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The 10 Best Things to do in Fullerton

The 10 Best Things to do in Fullerton
Written by Eddie White

North of Orange County’s geographic center is where you’ll discover the city of Fullerton.

Since its incorporation in 1887, Fullerton has grown into a bustling metropolis with many cultural and recreational opportunities.

There is a wide variety of entertainment options in the city, from museums to bars.

Several historical and ecological sites are also within easy reach.

Below are the 10 best things to do in Fullerton, California, that won’t disappoint

1. Adventure to the Edge of Infinity and Experience the Mystery and Magic of Infinity Escape

A visit to Infinity Escape is just one of the numerous enjoyable experiences available in Fullerton.

This escape room facility is located at East Amerige Avenue.

In the escape room, you can choose between two different adventures. The Magic Cottage and the Zombie Lab are two such places.

You and your party enter a village from the 14th century in The Magic Cottage, where you must break a spell and rescue one of two witch sisters.

Based on your decision, you will either escape from a murderous witch or become her next victim.

The players in the Zombie Lab scenario take on the roles of CIA operatives trying to stop a renegade lab assistant from releasing his zombie horde.

Both activities can host up to seven people and last between sixty and seventy-five minutes.

Infinity Escape is the place to go if you want to have some fun with either magic or science.

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2. View Shows at the Clayes Center for the Performing Arts

At California State University, North State College Boulevard is where you’ll find the Clayes Performing Arts Center.

It’s also a performing arts venue that hosts show regularly.

The Clayes Performing Arts Center, which is a part of the university’s college of arts, regularly hosts performances by area artists.

This theater hosts a wide variety of performances, from concerts to dances.

3. Go out and have some fun at Craig Regional Park

You may enjoy the outdoors and a variety of sporting facilities at Craig Regional Park, one of Fullerton’s many parks.

This park features a variety of amenities including ball fields, tennis courts, nature trails, and picnic areas.

Since its opening in 1974, visitors have had the opportunity to experience the park’s many features. The park is home to a wildlife sanctuary and a lake that spans three acres of land.

Going to Craig Regional Park is a great idea because there’s so much to do outside.

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4. Solve the Puzzles at Wild Goose Escape

Check out Wild Goose Escape if you’re looking for a variety of amusements to choose from.

There are four different kinds of rooms to choose from at Wild Goose Escape, and most of them have a spooky theme.

The Cold War bunker stands apart from the rest of the rooms because it tasks players with stopping a nuclear launch before time runs out.

The Cold War Bunker has two rooms, allowing for two teams of 2-6 players to compete against one another, making it unique among escape rooms.

The remaining rooms present similar challenges through a variety of terrifying circumstances and may accommodate up to six players at a time.

Those who enjoy puzzles can choose from a range of challenges in each room, and all of them can be booked for a variety of events.

Wild Goose Escape is located on Edinger Avenue, and it accepts online bookings for its rooms.

5. In Laguna Lake Park, you can go fishing or hiking

Do you want to take part in some urban outdoor activities?

Afterward, go to Laguna Lake Park to engage in activities like fishing and cycling.

The Laguna Lake Park can be found off Lakeview Drive and is one of the many parks in Fullerton. Hikers, bicyclists, and anyone who just wants to go out in nature will appreciate the park’s many trails and picnic areas.

If you want to capture fish like bluegill or bass, you should verify the stocking schedule before heading out to the lake.

Visiting Laguna Lake Park will allow you to take part in a wide variety of exciting outdoor pursuits.

6. Explore the Fullerton Museum’s Art and Historical Exhibits

Try going to the Fullerton Museum to find out more about the past of the city.

The Fullerton Museum, located on North Pomona Avenue, offers both local history and art.

In 1904, the museum opened as a library; by 1985, it had undergone its most recent transformation.

Numerous displays in the museum educate visitors about the past and present of the area.

A centerpiece of the museum is a display highlighting local music legend Leo Fender.

Besides history exhibitions, you can see many pieces from local painters.

The museum also hosts a variety of events and programs, such as a tour of local paranormal stories and puzzles.

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7. Proceed to the Fullerton Train Museum

The Fullerton Train Museum is located on East Santa Fe Avenue, and it has a wealth of interesting history to explore.

There are many restored trains on display at the Fullerton Train Museum, which is run by the Southern California Railway Plaza Association, Inc.

Among the preserved furnishings in the museum’s railcars are items from as far back as 1926.

The museum is only open on the first and third Saturday of every month. When it finally opens, you may go on a tour and see the restoration team at work.

8. Attend a Show at the Maverick Theater

The Maverick Theater is just one of the many venues in Fullerton where you may enjoy a performance.

Storefront theater Maverick Theater has been open on East Walnut Avenue since 2002. At this theater, you may catch anything from a full-blown musical to some improvised comedy or a live reading.

This theater features two stages: a cabaret stage, where musicals are performed, and a black box stage, where more intimate shows are staged.

This theater features both traditional and cutting-edge performances, and those who are interested can even try out for a part.

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9. Enjoy a Flower Walk at Fullerton’s Beautiful Arboretum

Visitors looking to indulge their green thumb will find paradise at Fullerton’s arboretum.

The Associated Road Botanic Garden has been open for business since 1976, though its official opening was not until 1979.

On its 26 acres, the botanical garden is home to countless plants and flowers.

There are a number of trails through the garden that will take you to various displays.

A variety of fruits and vegetables complement the garden’s many flowering plants.

Educational events, displays, and seminars are also available at the Fullerton Arboretum.

10. Visit Escapade Games to Challenge Your Brain

Escapade Games is only one of several escape rooms located in the city.

Escapade Games is a place to play live Escape Room games, and their two main game modes are the Last Experiment and Zoe.

Both rooms have a moderately challenging paranormal scenario and may accommodate 2-6 players for 60 minutes.

Check out Escapade Games if you enjoy spooky tales and secret identities.

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