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The 10 Fun Things to do in Cypress, Texas

Written by Eddie White

Looking for the 10 fun things to do in Cypress TX. They are the most exciting and entertaining activities in Cypress, Texas?

The city of Cypress, in the county of Harris in the state of Texas, is a major metropolitan area.

Twenty-four miles to the northwest of Houston’s downtown, the community may be found along U.S. Highway 290.

It is one of the major Houston suburbs and an unincorporated neighborhood in Harris County.

Read on to know the 10 fun things to do in Cypress TX that will make your stay fun.

1. Visit the Richard and Meg Weekley Community Center

Cypress’s Richard & Meg Weekley Community Centre is a multi-purpose event venue with a variety of available rooms and classrooms for organizing conferences, workshops, and rehearsals.

Reserve the Richard & Meg Weekley Community Centre for your next intimate gathering or private event.

Reserveable event space includes a theater, catering kitchen, and classrooms.

Small but cozy and convenient, the rooms in the Richard & Meg Weekley Community Centre are perfect for a wide variety of uses, including but not limited to: group meetings, music programs, yoga lessons, voting, family gatherings, and many others.

Come to the Richard & Meg Weekley Community Centre, where plenty of interesting things are happening all the time.

In Cypress, the community center is a must-see.

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2. The Park at Lakewood Crossing

If you’re looking for a fun family activity in Cypress, a trip to Lakewood Crossing Park is a great option.

It’s a public park in Cypress, so people of all ages can have fun and learn there.

There are plenty of lush trees to give shade throughout the park, and visitors will also find a pavilion with picnicking facilities.

Enjoy yourself to the fullest on the pavilion while you watch your children play.

There are separate playgrounds at Lakewood Crossing Park for children of different ages.

Spend time with loved ones while exploring the park’s cypress stream paths on foot, bike, or on foot.

Among the park’s features are a skate park and a walking route. The park’s walking route is a great place to unwind and take some time for yourself.

Along the walking trail, you’ll also find a number of exercise stations.

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3. Beer Brewed With Wicked Boxer Spirits

Wicked Boxer Brewing is a great place to get craft beer right after it has been brewed.

One of Cypress’s best attractions is this hip brewery.

It all started at Wicked Boxer Brewing, Cypress, Texas’s first brewery.

Locals and visitors alike can enjoy reasonably priced, locally brewed beer at the Wicked Boxer.

Come on in for a quick beer or stay for a while and enjoy the laid-back vibes.

Dog owners, you’ll be happy to know that Wicked Boxer Brewing welcomes four-legged guests.

The brewery has been open in Cypress for a long time and is owned by a Veteran.

There is a small play area within Wicked Boxer Brewing for kids of school age and up.

A jumping castle is available for use by children as an additional amusement option.

If you’re looking for a great destination to take the kids in Cypress, go no further than Wicked Boxer Brewing.

4. Park Bud Hadfield

There are a variety of trails to explore across the wooded 1.3 miles that make up Bud Hadfield Park Trail, as well as a picnic area and disc golf course.

A great spot for adults to unwind and connect with one another is Bud Hadfield Park.

One enjoyable activity in Cypress is playing a round of golf at Bud Hadfield Park.

The park is also a great place to go hiking, running, or riding.

A mild 1.3 miles in length, the trail gains roughly 19 feet in height.

Dogs are welcome on this trail, but they must be under control at all times.

Bud Hadfield Park is a popular destination because of its forest backdrop and its proximity to other Cypress attractions.

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5. The Holy Church of Trinity Vineyard

To what extent do you identify as a Christian? Do you take pleasure in listening to the gospel with your loved ones?

If that’s the case, make your way to Cypress and stop by Trinity Vineyard Church.

Through the power of the gospel, the people of Trinity Vineyard Church hope to foster a sense of constancy, participation, and personal development.

The congregation is kind, interactive, and concerned about the well-being of its members and the surrounding community.

Anyone is welcome to sign up for any of their offerings.

Trinity Vineyard Church is the parent organization of the Vineyard Movement, a Christian denomination that includes more than 1,500 local congregations.

