10 Best Borlotti Beans Substitute

If a recipe calls for borlotti beans and you don’t have any, you probably want to know your best options for borlotti bean substitutes.

You’re in luck if you are. Here is a list of the top 10 ways to replace cranberry beans (also known as borlotti beans) in any recipe.

Read on as we throw more light on this.

10 Best Borlotti Beans Substitute

You won’t need to change your recipes to use any of the following substitutes in place of Borlotti beans because most beans are prepared similarly.

  1. Kidney Beans

Kidney beans are a good substitute for borlotti beans and come in red, light-speckled, and red-speckled variants. They have thin skin and typically have a moderate flavor.

Kidney beans are a great replacement because they are simple to find and are probably already in your cupboard.

  • Pinto Beans

A common ingredient in almost all kitchens, pinto beans is simple to locate at supermarkets.

My go-to alternative for cranberry beans is these because they have a mild flavor and work nicely in all recipes that call for them.

  • Navy Beans

Baked beans and soups are the most popular uses for these tiny white beans. They frequently appear as a side dish in ham hock recipes.

They make the ideal borlotti bean replacement due to their size and mild flavor. Particularly in soup dishes, they function nicely.

  • Butter beans

If you’re looking for another creamy bean, perennially popular butter beans are an excellent alternative to borlotti beans.

These mild, buttery beans can be used to make a white bean dip, a side dish for meat, a salad, a casserole, or a side dish in any soup or stew.

  • Cannellini Beans

A less typical kind of kidney bean is cannellini. Cannellini Beans are white and more significant than cranberry beans.

They might not work in all recipes because they are more significant than Borlotti beans, but as long as the size is not a concern, they make a good substitute.

  • Chickpeas

Borlotti beans and chickpeas share a similar flavor but are not the same color or texture.

You might want to cook them a little longer than you would cook your Borlotti beans to give them time to soften up because they are not as smooth.

Everything from salads to stews and soups will taste fantastic when adding chickpeas.

  • Black turtle beans (or black beans)

When cooked, black turtle beans have a creamy texture and a mild, sweet, and earthy flavor.

If you don’t mind the color variation, these beans are another excellent substitute for pinto beans because of those qualities.

You probably already have black beans in your kitchen because they are so easy to find.

Use these beans instead of cranberry beans in Mexican meals, like Mexican bean stew and charro beans, as well as soups, salads, and sides.

  • Great northern beans (or Gigante beans)

The great northern beans are a very famous white beans throughout North America.

These beans typically are small in size and have a delicate flavor; this makes them ideal additions to stews, soups, and casseroles. 

Great northern beans can be a simple substitute for borlotti beans. They have a milder taste than Frijol Cachuate and are very smooth and creamy.

  • Lentils

If you enjoy lentils, you’ll be happy to learn that they make an excellent substitute for Borlotti beans.

They differ from these beans in size and texture, but the flavor is the same. Since they are smaller, they will cook more quickly, allowing you to finish your dinner more quickly.

  • Black eyes peas

Black eye peas is an African leguminous plant, of the species Vigna unguiculata, and is widely cultivated as forage and food.

Black eyes peas can successfully replace Borlotti Beans. They go well with meat and are well-liked in the southern states. You won’t regret using these beans in your cooking and can get them quickly.

You can use them in soups, stews, and side dishes. To make them taste even better in salads, we advise heating and cooling the vegetables.


Keep an open mind for unexpected culinary delights since you might even appreciate your recipe more if Borlotti beans are substituted.

Since all beans are typically cooked the same, you won’t need to change your recipe other than switching out your Borlotti beans with the substitute you have on hand.

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