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10 Interesting Things To Do In Redwood City

10 Interesting Things To Do In Redwood City
Written by Eddie White

Redwood City is a city in Northern California’s Bay Area located on the San Francisco Peninsula, approximately 27 miles (43 km) south of San Francisco and 24 miles (39 km) northwest of San Jose.

Redwood City’s history ranges from its early settlement by the Ohlone people to its use as a port for lumber and other items.

Redwood City is the county seat of San Mateo County and the heart of Silicon Valley, home to major global technology businesses such as Oracle, Electronic Arts, Evernote, Box, and Informatica.

Are you planning to visit Redwood city? Here are 10 interesting things to do in Redwood city that you will love.

10 Interesting Things To Do In Redwood City

Below are 10 interesting things you can actually do in redwood city.

1. Century 20 Cinema 

All of the latest blockbusters, as well as live sporting events and music concerts, are shown at the cinema. This high-tech cinema complex on Sierra Boulevard has a large arcade, many screens, and self-service ticket dispensers.

2. Morton Redwood Community Park

Residents from the surrounding neighborhoods frequent this park for activities such as tennis, BBQs, ball games, baseball, skating, and working out. This

community park is a terrific location to start if you want to do what the people do while in Redwood City. Throughout the year, the Redwood Morton Community Park hosts activities such as tea parties and art exhibits.

The park is Redwood City’s largest and offers a nice location to be active or rest depending on your mood.

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3. Museum of San Mateo County History

The museum has a number of exhibits that demonstrate and explore how life used to be in San Mateo County over the years.

The San Mateo Museum is a must-see on every trip to Redwood City, and it is undoubtedly the city’s most popular attraction. Exhibits include an 1880s general store and a residence depicting life in California when it was a part of Mexico.

The San Mateo County History Museum also has a large collection of books and other archival documents where further research into San Mateo State’s history can be conducted.

The structure is a historic courthouse that is equally beautiful on the interior and outside.

4. Unleashed Art Gallery 

The gallery’s primary goal is to provide emerging artists a platform to shine, and this alone has made the facility popular with visitors.

Unleashed Art Gallery, located in downtown Redwood City, has become the city’s top art attraction, showcasing the best emerging artists from San Mateo County on a monthly basis.

The art on display here is a typically contemporary fine art, though photography and other types of media are displayed on occasion.

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5. The Foundry

If you are visiting Redwood City and are a fitness enthusiast, you must go to The Foundry. This cutting-edge sports complex features world-class basketball and volleyball facilities, as well as an ultramodern gym.

The gym alone will entice most visitors, and it is a gym that will change your perception of gyms with its modern, cutting-edge equipment, such as Vertafex leap machines and Naah shooting machines.

6. Staudt Haus Gourmet 

The shop sells all of the components of traditional German cuisine, as well as spices and a large selection of German beers.

This rustic beer garden and shop in the United States offers a flavor of Germany. If gazing through the shop makes you thirsty and in need of a seat, the adjoining beer garden is ideal.

For hungry clients, the beer garden offers ten premium German beers as well as traditional nibbles and German meals. The garden’s ambiance is a wonderful mix of casual and welcoming, making it an ideal place to hang out in downtown Redwood City.

7. The Record Man 

Records range from classical to blues, hip hop to country, and include all genres. This establishment is a record collector’s paradise. El Camino Real’s The Record Man possesses over a million vinyl recordings. Even if you’re not a record collector, the sheer magnitude of The Record Man’s collection will impress you. For avid vinyl collectors, The Record Man states that “if it can’t be discovered at The Record Man, it probably doesn’t exist.”

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 8. Nazareth Ice Oasis

Broomball, ice hockey, and stick and shoot activities are popular, but for novices, public skating hours are the ideal time to go on the ice and go at your own pace.

This year-round ice rink in Redwood City provides to almost everything related to ice skating.

If you enjoy your time on the ice, you might want to consider enrolling in a skate school, which offers a variety of courses to help you enhance your ice skating skills.

The Ice Grill, located within the venue, provides good, reasonably priced cuisine for those with low energy levels.

9. The Fox Theatre

The theater hosts a variety of performances such as live music, comedy, and musicals. The Fox Theatre, located at 2215 Broadway in Redwood City, is a historic theater on the National Register of Historic Places.

The Fox Theater first opened its doors in 1929, and during its heyday, performers such as BB King and Vanessa Williams played there.

The theater was forced to close in 2009 due to financial difficulties, but it has recently reopened and is well worth a visit even if the performing arts are not one of your interests.

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10. Water Temple of Pulgas

The water supply project cost a stunning $102 million dollars and took 24 years to complete during the Great Depression.

The Pulgas Water Temple was designed in 1934 to commemorate the extraordinary feat of transporting water 160 miles from California to the Bay Area over the Sierra Nevada.

The temple’s stone columns pay homage to the Romans and Greeks whose techniques were utilized in water movement.

The site is now open to visitors during the week and provides an excellent photo opportunity. The historic site is occasionally used as a wedding location.

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