In the beginning, it was headed by the late John Wimber.

Do take in the Vineyard worship music while you’re at church.

The Trinity Vineyard Church is a must-see while in Cypress.

6. Visit Ilovekickboxing

Putting your body through its paces bring you joy? Can you tell me if you’ve ever participated in kickboxing?

The Ilovekickboxing gym in Cypress is a great place to try kickboxing for the first time.

Come to Ilovekickboxing for an awesome kickboxing session led by dedicated pros.

Ilovekickboxing features everything you need for your kickboxing workout and more.

The trainers at the kickboxing center are there to help you with anything you may need so that you may relax and have fun.

To get started with kickboxing, sign up for one of Ilovekickboxing’s many available classes.

Those big bags at Ilovekickboxing are there for you to punch and kick as part of a vigorous hour-long workout.

One of the best venues to get in shape and have a good time in Cypress, Texas is Ilovekickboxing.

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7. Visit the Blackhorse Golf Club

One of the most popular places in Cypress for golfers to visit is Blackhorse Golf Club.

One of the best public golf courses in Texas may be found at this club.

The stunning and difficult scenery of Blackhorse Golf Club features 36 holes.

The golf club features a South course and a North course.

Blackhorse Golf Club is worth a trip, but only if you bring your A-game.

The length of the South course varies from 4,946 yards to 7,191 yards, with the final six holes specifically designed to test your accuracy.

The North Course is 5,065 yards long and may be extended to a maximum of 7,301 yards, making it difficult to choose between it and the South Trail in terms of difficulty.

The beautiful Blackhorse Golf Club features oak trees, lakes, wetlands, a winding creek, and much more in its landscape.

Travel to the golf course and spend some relaxing time there.

8. Park Telge

The 111-acre Telge Park may be found on the road’s eastern side.

There is a wetland habitat, a creek, hiking trails, and a children’s playground at this nature park.

The park has drinking fountains and bathrooms for your convenience. Spend some memorable time with your loved ones at Telge Park.

There are picnic tables, benches, and barbecue grills available if you decide to have your picnic in the park.

Cypress in Telge Park is a great place to go fishing, hiking, biking, and bird watching.

It’s easy to spend a good time in the great outdoors with your loved ones in Telge.

The route isn’t very long, but it’s well-marked so you can easily stroll or ride your bike along it.

9. A Recreation Area Named Matzke Park

Matzke Park is a magnificent park that spans 19.4 acres and features a butterfly garden, playground, pathways, and a cricket and soccer field.

There is nothing else quite like the stunning butterfly garden.

Visit the garden to see if you can spot any of your favorite butterfly species.

The park’s playground is spacious and packed with fun activities for kids of all ages.

Travel to the nearby cricket and soccer fields to either observe games or join in on the action.

Take pleasure in a wonderful outing by strolling along the asphalt route and soaking in the sights.

You can take the whole family to Matzke Park because there are so many fun things to do there.

One of the nicest things to do in Cypress with the kids is to take a picnic and let them run about in Matzke Park.

There are picnic tables and benches in two covered pavilions in the park.

If you want one of the few available tables or benches, you’d better get there early.

10. Located in the Little Cypress Creek Preserve

There are 10 man-made ponds, multiple pathways suitable for walking, biking, and horseback riding, and a total area of 58 acres at Little Cypress Creek Preserve.

Family outings to Little Cypress Creek Preserve might include sightseeing, wildlife watching, and birdwatching.

There are over a hundred species of birds that occasionally visit the area, and if you’re lucky, you’ll get to see one you’ve never seen before.

Explore the preserve on foot, two wheels, or all three.

The preserve has no drinking fountains, so make sure to bring your own water along with your sunscreen and other supplies.

Your canine companion is welcome to come along, provided it remains leashed at all times.

Cypress’s Little Cypress Creek Preserve is a great place to go horseback riding.

Do not try to go boating or swimming at the preserve because you cannot do so due to safety and environmental regulations.

You can bring your loved ones for a stroll through the preserve without paying any entrance fees.

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