How to Flip Items on Amazon Website in 2023

If you’re looking for extra cash, you can flip items on Amazon Website and get paid.

Flipping items on Amazon is accessible to anyone. While it requires work and patience, many people have succeeded with this business model.

You can create something great if you go in with realistic expectations, do your product research, and provide great customer service. 

This article will walk you through everything you need to know to start flipping items on Amazon in 2023. 

Read on if you’re ready to make money in your spare time and learn a useful skill.

What is Amazon Flipping and How Does It Work?

Amazon flipping means selling a product on Amazon for a higher price than you paid. 

You can find products at different prices in different places and then sell them on Amazon for more money. To be successful, you need to choose the right products and find ones that are easy to sell.

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    There are two main types of Amazon flipping: online arbitrage and retail arbitrage. 

    Online arbitrage involves finding products on websites and buying them to sell on Amazon. 

    Retail arbitrage is when you go to physical stores and buy products to resell on Amazon.

    Once you have the products, you must decide how to store and ship them. You can keep the inventory at home and handle the shipping yourself, known as Fulfilled by Merchant (FBM).

    Alternatively, you can send them to an Amazon warehouse and let Amazon handle the shipping. This is known as Fulfilled by Amazon (FBA).

    Both have advantages and drawbacks, it’s up to the seller to decide which method is best for their business. 

    How to Flip Items on Amazon Website

    Want to make some extra cash-flipping items on Amazon? It’s totally doable if you follow a few key steps.

    1. Source in-Demand Items to Flip on Amazon Website

    To successfully flip items on Amazon, you need to source in-demand products that people want to buy. 

    Look for:

    Popular Name Brands

    Well-known brands like Apple, Samsung, KitchenAid, etc., are always a safe bet. People trust the brands they know and love.

    Trending Products

    Check sites like Google Trends, Buzzsumo, and AMZScout to see what’s hot. 

    Products related to health & wellness, tech gadgets, and kitchen tools are usually good options.

    Limited Special Editions

    Limited-release or special edition products are ideal because of their scarcity. Think collectibles, limited color variants of popular items, etc.

    Discontinued Models

    Discontinued products, especially tech items, often still have high demand but dwindling supply. Scoop them up at closeout prices and sell them for a profit.

    Seasonal Goods

    Stock up on seasonal products during the off-season and sell them when demand spikes. 

    Things like swimsuits, patio furniture, leaf blowers, etc., depending on the time of year.

    2. Optimize Your Amazon Seller Account

    To optimize your Amazon seller account, make a few key adjustments. These tweaks can increase your visibility, boost sales, and improve your credibility as a seller.

    Complete Your Seller Profile

    Fill out your seller profile completely, including a profile photo, company info, and a detailed business description. 

    This helps build trust in your brand and gives customers more insight into who they’re buying from.

    Set Competitive Prices

    Research what similar products are selling for and price yours competitively. You want to maximize profits but still offer a good deal to customers. 

    Consider offering promotions like coupons to drive more traffic to your listings.

    Maintain High Ratings and Reviews

    Provide great customer service to build positive reviews. Respond promptly to questions and address any issues to resolve them quickly. 

    Positive reviews and high ratings increase visibility and sales on Amazon.

    Run Promotions and Sales

    Use tools like Amazon coupons, deals, and promotions to drive more traffic and increase sales. 

    You can offer percentage discounts, dollar discounts, or buy-one-get-one-free deals. Run sales and promotions during peak seasons or eliminate excess inventory.

    3. Price Items Competitively Based on the Market

    Once you’ve found items to flip, you must price them competitively on Amazon Website to ensure a profitable sale. 

    Check recent selling prices of identical items on Amazon to determine a competitive price range.

    Check the Amazon Seller App

    Scan the item barcode in the Amazon Seller app to see the current lowest price, highest price, and average price of that exact item sold recently. 

    This gives you an at-a-glance view of the competitive price range. You want to aim for at least a 20-30% profit margin, so the price is on the higher end of that range.

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      Check the Amazon Website

      Search for the item on and filter by “New” and “Sold by” to see the current price Amazon is selling it for. 

      Their price will be your minimum, as you need to be priced competitively. Also, check the “Used” listings to see what private sellers are asking. 

      Price 10-15% higher than the lowest competitive used price.

      Check Recent Sales

      Scroll down to the “Sellers and Pricing” section on the item page. Filter by “New” and “Used” to see a list of recent sales and prices. 

      The most recent prices will indicate the current competitive range. Aim for the higher half of that range to maximize your profit margin.

      Consider Bundling

      If you have multiples of the same item, consider bundling them together into a lot to sell at a higher price. 

      Many buyers prefer bundled lots for convenience and savings. But be sure your bundle price still provides good value to the buyer and a decent profit margin for you. 

      Price the bundle 10-30% higher than the total cost of individual items.

      4. Improve Your Product Listings With Great Photos and Descriptions

      To sell items on Amazon, you need eye-catching product listings. High-quality photos and well-written descriptions will grab shoppers’ attention and highlight what makes your items unique.


      Post at least 5 high-resolution photos of your item from different angles. Ensure the photos clearly show the item without clutter or mess in the background. 

      Natural lighting works best. Capture any dings, scratches, or imperfections for used items so buyers know exactly what they’re getting.


      Choose an engaging title with keywords that describes your item accurately. Think about phrases buyers might search for. 

      Mention the item’s condition (new, used, refurbished) and any special features or selling points. Keep your title under 200 characters.

      Bullet Points

      Use 3 to 5 bullet points to highlight key features and benefits. Mention the item’s condition, dimensions, materials, and other attributes. 

      Use active verbs and short, compelling sentences. Focus on the item’s qualities, functions, and what it can do for the customer.

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        Elaborate on your bullet points in 2 or 3 short paragraphs. Describe the item’s condition and features in detail. 

        Discuss how it works, its use, and why customers want it. Share the item’s measurements, technical details, and keywords. 

        Express how the item will benefit the buyer. Review any wear and tear for used goods. Close with a strong call to action to buy now.

        5. Leverage FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon) to Save Time and Increase Sales

        Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) is a service where Amazon handles the storage and shipping of your items. 

        As a flipper, FBA can be an incredible time-saver and really boost your sales.

        • Send your items to Amazon’s fulfillment centers, which store them for you. No more cluttering up your home or garage with inventory.
        • Amazon handles the picking, packing, and shipping when an order arrives. You never have to travel to the post office or pack a single box.
        • FBA items are eligible for Prime shipping, which 65% of Amazon customers have. This badge of honor means more visibility and faster, free shipping for buyers.
        • You can raise your prices when using FBA. Studies show items with FBA and Prime shipping sell for an average of 19% more. Buyers are willing to pay more for the added convenience.
        • Focus on sourcing more products rather than shipping out orders. With the handling and logistics managed by Amazon, you’ll have extra time to scout new items and build your business.
        • Amazon provides customer service for any issues with shipping or returns. They have state-of-the-art systems to handle any problems that arise efficiently.
        • Your items will be stored in Amazon’s massive, modern facilities with high security and 24/7 monitoring. Your inventory will be in good hands.

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          Flipping items on Amazon can become a serious side hustle if you put in the work. 

          Research trends, source smartly, list competitively, and deliver quality, and you’ll be making a bank in no time!

          The key is to start small, learn the ropes, make some mistakes, and build up from there. 

          Once you find profitable products and optimize your listings, you’ll be well on your way to building a sustainable side hustle.

          So there you have it, a quick guide to getting started with retail arbitrage and flipping items on Amazon in 2023. 

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