Do People Call Walmart “Wally World”?

Walmart is a multinational corporation that operates various stores, including grocery stores, hypermarkets, and discount stores. It is based in Bentonville, Arkansas.

In different countries, Walmart is known by other names. For instance, in the UK, it’s called ASDA, while in China, it’s called Wo Er Ma.

In Japan, it’s called Seiyu. You might have heard people refer to Walmart as Wally World, which brings us to the article’s title. Do people call Walmart “Wally World”?

The find the answer to this and many more, read on!

Do People Call Walmart “Wally World”?

The answer to this question is, yes, they do. We’ve seen countless people call Walmart Wally World, and like us, you might be wondering why? The answer would likely leave you speechless.

Why do People Call Walmart Walley World?

Contrary to popular belief, the original Walley World had nothing to do with the Walmart store.

Instead, it’s a fictional amusement park featured in the movie “National Lampoon’s Family Vacation.”

The movie used the Walley World name as a parody of Walt Disney World.

However, since the movie’s producers were not allowed to use the Disney World trademark, they called it Walley World instead and replaced Mickey Mouse with Marty Moo.

Due to the movie’s popularity, people started referring to Walmart as Walley World.

This is because the store is large, like the ones in the film, and Wally sounds like Walmart.

Although the name Walley World doesn’t have anything to do with the giant retailer, it has become a pop-culture reference.

Although the movie was released in 1983, the Walley World reference is still widely used today. It’s a common phrase used when referring to Walmart stores.

What other nicknames does Walmart have?

Walmart has several nicknames besides Wally World, such as; Gualmar, The Mart, Wallymart, High school hangout, The Walmart, et cetera.

The official Twitter account of Walmart also acknowledged some of these names in a famous tweet.

Since people still refer to the giant retailer as Walley World, it’s considered one of the longest-running nicknames in history.

Surprisingly, people still use this term since the original Walley World is not related to the company.

What was Walmart Previously Known As?

Sam Walton started the company by using the name Wal-Mart Discount City. The first Walmart store was opened in Arkansas in 1962.

The name Wal-Mart Stores Inc. was given to the corporation when it was established in 1969.

Following the death of Sam in 1992, the company became more debt-ridden.

The funding of its various projects, such as constructing more Wal-Mart Supercenters, contributed to this.

In 2008, the company’s logo was changed entirely. First, the new design featured a star instead of the Hyphen, and subsequently, the star was removed, leaving only Walmart.

In 1995, the company’s sales doubled; by 1999, it had become the world’s largest private employer. In 2001, it became the largest corporation in the world.

Tips for shopping at Walmart

1. The Walmart app features various features, such as deals and store updates. It can also be used to find the nearest store. Use the apps to see what’s available before going to the store.

2. Before buying anything from Walmart, make sure to compare the prices of the store and its online competitors. You can also use the app to find the best deals on certain items.

3. The company has various loyalty programs that allow customers to earn rewards for their purchases. Some of these include the Walmart Savings Club and the Visa Card. You can join them.

4. If you’re not satisfied with your purchase at Walmart, you can return it within 30 days for a full refund or exchange it at any of the company’s US locations.


Wally World is a fictional place that has surprisingly stuck with Walmart for over three decades.

The article answered the question, do people call Walmart Wally World? It also explained why.

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