InCorp: InCorp Registered Agent Services Review [2024]

If you’re starting a business, one of the first legal requirements is designating a registered agent.

 This person or company agrees to receive important legal documents on your behalf. All corporations and LLCs must have a registered agent.

Choosing the right registered agent service is key. You want a reputable company that’s responsive and easy to work with.

In this article, we’ll review InCorp registered agent services in an in-depth review of InCorp and its features & services offered.

What is a Registered Agent, and Why Do You Need One?

A registered agent, resident or statutory agent, is a person or company designated to receive legal correspondence. 

This includes summons, lawsuits, tax documents, and other important mails.

Registered agents provide an official business address and mailing point of contact. They then forward documents received to your company.

You won’t get these crucial legal notices on time without a registered agent. This can lead to missed deadlines, penalties, or even dissolution of your business charter.

Business entities (LLCs, corporations, nonprofits, etc.) must designate a registered agent when filing formation documents. Most also require that you maintain a registered agent at all times.

Some key registered agent responsibilities include:

  • Having an in-state office address for document delivery
  • Accepting legal service of process on your company’s behalf
  • Immediately forwarding legal documents received
  • Reminding you to stay compliant with state rules

While you can designate yourself initially, most businesses opt for a dedicated registered agent service. Let’s look at why:

Benefits of Using a Professional Registered Agent

Hiring a pro service offers important advantages:

  • Convenience: A dedicated company handles everything for you. No need to wait around for deliveries or forward mails.
  • Privacy: Using a service shields your residential address from public business records.
  • Expertise: They know all the rules and regulations to keep you compliant.
  • Reliability: A long-standing service with dedicated staff won’t miss your important documents.
  • Alerts: Many offer email and SMS alerts so you always know when documents arrive.

This brings us to InCorp. How do they stack up as one of the most well-known registered agent services?

InCorp Registered Agent Services: Review 

Founded in 1998, InCorp has become one of the leading providers of registered agent, incorporation, and business compliance services. They serve all 50 states.

Their registered agent services aim to make legal compliance easy and stress-free. InCorp emphasizes great customer service, convenience, and technology.

InCorp offers standard registered agent services along with business licenses and nonprofit formation. 

They have a team of licensed lawyers and professionals handling every aspect.

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Features & Services Offered by InCorp

InCorp provides complete registered agent services both as a standalone option or bundled with business formation:

Registered Agent Services

  • Receive/Scan/Email legal documents
  • US-based live Customer Experience team
  • Alerts for received mail
  • Document reminders for deadlines
  • Official business address usage
  • Tax reminders
  • Annual compliance management
  • Free delivery forwarding
  • Online account document access

Business Formation Services

  • Prepare & file formation documents
  • Name availability search
  • Operating agreement templates
  • Employer ID Number (EIN)
  • Expedited filing options
  • Certificate of Good Standing

Additional Services

  • Business license registration
  • 501(c)(3) nonprofit application
  • Compliance services in all 50 states
  • Business address and mail forwarding
  • Free business phone number
  • Business email addresses
  • Domain registration and web hosting

InCorp aims to provide complete business compliance support. Their registered agent services integrate with other useful tools under one account.

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InCorp Pricing & Packages

InCorp offers transparent flat-rate pricing with no contracts. Here are their current registered agent and business formation costs:

Registered Agent Services Only

  • Standard: $99/year
  • Deluxe: $189/year – adds delivery forwarding

Bundled With LLC Formation

  • Silver: $149/year – Registered Agent + LLC Filing
  • Gold: $324/year – Registered Agent, LLC Filing, Operating Agreement

Registered Agent + C-Corp/S-Corp Formation

  • Silver: $224/year
  • Gold: $399/year – adds bylaws and shares issuance

Nonprofit 501(c)(3) Formation

  • $399/year

They also offer customizable “build your own” bundles.

Compared to some providers, InCorp’s pricing is mid-range. It’s more affordable than LegalZoom but pricier than bargain options like Northwest Registered Agent.

Consider their reliability and integration of services, however. The value InCorp offers likely outweighs the slightly higher costs for many businesses.

