10 Roof Top Tents for your Subaru Crosstrek in 2024

Are you a Subaru Crosstrek owner looking for the ultimate camping device? If so, then look no further! Roof-top tents have become increasingly popular in recent years and are now a staple of the camping scene. 

With their compact size and ease of setup, these tents can make a great addition to any outdoorsy arsenal.

We’ve compiled a list of the 10 best rooftop tents for your Subaru Crosstrek in 2024. We considered their price, weight, capacity, and features. 

Each of these tents has its own unique features, so it’s essential to take the time to figure out which one is right for you. 

Some are designed for easy setup or have extra ventilation or waterproofing options. 

Others have larger sleeping areas and extra headroom, or they might be more lightweight and compact.

Whether you’re an avid camper or just starting out, this list covers you. From low-cost options to luxury picks with all the bells and whistles, we’ve got something for everyone!

So buckle up if you’re ready to take your camping game up a notch (or two)! We’ve done the research, so you don’t have to — it’s time to explore!

10 Roof Top Tents for your Subaru Crosstrek in 2024

Roof-top tents mount right on the roof of your vehicle, allowing you to camp comfortably in the backcountry without worrying about setting up and taking down tents. 

Plenty of great options exist, so let’s look at 10 of the top rooftop tents for your Subaru Crosstrek in 2024.

These tents come with various features, including waterproof floors and breathable fabrics. Some even include built-in mattresses and comfy liners that make sleeping comfortable. 

The aerodynamic designs ensure you don’t experience too much drag while driving, while the reinforcements ensure that your tent can handle any weather conditions. 

Additionally, many of these tents offer easy setup and teardown, making it easy to get in and out of camp quickly.

Here are the best Roof Top Tents for your Subaru Crosstrek in 2024

  1. iKamper Skycamp Mini 

The iKamper Skycamp Mini is a tent perfect for smaller vehicles like the Subaru Crosstrek. 

The tent is designed to sleep two people and is a three-season tent. Despite being lightweight at 125 lbs., it has a 900-lb. weight limit. It comes with polyester rainfly mosquito netting and two interior pockets. 

The iKamper Skycamp Mini has three interior windows, allowing you to look out of both sides and the roof. It takes only one minute to set up, making it easy to use.

  1. Roofnest Sparrow

When it comes to the best rooftop tents for your Subaru Crosstrek, one particular model stands out – the Roofnest Sparrow. 

They offer excellent value for money, great quality, and performance. So if you’re looking for a reliable and efficient rooftop tent for your Subaru Crosstrek, the Roofnest Sparrow may be a perfect choice.

  1. CVT Mt. St Helens

The CVT St. Helens is an excellent pick for couples exploring the outdoors due to its aerodynamic build and lightweight and roomy interior. 

You also have the flexibility to choose between gas or electric struts, making camping more convenient.

  1. Tepui HyBox

The Tepui HyBox is a unique hybrid rooftop tent that doubles as a cargo box when unused. Tepui is a well-known brand for its soft shell rooftop tents, and the HyBox is their complex shell version. 

This pop-up tent has a zipper system that quickly switches from storage to sleeping space. The aerodynamic design ensures a quiet and fuel-efficient ride. 

It has a thick foam mattress with a removable cotton cover for easy cleaning. All four openings have mesh to keep bugs out, and the canopy has a waterproof rating of 3,000 mm. 

What sets the HyBox apart is its dual functionality, serving as a tent and storage space when not in use for sleeping.

  1. James Baroud Evasion

If you’re searching for a hard shell rooftop tent with exceptional quality and performance, then the James Baroud Evasion might be an excellent option for your Subaru.

Known for their meticulous attention to detail, James Baroud tents have a solar-powered ventilation system, ensuring a comfortable camping experience. 

The Evasion model is well-suited for your Subaru Crosstrek and provides ample space to sleep and relax.

  1. Yakima SkyRise HD 2 

The Yakima SkyRise HD 2 is a rugged and spacious two-person tent that offers year-round protection from the elements. 

Its ripstop polyester fabric, 3,000 mm waterproof coating, and ripstop polyester rainfly provide four-season durability. 

The tent features large windows and doors that allow for ample ventilation, and its guy lines and D-rings make it easy to secure your gear. 

The wall-to-wall sleeping pad provides a comfortable sleeping space that’s easy to clean. 

The tent can accommodate two people and their gear. Despite its sturdy construction, the Yakima SkyRise HD 2 is relatively lightweight at 102 lbs. It has a peak height of 42”.

  1. Smittybilt Overlander

If you’re looking for a rooftop tent for your Subaru Crosstrek, the Smittybilt Overlander is an excellent option. 

