


Fruits are incredibly healthy and an excellent addition to our diet.

We had so much fun compiling the top 30 fruits that start with R. We hope you enjoy reading it too.

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