Fireplace for Fall: 5 Ways to Decorate Your Fireplace for Fall

The ideal season is fall. From sweltering summer heatwaves to cool autumn winds, the climate changes.

A new season is signaled by the vibrant new colors of the leaves.

Everyone naturally wants to celebrate this wonderful time of year by making their interiors as beautiful as the exterior.

Although there isn’t enough space in one post to cover every sort of fireplace decoration available, we will discuss 5 methods to decorate your fireplace for fall today.

Fireplace Screens

If your fireplace burns wood, fireplace screens have a dual purpose.

They can protect you from flying embers and add a dash of flair to your fireplace’s décor.

A fireplace screen is only helpful for décor if your gas fireplace or wood fireplace isn’t blazing.

The good news is that there are many different designs of fireplace screens.

So if you want something more contemporary, this Uniflame Bowed Black Fireplace Screen is ideal.

If you prefer to stick with the typical trees and leaves theme associated with fall, you might also consider the Pilgrim large oak fireplace screen.


Firebacks are designed to reflect heat into your home while protecting the fireplace’s walls.

They work well when included in your fall decorations because of their many different design possibilities.

Autumn leaves cover the Pennsylvania field of leaves fireback, giving it a classic fall appearance.

It has an antique appearance and is built entirely of cast iron.

If you’re looking for a fireback with an outdoorsy feel, this Pennsylvanian model features a lake motif with ducks and the word “fall” printed in capital letters.


Mantles are a timeless decorative element that comes in various styles.

All options are full fireplace mantels, mantle shelves, and corner fireplace mantels.

Despite modest variations, they all have a flat surface that may accommodate a variety of ornamentation.

Making a garland out of strands of fake leaves and vines is one method to adorn a fireplace mantel.

It can be spread out on the mantle or woven in and out of picture frames.

Adding miniature pumpkins or different types of candles to the garland is another option.

Any of these arrangements will turn your fireplace into a lovely room focal point.

And Irons

For generations, andirons have supported and promoted airflow under logs in wood-burning fires.

Even though many people use them in gas fireplaces, they only have decorative purposes in those designs.

Because you may choose from various hues, including black, silver, and gold, and irons make excellent fireplace décor.

They complement any fall décor well.

A set like this Minutemen maple leaf and irons serves as the icing on the cake to tie together all of your décors.

You may try the Pilgrim Fonda andirons in black or antique brass if you prefer something more opulent.

This set is quite fashionable and will undoubtedly draw attention to the front and center of your fireplace.

Hearth Rugs

The last item we’ll talk about on our list of fall fireplace decorating ideas is hearth rugs.

Hearth rugs are similar to fireplace screens in that they serve a protective and adorning function.

They differ from the typical throw rug, which is combustible and should not be placed next to your fireplace.

Hearth rugs will match your mantel design and fireplace screen while shielding your flooring from flying embers and coals.

Try this Good of the Woods fireplace rug if you wish to stay with the “leaves” theme of autumn.

The earthy tones of olive and brown will go well with just about any other decoration around your home.

Try these Goods of the Woods beige rug with multicolored leaves if you’d like a rounder, more vibrant carpet.

Both of these rugs would be beautiful additions to your fall décor.

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