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InCorp Customer Reviews & Reputation

What do customers have to say about InCorp’s registered agent services? Some highlights:

  • 4.3 out of 5-star average rating across 6,800+ Google reviews
  • Positive feedback from a great customer support team
  • Users say the registration process is quick and easy
  • Most mention timely alerts and document forwarding
  • Many switched to InCorp after bad experiences elsewhere
  • Complaints are mostly regarding billing errors or lack of responsiveness

Third-party review sites like TrustPilot give InCorp 4+ star excellent ratings in most states. The Better Business Bureau accredits them with an A+ rating.

The consensus is that InCorp provides reliable registered agent services with helpful customer service. 

Their years of experience show in smooth processes and compliance expertise.

Of course, no service is perfect. But InCorp’s reputation remains very positive overall.

Pros of Using InCorp Registered Agent Services

Based on their features and customer feedback, here are the main advantages of using InCorp as your registered agent:

1. Well-Established Company

In business since 1998, their longevity speaks to reliability. You can trust they’ll be around long-term.

2. Responsive Customer Service

Their US-based team gets rave reviews for friendly, helpful service. Issues tend to get resolved promptly.

3. Easy Ordering & Account Management

The website makes signup fast. Ongoing document alerts keep you compliant without hassle.

4. Alert Features

SMS and email alerts for all documents provide peace of mind. You’ll never miss an important notice.

5. Affordable Bundles

Bundling registered agent service with LLC or nonprofit formation simplifies the process for an affordable price.

6. Additional Business Services

InCorp also handles business licenses, compliance filings, web hosting, and more. One provider for all your needs.

7. Smooth Shipping & Scanning

Mail forwarding and scanned copies of documents in your account portal make the paperwork easy.

For business owners who want an established, attentive registered agent provider, InCorp hits the mark in these areas.

Potential Cons of InCorp

No service is perfect, however. Here are a few potential downsides to weigh:

1. Billing Issues

Some reviews cite inconsistent billing practices, incorrectly applied charges or subscription renewal problems.

2. Not The Most Budget-friendly

While not excessive, InCorp’s pricing is higher than ultra-low-cost competitors. The extra features and reliability balance this out for most.

3. Lacks Virtual Mailbox

Some rivals like Northwest RA include a virtual business address. InCorp only provides mail forwarding to your real address.

4. Not All States Available

Due to restrictions, they don’t provide registered agent services in a few states like Alaska and Wyoming.

5. Less Hand-Holding For New Businesses

InCorp won’t walk you through entity selection or other formation decisions in detail. Better for those who have some experience.

While InCorp gets rave reviews for responsiveness when issues occur, some customers report a “too big to care” feeling at times. But this criticism is minor overall.

Is InCorp the Right Registered Agent for You?

InCorp delivers reliable services, helpful support, and added business tools. Their years of experience provide peace of mind.

We’d recommend InCorp registered agents for:

  • Established businesses looking to switch from an ineffective current provider.
  • LLCs or nonprofits who want to bundle registered agent service with filing.
  • Companies focused on convenience – InCorp’s alerts and seamless digital access to documents helps.
  • Those looking for one-stop service – InCorp can assist with licenses, filings, email, domains, and beyond.
  • Any business that values great customer service. InCorp’s USA-based team provides hands-on help.

For brand new startups doing formation research, some alternatives provide more advising. We’d also suggest a simpler, low-cost provider if budget is your top concern.

But for most established businesses seeking a reliable registered agent, InCorp is a top choice.

How to Find the Right Registered Agent for Your Needs

Choosing the ideal registered agent takes research – your business needs may be unique. We recommend comparing 3-5 highly rated options closely.

Key factors to consider include:

  • Cost
  • Responsiveness
  • Years in business
  • Alert options
  • Convenience like mail forwarding
  • Customer service reviews
  • Any special services that could help like compliance filings

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While InCorp stands out for bundled service packages and great support, explore your options. 

Northwest Registered Agent, LegalZoom, and MyCorporation are other top picks to investigate, along with more local providers.

Don’t leave registered agent duties to chance. Partnering with a dedicated service ensures you meet requirements while focusing on running your business.

With a reputable provider, you can rest assured your business is protected and compliant. 

InCorp is an excellent choice – but review what works best for your unique needs.

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