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The 10 Best things to do in DeLand FL

The 10 Best things to do in DeLand FL
Written by Eddie White

Deland is a city in Volusia County, Florida, with a population of over 27,000.

It is conveniently located right off Interstate 4, midway between Daytona Beach and Sanford.

Its proximity to the Atlantic coast makes daily visits to the beach a viable option, and its proximity to Orlando provides access to a wealth of additional cultural and recreational attractions that may keep visitors occupied for days.

Any group of tourists to Deland, Florida, will be able to enjoy themselves, regardless of their interests or age.

Here is a list of the 10 best things to do in Deland FL which is attractions and activities in and near Deland, Florida.

 1. Édmunds Center

On the beautiful Deland campus of Stetson University, you’ll find The Edmunds Center, a multi-purpose event venue that seats 5,000 people and is home to the university’s men’s and women’s basketball and volleyball teams.

It first opened its doors in 1974, and now bears the name of a long-deceased university president.

It’s a bit on the old side, but it’s been updated recently and has been used for basketball events since the early 1990s, including those for both state and national competitions.

Explore a new city with a sense of calm and adventure by spending some time on a college campus; just make sure to check out the school’s website first to make the most of your time there.

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2. The Stetson Mansion

The Stetson Mansion on Camphor Lane in Deland is a good example of a Victorian-era home that has been meticulously maintained.

It has played host to many notable people over the years, including European nobility.

Built-in the 1880s, the mansion takes its name from the wealthy hat-making family that lived there for generations.

It is now accessible by the general public through 60-90 minute guided excursions.

Guests can take a tour for a low price and gain rare insight into the lives of the upper class during a time when the surrounding countryside was largely underdeveloped.

3. A Local Grower’s Market in Volusia County

Central Florida is home to a plethora of farmer’s markets for good reason; the region benefits from a mild temperature, plenty of sunshine, and rich soil.

Every Wednesday from 7 AM to 2 PM, locals and tourists alike may shop at the largest farmers market in Volusia County.

It is both a flea market and a farmers market, and it is located in a prime spot right off Interstate 4.

Stop by and have a look around; you never know what you might find, from fresh seasonal vegetables and prepared culinary items to arts and crafts, vintage apparel, and housewares.

4. State Park on Hontoon Island

More than 1,600 acres of Hontoon Island in Volusia County make up Hontoon Island State Park, which was originally inhabited by the Timucuan people before the arrival of Europeans.

Beautiful natural oak and palm hammock, pine flatwood, and bald cypress swamp ecosystems may be found inside the park, which is located six miles west of DeLand and is reachable via ferry service or private boat launch.

Canoeing, kayaking, and fishing are just some of the water-based activities visitors can enjoy at this park, though swimmers should be aware that the water is off-limits.

Hiking, cycling, wildlife watching, and photographing nature are just some of the land-based activities that visitors can enjoy.

Overnight visitors can choose from tent campsites or rent cabins, while day visitors can utilize the picnic areas on a first-come, first-served basis.

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5. The Brewery at Persimmon Hollow

The original location of Persimmon Hollow Brewing Company was in DeLand’s SoNY area, close to the trendy Artisan Alley corridor, and it first opened in 2014.

The brewery was the brainchild of homebrewers Andy Sistrunk and Robbie Carelli.

The brewery, with the slogan “Drink Sensibly, But Get Weird,” produces one-of-a-kind, experimental brews in the American and Belgian styles.

These brews can be found on tap at the company’s taproom and in bottles and cans from a variety of distributors and restaurants in the Orlando and Daytona Beach areas.

The brewery’s seasonal offerings change throughout the year, but you can always count on the Daytona Dirty Blonde Ale, Lake Time Lager, Three Guys Wise Coffee Porter, and Beach Hippie IPA.

The establishment has a public tap room that is open seven days a week and welcomes pets.

Although there is no on-site dining, guests are free to bring in food from local establishments such as Artisan Taqueria, a restaurant that shares a wall with the hotel.

6. Visit Stetson University

In 1883, benefactor Henry Addison DeLand of New York established what is now known as Stetson University under the name DeLand Academy.

There are now four locations of the institution throughout central Florida, and DeLand’s historic central campus is located just north of the downtown area.

The Stetson University Campus Historic District was created to preserve the oldest collection of higher education buildings in the state, and it is open to the public for exploration.

The Hand Art Center and the Gillespie Museum, which focuses on earth and environmental sciences, both host numerous public exhibits that change throughout the year, while student groups and orchestras like the Sandhill Symphony perform often on campus.

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7. Take a Walk at Reptile Discovery Center

A visit to the Reptile Discovery Center, located in DeLand, is one of the city’s most interesting interactive nature experiences since it allows visitors to get close to some of Florida’s most deadly reptile species.

The renowned Serpentarium houses dozens of unusual and potentially lethal snake species, including huge Burmese pythons, mambas, and king cobras.

Along the nature walk outside the facility, guests can observe alligators and lizards in their native environments from the safety of enclosed viewing areas.

The center’s Medtoxin Venom Laboratories, which produces commercially-harvested venom for anti-toxin companies around the world, hosts live venom extraction demonstrations every afternoon, Thursday through Sunday.

 8. Visit the Athens Theatre

The Athens Theatre, built in 1921 to the designs of architect Murray S. King, is one of the most impressive examples of Central Florida’s historic preservation.

Henry DeLand, the town’s namesake and namesake of the theater, had the idea to make DeLand into the “Athens of Florida” when he was planning the city.

The beautiful theater was used for a wide variety of events throughout the 20th century, including vaudeville shows, movie screenings, and community gatherings including school dances and teen hangout evenings.

The MainStreet DeLand Association completed a comprehensive restoration of the theater to its original condition in 1994.

Visitors can now see both mainstream and arthouse films, as well as musical and theatrical events from regional groups, all year round.

9. The Deland Naval Air Museum

Deland Naval Air Station, like all U.S. Army Air Corps bases during WWII, was a hive of activity.

The station’s wartime heritage has not been forgotten, despite its transition back to commercial aviation after the war’s end.

The current museum there is devoted to documenting the fascinating history of the former facility and features numerous displays of artifacts like uniforms, weapons, and other military hardware.

The ancient war birds, such as the Avenger torpedo bomber and the Mach-2 capable F-14 Tomcat made famous by the movie Top Gun, are the most popular among visitors.

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10. Visit The Park Dreggors

Deland’s vast park system provides residents and visitors with several low-cost and easy-to-access recreational opportunities.

Dreggors Park, named after a local man who dedicated most of his life to fighting for the protection of the area’s historic sites, features a butterfly garden, a paved walking track, and an excellent playground that is quite popular with local children.

There is a veteran’s memorial, a museum showcasing medical practices from the 1920s, and a number of other cultural and historical features that make this hospital a must-see for anybody interested in the history of the area.

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