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The 10 Best Things to do in Kearney, NE

Written by Eddie White

Nebraska, home to generous, friendly, and caring people, does not get nearly enough praise.

Typically, this location is ignored by vacationers.

Kearney is one of the state’s best-kept secrets, a city of stunning natural beauty and graceful architecture.

Kearney is home to several amazing landmarks that visitors love exploring, including picturesque walking paths, classic movie theaters, fascinating museums, and important landmarks.

Curious as to what this lovely city has to offer? Everything you need to know about Kearney, Nebraska, is right here.

Here are the 10 best things to do in Kearney, NE.

1. Try some of Kearney’s renowned craft beer

The craft beer scene in Kearney is second to none in Nebraska.

I say, give it a shot and see if the rumors are true.

Kearney is a fantastic place to visit if you enjoy drinking beer and wine made locally.

Craft beers and draft beer can be found at a number of great establishments.

You’ll have plenty of options to pick from thanks to the massive selection.

The time has come to kick back, relax, and imbibe to your heart’s delight, for you have arrived at one of the finest beer establishments you’ll ever see.

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2. Visit the Classic Car Museum to View the Finest Automobiles

Would you say that you have an appreciation for vintage automobiles?

When you encounter classic cars, do you get a rush of excitement?

Kearney is home to the best hangout in the area for people who are passionate about cars.

The automobile collections at Classic Car Museum are unparalleled.

You won’t know where to begin looking for automobiles there, there are so many.

Historic automobiles like the DeLorean sit alongside beautiful examples of bygone automobile eras and rarely-seen models of today’s automotive industry; all are on display in the museum for car enthusiasts like you.

Some of the cars they refurbish are then displayed in museums.

There may be automobiles there that you have never heard about.

3. Get a taste of the top dishes served in the area

Do you prefer eating at restaurants and food vendors to visiting famous landmarks?

Have you simply been on the go all day, taking in the sights, and now you’re exhausted?

It doesn’t matter what your preference is, Kearney is home to excellent eateries, cafes, food stands, and food trucks. Infinite variety exists.

One of the most tantalizing local specialties is the city’s burgers.

Can you imagine anything better than a burger, fries, and a milkshake after a long day of work?

Steaks, bacon, waffle fries, and gravy are also widely recognized as signature dishes of Nebraska.

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4. Explore the historic district of Kearney

One of the best parts about Kearney has to be the downtown area.

Its streets are lined with cafes, restaurants, and boutiques, and its roadways are paved in the style of Europe.

You can spend all day walking around downtown and never get bored.

Do some window shopping and coffee chatting with your sweetheart.

There are a lot of people out and about in downtown Kearney, visiting stores and restaurants.

There is also street entertainment available in the form of live music.

5. Visit the Nebraska Art Museum and take in some great artwork

The Museum of Nebraska Art (MONA) is well-known throughout the state of Nebraska for its outstanding art collection.

The museum’s location in a highly-visited part of downtown Kearney is a major draw.

Even more, people will visit the museum because it not only displays works by famous international artists but also helps local artists.

The Museum of Nebraska Art (MONA) is a showcase for Nebraska’s local artistic ability and Nebraska-themed artwork created by Nebraskans.

In addition, they plan and execute a number of events annually aimed at boosting sales of these painters’ canvases.

Kearney’s migrating sandhill cranes are the subject of an art exhibition as part of a special occasion.

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6. Thunderhead Brewing is the place to go for a taste of local brews

The brewery started in Kearney, but after several years it outgrew its space, so it moved to Axtell in 2008.

No matter what you call it, the pub is still the best place to get the whole Thunderhead experience, whether it’s Golden Frau or Thunderpie.

When it comes to beer, the crew at Thunderhead knows what they’re doing, which is why they provide such a vast variety of beers.

In addition to our extensive menu, we also offer various varieties of specialty pizzas baked in a stone oven.

If you have friends who are planning a trip here, you can buy them Thunderhead gear or gift certificates.

7. Take a Look Inside the Elegant Frank Home

Unknown to many visitors to Kearney is the George G.W. Frank Museum of History and Culture, or the Frank House.

It is situated on the Kearney campus of the University of Nebraska.

The structure has been around since 1886, making it a significant part of the local history.

The Frank House, which is on the National Register of Historic Places, is quite popular with sightseers.

Some of the finest examples of Nebraska art can be found within the museum’s walls.

Beautifully European touches can also be found here. Even more interesting than the collection itself is the backstory.

A guy and his wife with an insatiable appetite for antiques scoured the globe for rare finds.

After their passing, they bequeathed the home to the University of Nebraska at Kearney.

Popular among both natives and visitors, the collection has been estimated to be worth its weight in gold.

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8. Hike one of Kearney’s many trails.

In what ways do you enjoy nature? Do you enjoy long hikes in beautiful places?

Kearney is home to a wide variety of open paths perfect for hiking.

More than 25 kilometers of trails are available for hiking in the city.
Fort Kearny State Recreation Area has some of the best in the state.

9. Visit the Trails & Rails Museum to learn more about locomotives

Visitors are welcome to explore any of the eight historic buildings that make up the Trails & Rails Museum.

There’s also a livery stable, a genealogy center, and a Union Pacific engine and caboose.

Buffalo County has an enormous archive department that researchers from all over the world can utilize to view the county’s historical records.

The location of the Trails & Rails Museum coincides with the first Mormon trail (current 11th St.).

The Museum is owned and operated by the Buffalo County Historical Society, a non-profit organization with tax-exempt status under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.

10. Spend the Day at Nebraska’s University in Kearney

The University of Nebraska at Kearney campus is a great spot to socialize with friends.

Perhaps you’re wondering if there’s anything for guests to do on a college campus.

However, this school’s campus is full of exciting and fascinating attractions.

Some of the most amazing people you’ll ever meet can be found there, too.

Students might be seen playing sports on the enormous fields. Even the campus itself is particularly well-decorated.

Walls may feature paintings, drawings, or graffiti. Students’ musical performances are being blasted through loudspeakers.

In general, the campus is a pleasant spot to while away a few hours.

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