Beginner’s Guide to Choosing the Best Red Wine in 2023

If you occasionally appreciate a delicious glass of red wine, you may have questioned how to choose the best red wine.

Do you call your neighborhood winery to get advice? Or do you judge a wine by its price and assume it is better?

There is some truth to that; you may always consult people with more knowledge and experience.

But the truth is that everything is incredibly subjective; what tastes significant to one person may taste awful to another.

How do you decide which red wine is ideal for you? Find out by reading on.

What Is Wine?

Wine is a fermented juice-based alcoholic beverage.

The beverage can be prepared from any fruit juice, but grape wine, the most popular variety, is produced from fermented grape must.

Even juice made from flowers or plants, like dandelion wine, is used in some recipes.

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What Makes It Good?

It depends on your personal preferences, as was already stated. Some people prefer sweeter wines, others more vigorous wines, while others want slightly fruitier wines.

However, there are many fantastic wines, so you should first choose your preference before moving on.

So, if you’re new to wine, think about experimenting with several varieties while focusing on qualities like acidity, sweetness, body, etc.

Here are a few wines that might be a wonderful place to start, keeping that in mind.

Alcohol – Zinfandel

Most red wines have a high alcohol content, but you need to taste Zinfandel to appreciate its impact.

The wine’s high alcohol content makes the flavor significantly more potent and occasionally overpowering.

This is so because the fruit is typically ripe when it is plucked, which causes the alcohol concentration to increase after fermentation.

Consider other American wines, such as California Cabernets, if you prefer this type of wine.

Body – Syrah

Understanding the wine’s body is much easier with Syrah, also called Shiraz.

Due to its composition, red wine is “heavier” than white wine.

Syrah is an excellent illustration of a full-bodied red wine since it enables you to appreciate every component, including dark fruit, chocolate, and smoke.

So, if you’re seeking a velvety, flavorful, and smooth wine, this is it.

If you enjoy it, you should also try Malbec. It’s also ideal for romantic dinner dates.

Acidity – Pinot Noir

You must undoubtedly taste Pinot Noir if you want to comprehend acidity.

Pinot wines are particularly well-liked because of their diverse and distinctive scents and sometimes surprising flavors.

The wine has a fruity aroma and a tart acidity that reminds some people of lemonade or other fizzy drinks.

The acidity in an excellent Pinot Noir should be exactly right to complement the wine’s fruity flavor.

Therefore, if you enjoy this wine, you will likely enjoy other acidic wines, such as Grenache.

Remember that you should select an Old World style of Pinot Noir if you want to taste the acidity.

Tannin – Cabernet Sauvignon

The tannin comes last. Tannins are renowned as powerful antioxidants that cause your mouth to feel dry as you sip wine.

Cabernet Sauvignon is one of the most well-known red wines in the world and a superb example of wine high in tannins.

It pairs well with red meat and has a full-bodied, rich flavor.

If you enjoy this wine, you should also try Merlot, Chianti, and, if you like the flavor of green peppers, Carménère.


There is no doubt that the ideal bottle of red wine is out there for you if you enjoy flavorful, full-bodied drinks that pair nicely with food.

Think of it like dating while trying to find it; give other wines a chance, don’t be afraid to take some risks, and once you do, you’ll know it was worth it.

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