Best Shoes for Roofing Work and Metal Roof 2024

Have you ever felt your feet burning after a long day of roofing work? Or worse, slipping and sliding on a metal roof as you try to stay steady? Well, these dangers can be avoided with the right pair of footwear.

Whether you’re looking for shoes with superior grip and traction or something that offers maximum comfort and ankle support, there’s sure to be a perfect option out there just for you. 

That’s why we’ve compiled a guide to the best shoes for roofing work in 2024. This article will explore the key features for selecting the right shoe for metal roofs and other sloped surfaces. 

We also highlight some top brands that offer quality safety features for maximum security on the job. Let’s dive in!

Best Shoes for Roofing Work and Metal Roof 2024

Finding the right pair of shoes is essential for roofers and contractors working with metal roofs. The best shoes for metal roofing are usually heavy-duty rubber boots. 

These rubber boots for metal roofs provide maximum protection from the elements and superior traction on slick surfaces.

The rubber outsoles of these boots are designed with a tread pattern engineered to maximize grip and prevent slips and falls. 

Many of these boots have steel toes for added protection against sharp objects and falling debris. 

Additionally, the boots can be paired with foam insoles to provide additional cushioning, making them ideal for long days on the job.

The waterproof material in these rubber boots helps keep feet dry in wet conditions. 

It prevents them from becoming soaked or waterlogged—a must-have when working outside in inclement weather or extreme temperatures. Best of all, they’re often affordable options that won’t break the bank.

Top Roofing Shoes for Metal Work 

Here are some of the best shoes of roofing work and metal roof: 

  1. Ever Boots 

Working on roofs or construction sites is no easy feat, but with the Ever Boots “Ultra Dry” Work Boots, it can be made easier. 

One of its key features is its waterproof leather material, perfect for working on wet surfaces without the distraction of wet socks and feet. Its insulated lining also ensures your feet stay warm in freezing temperatures.

Even in hot weather, the mesh liner eliminates sweat and moisture, allowing your feet to breathe. 

The rubber outsole is softer than most but still provides excellent traction on wet or dry terrain, making the boots lightweight and flexible. The thick outsole also helps alleviate pressure when climbing or descending ladders.

These boots are also designed for comfort, with a polyurethane midsole that prevents tired feet even after prolonged use. 

The boots also have a shock-absorbing feature, providing comfort to your heels and foot arches.

The Ever Boots “Ultra Dry” Work Boots are made of premium top-quality leather that is soft and comfortable, requiring no break-in period. 

The removable insole and customizable fit provide added comfort and support. The tread design of the rubber sole is resistant to oil, slip, and abrasion, ensuring your safety while working on various terrains.

These boots are highly recommended for anyone working on roofs or construction sites.

  1. TICCOON Steel Toe Work Shoes

Safety and comfort should be top priorities for roofing work, and the TICCOON Steel Toe Work Shoes deliver on both. 

Unlike traditional heavy-duty work boots, these shoes are made with lightweight fabric, making them easy to walk in and reducing fatigue.

The rubber soles provide a stable grip on slippery roofs, and the steel toe feature protects toes from falling objects and debris. 

However, it can be tight around the toe area, which could be due to the steel body. Overall, the TICCOON Steel Toe Work Shoes are an excellent option for those looking for a lightweight and stylish alternative to traditional roofing work boots without sacrificing safety and comfort.

  1. Merrell Moab 2 Vent shoes

Finding the right pair of shoes is essential for comfort and safety regarding roofing and metalwork. 

Initially designed for hiking, the Merrell Moab 2 Vent shoes can also make excellent metal roof shoes. 

These shoes are made with a Vibram outsole, which provides excellent traction and slip resistance, making them perfect for steep and slippery terrains.

The shoe’s upper part is made of leather and mesh, making them breathable and allowing for proper air circulation. 

This helps to keep feet fresh and dry in hot climates. An extra rubber toe cap is also included for added protection and comfort.

The shoes also feature targeted heel cushioning that reduces stress on the foot with every step. 

The sculpted insole provides arch support, holding the foot in place for added comfort. These shoes are comfortable straight out of the box, earning them the nickname “Mother of All Boots.”

The Vibram sole provides superior slip resistance and robust grip, making them perfect for long tasks on the roof. 

Merrell also practices sustainability in producing these shoes, recycling materials, conserving water, and reducing waste. This feature may be a bonus for those who value environmental sustainability.

  1. Whitin work shoes

Safety, durability, and comfort are crucial when finding the best shoes for roofing and metal roof jobs. 

One excellent option is the Whitin work shoes that offer all these features plus the added protection of electrical hazard protection.

These shoes come with puncture-resistant insoles that prevent sharp objects from penetrating the foot, while the steel toe guard provides further protection against sudden impacts and compression. 

The shoes’ rubber outsole also ensures strong traction on the metal roof, making it safe to navigate steep angles and avoid slips.

