10 Best Metal Roof Colors to Reflect Heat in 2023

You’ve been dreading the coming summer for months and looking for a way to beat the heat. 

One of the best investments you can make is a metal roof. But before you commit to this pricey upgrade, you want to choose the right color.

Considering energy efficiency and aesthetics, what is the best metal roof color to reflect heat in 2023? 

We’re here to help you find out! In this article, we’ll look at how different colors affect your home’s energy efficiency and what colors are trending in 2023. 

We’ll also cover tips for selecting the perfect one for your home. So read on to learn about metal roof color options that help keep your home cool even during summer.

How Colors Impact the Energy Efficiency of a Metal Roof

If you want to increase energy efficiency in 2023, the color of your metal roof can make all the difference. 

Darker colors absorb more radiation than lighter colors, meaning the darker the roof is, the more heat it will retain in hot weather.

In contrast, light-colored roofs absorb less radiation and reflect some of it into the atmosphere—resulting in a cooler roof surface and lower energy costs.

The color of your metal roof also affects its thermal emittance—in other words, how well it releases heat after dark. 

Low thermal emittance levels are ideal for keeping your house cool during summer nights, and lighter colors have lower thermal emittance values than darker colors.

To stay energy-efficient, you should look for shades of white or pastel colors when selecting a metal roof. 

These colors not only reflect away up to 70% of the sun’s rays, but they also keep your home cooler during summertime nights and help reduce cooling costs. Plus, they look great too!

What Colors Are Best for Heat Reflectivity?

Now that you know the basics of heat reflectivity, let’s look at roof colors. After all, if you want to keep your home cool and your energy bills low in 2023, the color of your roof matters. 

The most crucial factor to consider is the reflection coefficient of the color. The higher the coefficient, the more heat will be reflected away from your home.

Here’s a quick guide to which colors have good heat reflectivity:

  • White and light colors: These are the best option for heat reflectivity — clinical trials have shown that white roofs can reflect up to 90% of sunlight! For even better results, go for lighter shades like beige or light gray.
  • Darker colors: These absorb more heat — a study shows that black roofs can absorb up to 90% of sunlight. Avoid dark blues, browns, and greens if you want a cooler home.

10 Best Metal Roof Colors to Reflect Heat in 2023

  1. Silver, 
  2. light gray
  3. Beige, 
  4. Burnished Slate 
  5. Polar white,
  6. Light brown 
  7. Sand,
  8. Khaki, 
  9. Light blue 
  10. Light green 

When finding the best metal roof color to reflect heat in 2023, one of the top contenders is burnished slate. This medium gray hue looks great on any architectural style, but it also has the benefit of being energy efficient and helping you save money on your energy bills.

If you can’t find this hue, the color that matches burnished slate with equal reflectivity are gray and light brown. 

If you want your burnished slate roof color to stand out and do its job in reflecting heat off your home, opt for a lighter version of the hue.

The Pros and Cons of Light Versus Dark Colors on a Metal Roof

When it comes to metal roofs, there’s a lot to think about regarding the roof color and how the roof will reflect the heat. 

On the one hand, a lighter color roof reflects more of the sun’s energy away from your house, meaning your home stays cooler. 

On the other hand, a darker color roof absorbs more of that heat energy and can actually make your house warmer.

So which is better?

Pros of Light-Colored Metal Roofs

Light-colored metal roofs have some clear advantages:

  1. Increased Energy Efficiency: A lighter color reflects more sun rays, meaning less heat is absorbed into your house and better energy efficiency overall.
  2. Lower Cooling Costs: Since light-colored roofs reflect more heat away from the house, you will have lower cooling costs in the summer.
  3. Longer Lifespan: By decreasing the overall temperature absorbed by the roof, you can increase its lifespan since there is less deterioration over time.

Cons of Light-Colored Metal Roofs

Light-colored metal roofs also have some cons to consider:

  1. More Maintenance: Light colors show dirt and debris easier than dark colors, so you may need to clean or scrub off residue or grime more frequently.
  2. Show Signs Of Wear Easier: Ridges and grooves in light colors are much more apparent than in dark colors, making them show signs of wear sooner than darker colors do.
  3. Susceptible To Reflective Heat Gain during Winter Months: During winter, when temperatures are cooler, light colors may be susceptible to reflective heat gain through windows.

Pros of Dark Colors

While darker colors absorb more of the sun’s energy, there are some benefits when it comes to metal roofs if you go for a dark color:

  1. They make your home look bigger in comparison to a light-colored roof.
  2. Darker colors absorb more of a home’s interior heat at night, so you don’t lose as much cool air through ventilation or leaks in the attic.
  3. Steel roofs with darker colors tend to last longer than lighter ones because they don’t fade as quickly due to UV exposure over time.


  1. Roofs with darker colors need more frequent maintenance than light-colored roofs.
  2. Darker color roof absorbs more heat energy and can make your house warmer, which is unsuitable for sunny places. 

The Right Choice for Your Climate

The right choice for your climate is key regarding the best metal roof color to reflect heat in 2023. 

If you live in a sunny climate like Arizona or Florida, you want lighter colors reflecting the sun and keeping your home cooler. 

On the other hand, darker materials are ideal if you live in a colder climate like Nebraska or Minnesota because they absorb heat from the sun and keep your home warmer.

Light colors such as white, silver, beige, and light gray are excellent choices for reflecting heat and keeping your home cooler in the summertime.

Darker colors like black, blue, and brown can absorb more sun rays and help maintain warmth in colder climates.

The good news is that various options for metal roof colors will help reduce heat transfer while complementing your home’s exterior aesthetic. 

Whether you choose lighter shades or darker hues, there will be a metal roof color out there that fits your needs and preferences.


Light colors are the way to go if you’re looking for the best metal roof color to reflect heat in 2023. 

The lighter and brighter the color, the more reflective it will be and the better at keeping your home cool. 

Keeping in mind the environment, be sure to select colors that are ENERGY STAR rated or equivalent when making your roofing decisions.

If you want to make your roofing decisions based on sustainability and cost, then metal roofing is a great choice. 

Metal roofs are incredibly durable and help reflect the sun’s heat, making your home cooler and more energy efficient. 

When choosing a color for your metal roof, be sure to choose one that is reflective and helps to keep your home cooler. 

Doing so can help you save money on your energy bills while also helping to protect the environment.

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