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The 10 Best Things to do in Loveland CO (With Photos)

Best Things to do in Loveland CO
Written by Eddie White

Loveland, Colorado is located between Fort Collins and Denver, and it is known for having a more relaxed pace of life than its neighboring communities.

There is something for everyone in Loveland, from the mountain backdrop to the easy access to nature in the city center to the monthly art events held there in the warmer months.

Read on to know about the 10 best things to do in Loveland CO.

1. Visit The State Park at Boyd Lake

Swimmers, fishermen, sunbathers, and hikers flock to Boyd Lake State Park when temperatures rise during the summer.

When the sun is shining and the temperature is in the low to mid-’80s, a day at the park’s sandy beach and cool seas can be a dream.

It’s ideal for nature lovers who don’t want to spend hours in the car driving to the mountains but yet want to get out into nature.

Mountain biking, canoeing, and kayaking are also common activities in the park.

There are many tents and RV spots for individuals who like sleeping outside.

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2. Go to The Loveland Coffee Company

Though Colorado’s beautiful landscapes and rich history are sights to behold, they won’t do you much help if you can’t keep your eyes open.

Since its opening in 2004, Loveland Coffee Company has been a popular spot for tired travelers in need of a cup of joe and a bite to eat.

Cappuccinos and lattes, along with various sweet and flavored variants that incorporate whipped cream, caramel, and chocolate sauce, can be found on the menu.

Recent visitors remarked on the pleasant ambiance, soft seating, and locally crafted artwork.

 3. Reservoir at Pinewoods

Pinewood Reservoir provides a convenient entry point into the Rocky Mountains close to Loveland, making it a popular destination for day trips and overnight camping trips.

Just to the west of Carter Lake is the Pinewood Reservoir, a body of water that spans about 100 acres and is surrounded by nearly 330 acres of public land.

Fishing, boating, camping, motorcycling, and hiking are just some of the activities that may be enjoyed at this 6,580-foot-high reservoir.

4. Loveland, Colorado’s Rialto Theater Center

The Rialto Theater Center is a must-see for every cinephile or theater fan, as it is steeped in the city’s storied past.

The theater opened its doors in 1920 with a screening of the silent picture Desert of Wheat, based on the novel by Zane Grey.

Tickets for shows at the theater were only 10–35 cents back when it first opened, but that has obviously changed over the years.

The new theater has 446 seats, including those reserved for people with disabilities, and cutting-edge lighting and sound.

Every month, patrons are welcomed to the theater to watch an independent film in honor of the theater’s dedication to preserving its legacy.

Not only does the theater shows movies, but it also frequently hosts major-league traveling shows.

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5. Colorado’s Sweet Heart Winery, located in picturesque Loveland

It doesn’t matter what day of the week a tourist happens to be in Loveland, they can always count on Sweet Heart Winery to be open and ready to help them learn more about wine.

Sweet Heart Winery has enough alternatives to satisfy practically any customer, from single glasses to flights, bottles to take home, and even specialized pairings.

The location of the tasting room, at the foot of the Rocky Mountains and close to the river, provides a tranquil setting for the investigation of wine.

 6. Loveland, Colorado  Devil’s Backbone Open Space

The Devil’s Backbone Open Space is a fantastic place to spend time outside since it is home to one of the most well-known trails in all of Loveland.

Over 12 miles of trails connect the Rimrock and Horsetooth Mountain Open Spaces, covering a combined 2,198 acres, and providing spectacular views of Loveland.

Visitors to the park are strongly recommended to bring a lot of water on their explorations, and there is an accessible water source at the main trailhead.

There is no charge to enter the park between midnight and sunrise.

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7.  Bobcat Ridge Natural Area in Loveland, Colorado

Bobcats are among the most commonly seen of the various wild species that may be found in the Bobcat Ridge Natural Area.

Other animals frequently seen there include elk, mountain lions, wild turkeys, and more.

Park visitors are advised to make use of the available topographical features to get a bird’s-eye view of the valley, and it’s a good idea to carry binoculars to any natural location for even better views.

Bobcat Ridge Natural Area is a great place to see animals, but it also has a number of old farms dotted over the landscape.

Trails wind their way through the landscape, and there’s a big parking lot that’s convenient for those coming from the highway.

8. The Loveland Museum and Art Gallery

The Loveland Museum and Gallery, found on Lincoln Avenue, was established in the 1930s by a local novelist, outdoorsman, and historian.

Despite being what some might consider a typical small-town museum, it is in fact one of only a handful of such institutions in the state to have received national accreditation and boasts an impressive collection of historical exhibits showcasing artifacts and memorabilia relating to the area’s fascinating pioneer-era history.

The museum features a wide range of historical and modern works from the Southwest region, in addition to its collection of historical artifacts.

Activities for kids and adults alike are regularly scheduled, including tours conducted by knowledgeable guides and talks given by interesting outsiders.

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9. Sculpture Garden in Benson Park


Colorado has been a magnet for creative types ever since it was settled, and the state’s many museums and galleries provide visitors with plenty of opportunities to satisfy their artistic itch.

In the middle of the 1980s, a group of civic-minded sculptors collaborated with the local chamber of commerce to establish what is now known as Benson Park Sculpture Garden.

Their intention was to give the locals a much-needed cultural and artistic focal point.

Work out and enjoy great artwork in the park. Wood, metal, and glass are just a few of the materials used to create the sculptures’ wide range of forms and sizes.

10. Center for Tourism in Loveland

The Loveland Visitor’s Center has done the legwork for first-time tourists, so they don’t have to spend hours online looking up sights to see and activities to participate in.

The center’s convenient location on Stone Creek Circle makes it a prime spot for exploring a bustling Loveland shopping district.

There are free maps, brochures, and magazines available to peruse.

Many of them not only have wonderful ideas for things to do, but also have discounts on restaurants, hotels, and other tourist attractions.

Locally made goods are also for sale at the center.

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