Can you use Wet-and-Forget on metal roofs?

We know you want clean, pristine metal roofs – but who has the time and energy to scrub them down? The answer: no one! That’s why Wet-and-Forget is here to help. 

Wet-and-Forget is a revolutionary product that can make cleaning any surface a breeze. But does it work on metal roofs?

Wet-and-Forget might be compatible with your metal roof – metal is a unique surface. 

Today, we’ll answer the question: Can you use Wet-and-Forget on metal roofs? We’ll also look at other ways to keep your metal roof looking its best. 

Keep reading to find out more – it’s easier than you think!

What Is Wet-and-Forget?

Metal roofs can be notoriously tricky to clean, and finding the right product to do the job can be intimidating, especially because metal is prone to corrosion.

But Wet-and-Forget is the best metal roof cleaner, as it quickly and safely removes moss, mildew, lichens, algae, and other organic growth from any metal surface.

The secret lies in the unique formula of Wet-and-Forget, which is pH balanced to ensure that your roof stays looking like new for longer. 

It’s also biodegradable, so there’s no need to worry about damage to plants or soil when it’s used on metal roofs.

Plus, Wet-and-Forget is incredibly easy to use; all you have to do is spray it on the affected area and let it sit—no scrubbing required! 

Just spray and leave, and let the product do its work. After a few weeks, you will notice a difference as organic growth slowly fades away—without any damage or risk of corrosion.

Is It Safe for Metal Roofs?

When it comes to metal roofs, you want to ensure that any product you use is safe and won’t damage the surface. So, can you use Wet-and-Forget on metal roofs?

The answer is yes, but with caution. Wet-and-Forget is a safe, non-caustic, and non-acidic cleaner that it won’t corrode your metal roof and is arguably one of the best metal roof cleaners. 

Before applying it to your roof, you must ensure that the metal it’s made out won’t react negatively with the product.

Wet-and-Forget can be used on all metal roofs, including aluminum and steel. However, if your roof is made of copper or zinc alloy, you should never use any acidic cleaner. Instead, go with a cleaner specifically designed for copper or zinc metals.

Bottom line: before using Wet-and-Forget (or any cleaner) on metal roofs, ensure the product won’t damage those specific materials!

What to Look for in a Metal Roof Cleaner

If you’re looking for the best metal cleaners, you want one specifically designed for that surface. 

Wet-and-Forget is perfect for this—it’s formulated with pro-bacteria and citrus extracts, so it’s tough enough to tackle the dirt and grime but gentle enough to be used on metal roofs without damaging them.

Here’s what else you should consider when looking for a suitable cleaner:

  1. Does it contain bleach? Bleach is known to damage metal roofs since it increases corrosion. Wet-and-Forget doesn’t contain any bleach, so that’s one thing you don’t need to worry about.
  2. Is it safe for plants? Some cleaners can have harsh chemicals which can damage the plants in your garden, so look for a cleaner that won’t harm them like Wet-and-Forget will not.
  3. Will it kill moss and other intrusive plants? Wet-and-Forget kills moss and other intrusive plants and prevents new growth from taking root, making sure your metal roof stays clean longer.
  4. Does it require any special equipment? You don’t need anything special to use Wet-and-Forget; just mix the product with water in a garden sprayer or tank sprayer and apply it to your roof surface — easy!

How to Safely and Effectively Use Wet-and-Forget

So now you’re wondering how to use Wet-and-Forget on metal roofs safely and effectively. The process is simple, but there are a few things that you need to keep in mind.


First, you’ll need to ensure your roof is dry and debris-free before applying the product. If moss, lichen, or algae are present, you may need to brush it off first with a broom or scraper.


Once your roof is ready, mix the Wet-and-Forget solution with water in an applicator tank and apply it at the recommended coverage rate of 1 gallon per 200 sq ft (related products have different coverage rates, so check the label). 

You can spray it onto the roof with a garden pump sprayer or roller it on using a soft microfiber roller.

Following Up

Now comes the best part—you don’t have to do anything else! Since Wet-and-Forget isn’t meant to be rinsed off, just leave it alone for at least 8 hours for the protective layer of biostatic shield to form over your metal roof. Then sit back and let nature do its work!

What Other Surfaces Can Be Safely Cleaned With Wet-and-Forget?

It’s not just metal roofs that can be safely cleaned with Wet-and-Forget. It can be used on other hard surfaces, such as concrete, brick, stucco, vinyl siding, tile, composite decks, etc. 

That means you can use it to clean your patio furniture, gutters, walkways, and driveways.

Wet-and-Forget is also safe to use on painted surfaces. You don’t have to worry about discoloring or damaging the paint since it’s non-caustic and contains no bleach or acids. 

Plus, Wet-and-Forget is incredibly easy to use because there’s no scrubbing required—simply mix the solution with water and hose off the surface with a garden sprayer nozzle.

So when you’re looking for an effective way to clean your metal roof or other hard surfaces without all that tedious scrubbing, 

Wet-and-Forget is an excellent choice for the job. It will help keep those surfaces looking like new for years to come!


While using Wet-and-Forget on metal roofs is possible, it’s important to remember that it’s not the most effective option. 

Metal roofs are exposed to much more potential damage from the elements and need more specialized care than other roofing materials, so it’s best to consult a professional before proceeding with Wet-and-Forget on metallic roofing.

Wet-and-Forget can be an excellent tool for routine maintenance, but when it comes to metal roofs, it can only help to a certain point. 

A professional cleaner should be consulted to ensure that the metal roof is adequately protected from damage and that the cleaning process is done correctly and safely

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