The 10 Best Things to do in Lebanon, TN

Are you searching for the 10 best things to do in Lebanon, TN, then this article got you covered.

Lebanon, located about 25 miles east of Nashville, is a beautiful mountain town in Tennessee.

Lebanon, founded in 1801, takes its name from the biblical Lebanon Cedars.

Among the first settlements in what is now, Wilson County was a town named Cedar City.

Lebanon is home to a wide variety of tourist hotspots, including Cedars of Lebanon State Park, Wilson County Fair, Fiddlers Grove Historic Village, and Neddy Jacobs Cabin.

Lebanon is home to a vibrant cultural scene and a long and interesting history.

The town square, which is crammed with antique and collector shops, has been designated by the National Register of Historic Places as well.

All the best things to do in Lebanon, TN are listed here.

1. The Farm Bureau Exposition Center is the Place to Be

The Nashville International Airport is conveniently located near the Farm Bureau Exposition Center.

There are over a million annual visitors to the Farm Bureau Exposition Center, which is spread across three estates totaling 275 acres.

Events, entertainment, and activities are available at the center, and equestrian riding, classes, and contests are just a few of the many options.

The state of Tennessee’s largest county fair is held in Farm Bureau.

This stunning complex features a visually appealing layout, performance stages, seven fully-equipped buildings, two on-site ATMs, and a wealth of landscaped areas in which to unwind.

Attend a concert or a cultural event at the Farm Bureau Exposition Center.

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2. Visit the James E. Ward Agricultural Center and spend a night under the stars

A motion to purchase the 104-acre Baddour Estate was approved by the county court in 1974.

The purchase was pivotal because it established the foundation for what would later become the world-class James E.

Ward Agricultural and Community Center.

With the land’s growth to 267 acres, more amenities like camping, RV parking, picnic areas, bike routes, and hiking paths could be built.

Wilson County was the final stop on James Ward’s 1938 cross-country journey.

Meeting farmers while traveling throughout the county.

More and more farmers started showing up to his talks about better farming practices.

Agriculture is an area where Ward made numerous achievements.

The institution got its name because its tactics were so helpful to farmers and other Wilson County residents.

3. Visit Fiddlers Grove Historic Village for an In-Depth Look into Wilson County’s Past

Fiddlers Grove Historical Village is a historical site with several pioneer-era buildings, such as log cabins, that have been preserved for posterity.

A variety of unique vintage automobiles and tractors from bygone eras are on display.

Participate in living history reenactments and other outdoor family events to gain an appreciation for Wilson County’s agricultural heritage and rich history.

The fairground collects and stores items, buildings, archival documents, and oral histories that document rural life and culture for future generations.

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4. Silver Ridge Pottery Welcomes You to the Wonderful World of Ceramics

Silver Ridge Pottery in Lebanon is a must-visit for any art lover. In this little town, the shop is owned by a husband and wife team.

More than 30 years have gone into giving their handcrafted pottery its distinctive style. The rhythmic hum of their labors portrays the rustic lifestyle and scenery of their home.

They’re modern and stylish, with a palette that’ll look great in any family room or kitchen. But their taste goes beyond the four walls of your home and into your very soul.

More than that, you can trust these things to survive virtually any circumstance. They can be used in both the microwave and the dishwasher.

This widespread interest has led to Silver Ridge’s creations being sold everywhere from novelty stores to high-end boutiques and even in people’s kitchen cabinets.

5. Pro Bowl West Offers the Best Bowling Experience Around

Pro Bowl West has everything you need for a fun and relaxed time, whether you’re searching for a night out with friends or some wholesome entertainment with the family.

Tucked away on West Baddour Parkway in Lebanon, this bowling alley features 16 automatic scoring lanes, free Wi-Fi, a roofed patio, pool tables, an arcade, and a wide selection of food and drink.

The Sidewinders Pro store is also located within Pro Bowl West.

All bowlers can take advantage of the pro shop, and those planning a party can choose from a variety of special packages.

A few league games are played there as well.

The kind, helpful staff is always available to assist any customer.

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6. Stop by the Lebanon Museum of History

The History Museum is the best venue to learn about Lebanon’s past firsthand.

At the Lebanon History Museum, you may learn about the people, places, and events that have molded the modern metropolis through displays inspired by their own lives.

Following a decade of dormancy, the Lebanon History Museum reopened in April 2021 with expanded and modernized displays.

The building that once housed the Castle Heights Military Academy and is now the Lebanon City Hall is where the museum is located.

7. Visit Don Fox Park to Relax in the Shade

Lebanon residents and guests can take advantage of a wide range of facilities at the Don Fox Community Park.

The park in the city of Lebanon is well-maintained thanks to the efforts of the Recreation Department.

Renting is an option for gatherings such as parties, meetings, picnics, and other gatherings.

A lot of great facilities may be found in this beautiful park for families.

It has several beautiful pavilions, each with a grill, spread out over its well-kept grounds.

In addition to the aforementioned, there are power outlets and a minimum of eight picnic tables, one of which is specially designed for those with mobility issues.

There are also 61 additional picnic tables, around 17 additional grills, a 2.5-mile walking track, and a 60-foot wading pool located throughout the rest of the park.

8. Be Amazed by the Christmas Lights as They Dance

Your family’s holiday traditions can’t be complete without a trip to the Dancing Lights of Christmas.

Since relocating to the James Ward Agricultural Center, this drive-through light show has become an amazing sight to behold.

For decades, it has wowed audiences with its one-of-a-kind, perfectly timed light show.

The Wilson County Fairgrounds serves as the site for The Dancing Lights of Christmas. The Dancing Lights of Christmas event also has Santa’s Village activities.

Funnel cakes, kettle corn, Twinkies, deep-fried Oreos, and other fair foods are available whenever hunger strikes.

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9. Catch a Game at One of Baird’s Municipal Parks

Wilson County is home to Lebanon, which makes it a member of the park system there.

Baird Municipal Park is a fantastic place to take the kids because it offers something for everyone.

There isn’t a single highlight of the park that draws visitors in the most.

It’s wonderful to take a group there, but you may also go by yourself if you just want some fresh air.

There are amenities at the park, such as a grilling area and restrooms.

Playing baseball, softball, football, or soccer here is a terrific idea.

10. The Capitol Theatre Offers a True Night of Entertainment

The Capitol Theatre is much more than a conventional movie theater.

In the city of Lebanon, visitors can enjoy a wide variety of shows, from comedies to musicals to concerts to reruns of old classics.

The theater is committed to preserving its historic roots while also providing contemporary entertainment for patrons and their families.

For a pleasant day trip, bring the whole family here.

This theater has been well-maintained, so you can relax in the plush seats and enjoy the concession stand’s wide selection and reasonable prices.

The Capitol Theatre’s theater and venue area allow it to host events of varying sizes.
An actual wedding might be held at this location.

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