7 Facts About Homeownership You Should Know Today

As the world becomes increasingly obsessed with homeownership, there are some facts about homeownership that you should know before you take the plunge.

If you’re considering buying a home, you should be prepared to hear the truth about homeownership from your agent and mortgage lender.

Still, there are also some facts you should know before walking into the real estate office or meeting with your financial adviser. 

These seven truths may shock you and make you wonder if homeownership is right for you, but they are things that every homeowner must face sooner or later, so it’s better to know them now and plan accordingly.

 Facts About Homeownership You Should Know Today

1. Home Ownership Takes Planning

You’ve heard it said that buying a home is one of the most significant financial investments you’ll make in your lifetime. And it’s true. 

Not only do you need to be prepared financially, but you also need to be emotionally and mentally ready for the long-term commitment. 

2. There Are Financial Risks

Homeownership isn’t without its financial risks. One of the most significant risks is that you could end up owing more on your home than it’s worth if the housing market crashes. 

That’s why it’s essential to have an emergency fund and ensure you can still afford your mortgage payments if you lose your job. 

3. Owning a Home Is a Big Responsibility 

Owning a home is a big responsibility. Not only do you have to worry about making your mortgage payments, but you also have to maintain the property and pay for repairs. 

If something goes wrong, it’s up to you to fix it.

4. It’s Stressful

Homeownership comes with a lot of stress. There’s a lot to track, from mortgage payments and home repairs to property taxes and HOA fees. And if something goes wrong, it’s up to you to fix it.

5. Owning a Home Is Rewarding

 Despite the stress, owning a home can be very rewarding. It’s a place to make memories with your family and friends. And it’s an investment that can appreciate over time.

6. Having a Mortgage Will Strengthen Your Credit

Homeownership is often seen as the American Dream for a good reason. Not only does owning a home have many advantages and stability, but it can also help improve your credit score. 

Being a homeowner can help boost your credit rating if you’re strategic about it. 

Here’s how: 

By making timely payments on time every month, you are showing lenders that you can be trusted to make payments in the future. 

You’ll have less debt than people who rent because your monthly mortgage will go towards equity rather than paying off someone else’s mortgage. 

7. It’s Easier to Buy in Your Hometown

There are many benefits to buying a house where you live, including lower property taxes and other costs that go into living in another city or state. 

If there’s any chance that we might want to stay put after retirement or after children grow up, we owe it to ourselves to buy locally now, so we don’t have regrets later on when life changes occur.

8. Consider Your Finances Before Buying a Home

You’ll need more than just a down payment before buying a home. You’ll need to have enough saved to cover things like emergency repairs, monthly utility bills, and property taxes.

And depending on your mortgage, you may need to pay for private mortgage insurance (PMI). All of this means you’ll need a steady income and good credit before considering homeownership.

9. The Maintenance Is Real

You may have thought the monthly cost of owning a home was your mortgage payment, but there’s more to it. 

You also have to factor in repairs, insurance, and property taxes. Don’t forget – when something breaks, it’s usually up to the homeowner to fix it. 

All of this can add up, so be sure you’re prepared for the additional costs of homeownership before making the jump.


Owning a home is a huge responsibility, but it can be gratifying. Here are some truthful facts about homeownership that you should know today: 

  1. Homeownership comes with a lot of financial responsibility. You’ll need to be prepared to budget for things like mortgage payments, insurance, and repairs. 
  2. Owning a home can be an excellent investment. Over time, your home will likely increase in value, giving you the equity you can tap into if needed. 
  3. Maintenance and repairs are typically the responsibility of the homeowner. This means you’ll need to budget for painting, repairs, and landscaping. 
  4. Homeownership offers specific tax benefits. If you itemize your taxes on Schedule A, you may qualify for deductions such as interest paid on a mortgage loan or property taxes. 
  5. Before deciding to buy a home, carefully explore all of your options and consider what homeownership would mean for your lifestyle. 
  6. No matter what stage of life you’re in, whether single or married with children buying a home could be right for you.
  7. Your credit score matters when buying a house. A higher credit score will get better mortgage rates and lower monthly payments.

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