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The 8 Fantastic Things to do in Pacifica

Written by Eddie White

Are you wondering about fun things to do in Pacifica, then we got you covered with the 8 fantastic things to do in Pacifica that you will enjoy.

Don’t leave Pacifica without trying out the 8 fantastic things to do in Pacifica.

The 8 Fantastic Things to do in Pacifica

Below are the 8 fantastic things to do in Pacifica that are very memorable and fun.

1. California’s Mori Point, in Pacifica

Mori Point is a 110-acre oasis in the Golden National Recreation Area, right on the coast of the Pacific Ocean and teeming with exotic flora and fauna.

Mori Point is a bluff that protrudes into the Pacific Ocean and is the main draw for visitors.

Walk out to Mori Point’s end for panoramic views of the peninsula’s shoreline.

In addition to the bluff and ridge, the large expanse of land is also home to wetlands and small ponds – all of which have trails winding through them, making it easy to explore.

Keep an eye out for endangered species like the California red-legged frog and the San Francisco garter snake among the many plant and animal species you’ll see.

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2. Pacifica Municipal Pier, Pacifica, California

Located on Sharp Park Beach and spanning over 1,140 feet, the Pacifica Municipal Pier is one of the best fishing piers in all of California.

Anglers from the Bay Area visit the pier year-round in the hopes of reeling in a large catch of high-quality fish from the Pacific Ocean.

Even better, there is no admission price nor is a fishing license required to go fishing off the pier.

Crab fishing is also permitted without a license being necessary, and you can catch fish like striped bass and salmon.

There are fish cleaning stations, restrooms, chairs, lighting, and a coffee shop/snack bar on the pier for your convenience.

3. Rockaway Beach

Often known as one of the cleanest beaches in the San Francisco Bay Area, Rockaway Beach is popular with visitors and locals alike since it is filled with a lot of stores and restaurants on its waterfront.

Be sure to climb up to the scenic overlook for stunning panoramas of the beach, the Pacific Ocean, and the neighboring town.

Swimming, sunbathing, hiking, biking, surfing, fishing, and strolling along the beach are just some of the popular things to do there.

There are various conveniences such as showers and restrooms to make your stay more comfortable.

Travelers on foot, in a jogging stroll, or in a wheelchair will appreciate the beach’s paved promenade that runs its entire length.

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4. In the San Pedro Valley Park

In case you’re looking to get out and enjoy the Pacifica weather, San Pedro Valley Park is the place to go.

There are seven trails in the park, each of varying lengths and with different amenities. The longest one is Hazelnut Trail which is a 3.7-mile walk that winds through the park.

The stunning 175-foot-tall Brooks Falls may be reached at the end of the one-mile-long Brooks Creek Trail.

The 2.1-mile-long Montara Mountain Trail features various lookout locations over the Pacific Ocean.

A lot of people enjoy the Plaskon Nature Trail because it is easy to navigate in a wheelchair, and others enjoy Weiler Ranch Road Trail because of the numerous animals that can be seen there in the mornings.

5. Pacifica, CA’s Sweeney Ridge Trail

Sweeney Ridge Trail is a hilly hiking area next to Thornton State Beach, and it’s only half an hour from San Francisco.

Ascend the ridge’s 1,200-foot peak for panoramic vistas of the sea, bay, bushes, and grasses that line the shore.

The trailhead is home to the Shelldance Nursery, a collection of greenhouses that have been in operation since 1949 and are known for their cultivation of world-class hybrid orchids.

Some of the flora and fauna that you may come upon include spring wildflowers, deer, and hawks.

Rangers lead several walks through Sweeney Ridge if you’d rather have someone else lead the way.

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6. Welcoming You to the Orchid Gardens at Shelldance

The Shelldance Orchid Gardens is a world-famous bromeliad nursery, and one of Pacifica’s most interesting tourist destinations.

The gardens were first built in 1949 by Herb Hager, who used his skill and vision to turn an artichoke field into what was then state-of-the-art greenhouses.

Other than a change in nomenclature, the greenhouses have virtually remained the same until today.

Famous hybrid orchids, many of which are named after local locations like Pacifica and Pedro Point and the Pacific Ocean, will be on display for your viewing pleasure.

Take a stroll around the ethereal gardens and you’ll come across a wide variety of local artwork, adding to the ambiance of the space.

7. Devil’s Slide Trail

Part of the former Highway 1, the Devil’s Slide Trail winds its way along the cliffs high above the Pacific Ocean for a distance of 1.3 miles.

The trail can be accessed by hikers, bicyclists, and horseback riders – all of whom can stop at the trail’s many overlook points and observation scopes to take in the breathtaking beauty of the rocky waters below.

Amenities that are available throughout the walk include various benches and interpretive markers which highlight the geography, history, vegetation, and animals of the area.

The paved path also features amenities like bike racks, bathrooms, drinking fountains, and pet waste stations.

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8. Pacifica State Beach

Over a million people flock to Pacifica State Beach, also known as Linda Mar Beach, each year. The crescent-shaped beach is less than a mile long and may be located in the San Pedro Valley in downtown Pacifica.

There are a lot of beginner surfers who flock there because the waves are easier to handle.

In addition to surfing, you can spend your time swimming, sunbathing, taking part in beach yoga, or enjoying one of the many other water sports that are available there.

Head to the beach’s Taco Bell if you’re hungry; it’s one of the most picturesque Taco Bells in the world.

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