This two-to-three-person tent features a 92″ x 55″ foam mattress. It is easy to set up with a 600D heavy-duty waterproof top and rainfly, side windows with mosquito netting, tent frame poles, a telescopic ladder, and LED light strips. 

Despite being budget-friendly, the Smittybilt Overlander doesn’t compromise on quality. It can hold a maximum weight of 661 lbs. and has a PVC cover to minimize moisture and UV damage when not in use. 

This 117-lb. tent has a dimension of 95” x 56” x 51”, with side windows and a sunroof for optimal ventilation. 

The tent comes with mosquito netting and a waterproof rain fly. The Smittybilt Overlander is an excellent choice if you want a high-quality rooftop tent at an affordable price.

  1. Front Runner Roof Top Tent

If you want a fold-out rooftop tent that offers ample space, is lightweight, and has a low profile, the Front Runner Roof Top Tent is a perfect option. 

Despite its low price, it provides excellent value with its durable construction and easy setup. 

The tent’s design is intended to save space and offer a comfortable sleeping experience for campers who prefer the convenience of a rooftop tent. 

It is an excellent choice for a cost-effective yet high-quality camping solution.

  1. Tepui Explorer

The Tepui Explorer is a robust three-person tent made of a sturdy 260-gram polyester/cotton blend with ripstop fabric and a water-resistant coating. 

With a peak height of 52″ and 96″ x 56″ floor dimensions, this tent offers 37.33 cubic feet of floor space. 

It also has four large pockets for storing your accessories and gear, and mesh panels provide ample ventilation. 

The Tepui Explorer is a four-season tent that can endure any weather conditions and is considered one of the best roof tent options available. 

The 600D ripstop material protects against the harshest elements, while the mesh panels offer plenty of ventilation. 

Plus, the four internal pockets are perfect for storing extra gear. This tent is an ideal choice for smaller SUVs and vehicles.

  1.  Raptor Series OFFGRID Voyager

The Raptor Series OFFGRID Voyager is an affordable option for those looking to go rooftop tent camping. This tent has received excellent reviews from satisfied customers. 

One of the standout features of this tent is its unique design, which makes it quick and easy to set up. 

If you’re on a budget but still want a quality rooftop tent, the Raptor Series OFFGRID Voyager is worth considering.

How to Find the Best Roof Top Tent for Subaru Crosstrek

With so many tent options, it can take time to know which is best. Here’s what you need to know to find the best rooftop tent for Subaru Crosstrek: 

  • Safety: These tents are constructed from robust materials and feature plenty of features to ensure you stay safe when camping. Many also come with additional tie-downs and ladder steps for easy access.
  • Weather Protection: Look for tents with sealed rain flys, UV-resistant coatings, and waterproof properties so that your rooftop tent can withstand all weather conditions.
  • Ventilation: Roof-top tents should also have ample ventilation so that condensation doesn’t build up while you’re nestled inside. Mesh screens are often found on the windows and entryways to ensure maximum airflow throughout the tent.
  • Comfort & Convenience: Finally, choose a tent that offers comfort and convenience as well! Look for options with integrated storage pockets, hammock loops, quick setup systems, and roomy interiors — all of which will make your outdoor adventures even more enjoyable.

By considering these factors when shopping around for a rooftop tent, you’ll be able to find the perfect one for your Subaru Crosstrek in 2024 — so let’s look at our list!

Factors to Consider Before Investing in a Roof Top Tent

Before investing in a rooftop tent, you should consider a few factors. 

Weight Capacity

While some tents are lightweight and can be easily installed on most vehicles, some models may be too heavy for your vehicle. 

Be sure to check out what type of crossbars and the weight capacity is required for installation before purchasing a tent.

Size Limits

Subaru Crosstreks tend to have smaller roof racks than many other cars, which can limit the size of the tent you can install. 

To ensure your tent will fit with your vehicle, measure the available space and compare it to the size of the model you’re considering before purchasing.

Sleeping Space & Storage

Think about how much space you’ll need for sleeping and storage when choosing a tent model. 

Make sure there is enough room for everyone to sleep comfortably and somewhere to store your gear. 

Look at what amenities are included in each model, such as zippered doors or windows with mesh screens for ventilation.


With a Subaru Crosstrek, you’re making an excellent choice for an adventure-ready vehicle, and the perfect way to equip it is with one of these top 10 rooftop tents. 

Whether you’re a camping connoisseur with a taste for luxury, or a budget-minded adventurer looking for a great deal, there’s a rooftop tent out there.

Investing in a rooftop tent allows you to explore the great outdoors in style and comfort, with the added security of sleeping off the ground. 

With a convenient setup and takedown, you’ll be ready to hit the trails quickly and begin your next adventure. 

So what are you waiting for? Get out there and find the perfect rooftop tent for your Crosstrek today!

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