Despite the emphasis on safety, comfort is not sacrificed. The padded mesh collar adds to the snug fit, while the low-cut design ensures easy ankle mobility. 

The reflective stripes on the upper are also a great safety feature, particularly for working at night.

The shoes’ durable yet comfortable construction makes them an excellent choice for anyone needing slip-resistant work shoes with steel toes. 

The padded mesh collar is a bonus that ensures all-day comfort. Plus, the sleek and stylish look of the shoes makes them suitable for wearing off work.

Overall, the Whitin work shoes are an excellent investment for anyone seeking a comfortable and safe pair of shoes for roofing and metal roof jobs.

  1. Reebok Work ZPrint Shoes

The Reebok Work ZPrint Shoes are an excellent option for those who want to maintain a street-style look while ensuring safety and comfort.

These shoes have a lightweight, seamless textile upper that offers optimal support and comfort for your feet. 

The low-cut design allows for easy ankle mobility and smoother stride transitions. The footbed features MemoryTech Massage technology to provide cushioning, and the midsole is made of 3D foam with deep flex grooves for extra cushioning.

The outer sole has strategically sized nodes in the tread design for slip resistance and a tight grip on roofing. 

Made with rubber soles, they are lightweight, flexible, and abrasion-resistant, making them perfect for steep metal rooftops.

The shoes are also breathable, thanks to the moisture-wicking nylon mesh lining. They provide excellent balance, stability, and flexibility, crucial for walking on metal roofs. The steel toe feature meets safety standards while feeling less noticeable and less like steel than other brands.

Overall, the Reebok Work ZPrint Shoes are an excellent choice for anyone in the market for new roofing shoes. 

They combine the best qualities of athletic shoes with the safety features needed for roofing work, all while maintaining a sleek and stylish look.

Elements to Look for in Roofing Shoes

The right pair of shoes can make all the difference in roofing work and metal roofing. After all, they’re your first line of defense against slips, falls, and other injuries. 

They also give you the traction you need while working on sloped surfaces and roofing materials.

Good shoes should be essential to your safety equipment when doing roofing work. 

After all, your shoes are the only thing between you and the work. So, how do you pick the right pair to keep you safe?

Here are some key elements to look for when shopping for roofing shoes:

Non-slip soles

For starters, make sure your shoes have non-slip soles. This is important because a slippery sole can quickly lead to a fall from heights, so you must have a good grip on any terrain. 

Many roofing shoes have unique non-slip treads to give you extra grip on wet or icy surfaces.

Steel toes and shanks

Since accidents can still happen despite taking all the necessary precautions, having steel toe caps can save your toes from injury if something heavy lands on them. 

Similarly, steel shanks provide extra strength to the shoe’s sole, adding stability so that it won’t break during extended periods of wear and tear.

Waterproof material

Whether you’re working on metal or asphalt roofs, waterproof materials are essential — especially if there’s rain in the forecast. 

Many roofing boots have advanced waterproof treatments applied to the outer material to protect your feet from wet conditions.

With these elements in mind, picking out a good pair of roofing shoes shouldn’t be a problem!

Ankle Support

The ankles can be one of the weakest parts of your body, so having good ankle support is essential when doing roofing work. A shoe with ankle support can help prevent injuries like sprains while being active on a sloped or flat surface.


A good roofing work shoe should also have good durability and water resistance. The shoe’s upper part should be made of leather or other water-resistant materials that won’t easily damaged by sharp objects or chemicals on a construction site. 


Finally, ensure the shoe is breathable and lightweight so you can move freely without feeling too weighed down by your footwear.

Types of Metal Roofs and Corresponding Protective Shoes

Metal roofs protect your home from severe weather, but what shoes should you wear when working with them? 

It can be tricky to figure out, but the type of metal roof you choose will play a role in determining the best type of protective shoe.

Let’s take a look at some popular types of metal roofing and which type of shoes should go with each one:

Standing Seam Metal Roofs

These roofs typically come pre-painted for protection against rust and corrosion, so lightweight canvas sneakers or other breathable shoes are a great choice.

Corrugated Metal Panels

These roofs require more traction and stability, so steel-toe boots or hiking boome with treads would be ideal.

Aluminum Shingles

Since aluminum shingles are lightweight, flexible shoes such as slip-on sandals or leather clogs can provide comfort.

No matter what type of metal roof you opt for, make sure your work shoes provide the level of protection needed for safety. Steel-toe boots are always recommended for working on any kind of roofing job.


When choosing the best shoes for roofing work and metal roofing in 2024, it pays to look for features that give your feet proper support, protect them from slipping and water, and are lightweight and breathable. 

The shoes should also provide enough cushioning and arch support for comfort and stability.

By selecting the right shoes for the job, you can ensure safety and comfort when carrying out your work as they protect your feet from the various elements encountered on the job.

With the proper protection, a good pair of shoes can help you maintain productivity while providing lasting comfort and protection.

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