The 10 Best Things to do in Lakewood, CO

The 10 Best Things to do in Lakewood, CO

Are you searching for the 10 best things to do in Lakewood, CO?

Lakewood, Colorado, is surrounded by some of the most breathtaking natural beauty in the United States, so you may want to spend most of your time there exploring the great outdoors.

For this reason, Lakewood is ideal if you enjoy spending time in nature because it includes more than 99 parks, greenbelts, and nature trails, many of which have a breathtaking view of the Green Mountains in the distance.

Lakewood is not only rich in flora and fauna, but also in the arts; in fact, the city has a whole district devoted to art galleries and public art, so visitors in search of culture need not worry about being disappointed.

And if that wasn’t enough proof that Lakewood knows how to party, the city’s revitalized downtown is also home to trendy new hangouts like bars, cafes, breweries, and places for live music.

Let’s check out some of the 10 best things to do in Lakewood, CO.

1. Mountain Garden Farm Harvest

The Harvest Mountain Farm Gardens is a little-known treasure in the Lakewood area, and they are the perfect spot to go if you want to learn about sustainable agricultural methods in Colorado.

Here you may take a tour and learn about the gardens’ excellent educational endeavor to help locals and tourists alike better understand the region’s food systems, and you can also buy some of the fresh produce they raise.

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2. Farmer’s Market at the Denver Federal Building

Get yourself to the Denver Federal Center Farmers Market for some of the best food in the neighborhood.

There are nice picnic spots where you can sit and enjoy the local delicacies while shopping at the market, which is held under open-air pavilions.

Some examples include freshly baked crepes and other treats like jams and jellies, fruit and vegetables, and other goodies, all of which are locally produced in the Lakewood area.

3. Forty West Creative Corridor

There are more than 120 art-related enterprises in the 40 West Arts District, which has earned its reputation as Lakewood’s “creative district.”

There is a wide variety of public street art, such as murals and sculptures, and other forms of exhibition and performance space.

While exploring the neighborhood, stop at one of the many nearby bars or restaurants for a drink or bite to eat.

4. Park at Bear Creek Lake

To find a wide variety of activities in one location, look no further than Bear Creek Lake Park.

There are 15 miles of trails in the park that will take you all over the area and provide you with a great workout and some breathtaking scenery.

If you’re looking for something a little different to do, the area also features an archery range where you can practice shooting at targets, as well as equestrian routes so you can see the scenery while galloping through it.

Big Soda Lake, with its catchy name, is also located within the park and is a popular spot for water sports and fishing.

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5. The Everitt Farms

If you want to spend some time in the great outdoors while also viewing some of Lakewood’s most beautiful scenery, then Everitt Farms is the place to go.

This 25-acre farm is committed to organic farming methods and produces fresh, local food.

Fruits and vegetables grown on the farm may be purchased from the market area, and there are other seasonal activities that the whole family can enjoy.

Corn mazes, pumpkin patches, and Christmas tree lots are just a few examples.

6. History Museum of Lakewood

The Lakewood Heritage Center is a must-see for anybody curious about the city’s past.

Located in the heart of Belmar Park, the center is a great place to learn about Lakewood’s history and explore the beautiful park.

At the center, you may marvel at the incredible 30,000 artifacts in the collection and see more than ten historic structures.

The museum store appropriately named the 20th Century Emporium, is the ideal spot to pick up a memento from your visit. Other attractions include a festival area and an amphitheater where seasonal events are held.

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7. The Heart of Belmar

If you’re searching for a fun area to spend a night in Lakewood, you should head to the Belmar Downtown District.

Over eighty enterprises have set up shop in the area since it was completed in 2004.

The greatest of Lakewood comes alive at night, and locals will tell you that this is where to find it. This includes restaurants, cafes, and live music venues.

8. General William Frederick Hayden Park

If you want to see for yourself why Colorado is so famous for its beautiful landscapes, you should visit William Frederick Hayden Park in the state’s spectacular Green Mountains.

Hayden Park, or “Hayden” for short, is the second-largest park in the Lakewood area, and its 2,400 acres make it a great place to get outside and appreciate nature.

Trails weave through the park and lead to an elevation of 6,800 feet, where hikers and bikers may enjoy a challenging climb and panoramic views of Denver.

As you explore the park’s beautiful landscape, keep an eye out for wildlife such as mountain lions, deer, rattlesnakes, coyotes, and amazing raptors like hawks for which the park is famous.

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9. Colorado Mills

If you want to perform some retail therapy, don’t miss out on a trip to Colorado Mills, which is often regarded as the best mall in town.

More than ninety retailers providing apparel, footwear, accessories, and other goods (including furniture) fill the mall’s large retail space of over 1,100,000 square feet.

A gorgeous promenade with a variety of restaurants, cafes, and bars makes dining and window shopping a breeze.

10. Park at Crown Hill

Even though it is in the midst of town, you will feel like you’re in the middle of nature when you visit Crown Hill Park, which is why many Lakewood residents consider it one of the best parks in the city.

The park is home to a wide variety of species, from birds to coyotes, and features a beautiful route perfect for a workout and taking in the scenery.

If you are traveling with kids, this park is a great place to stop because it is frequented by local families and provides several distinct play spaces for kids of varying ages.

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