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The 10 Awesome Things to do in Brownsville, Texas

The 10 Awesome Things to do in Brownsville, Texas
Written by Eddie White

Are you thinking of the 10 awesome things to do in Brownsville TX? Then you are just at the right place. We have carefully selected the 10 awesome things to do in Brownsville TX.

Brownsville is a city located in Cameron County in the state of Texas, USA. It’s located in South Texas, on the Gulf Coast, west of the border with Matamoros, Mexico.

With a population of 186,738 as of the 2020 census, the city occupies a total area of 145.2 square miles (376.066 square kilometers). Located in the state of Texas, it is the 18th largest city overall and the 139th largest in the country.

You are about to unveil the 10 awesome things to do in BrownsvilleTX, so don’t stop reading.

The 10 Awesome Things to do in Brownsville TX

Here are the awesome things to do in Brownsville TX.

1. Place Dean Porter Park

Located on the banks of the Resaca River, Dean Porter Park is one of Brownsville’s largest parks with 25 acres.

Sam’s Memorial Pool and a water play area are just two of the many ways to cool off during the hot summer months in this park.

Picnic cabanas are available for those looking to take a break, and the park’s many miles of paved pathways make it ideal for rambling or jogging. The area features a Butterfly Garden in addition to a beautiful open meadow where visitors may unwind and take in the sights.

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2. Farmers’ Market in Brownsville

The unrivaled Brownsville Farmers Market takes place each Saturday in the city’s breathtaking Linear Park.

In addition to fresh produce, herbs, and flowers, the market also features baked products, homemade jams, and even soaps.

By shopping here, you’ll be supporting a “farm-to-table” ethos because all of the produce is sourced locally.

3. The Bike Path of Monte Bella

In Brownsville, the Monte Bella Bike Trail is a great option for those who want to get some exercise while also taking in the area’s natural beauty.

The track is 6.2 miles long and winds through beautiful scenery, making it perfect for novice cyclists because of its mostly flat terrain and few, manageable hills.

Those with more trail experience will appreciate the scenic vistas, and nature lovers, especially those interested in bird watching, will appreciate the opportunity to observe a wide variety of native species along the trail.

It is also possible to go for walks or jogs in the neighborhood if cycling isn’t your thing.

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4. The Shopping Center at Sunrise

Shopping at Brownsville’s Sunrise Mall is a great way to spend a day off. Over a hundred stores may be found within the mall’s 700,000 square feet.

Sunrise Mall has the title of “biggest mall in the county” and features major department stores like Sears and JCPenney as anchor stores, so it’s likely that you’ll find what you’re searching for here.

Not only can you pick up some cool trinkets, but there are also numerous restaurants to choose from and an active cafe scene.

5. Camille Lightner Playhouse

Brownsville is home to the Camille Lightner Playhouse, a community theater that has been entertaining locals and visitors since 1964. That’s why after more than half a century in business, this theater is still one of the most popular and well-known in all of South Texas.

The theater’s goal is to provide entertainment for the people of Brownsville, hence it hosts a variety of acts, including musicals and productions from Broadway.

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6. Costumes of the Americas Museum

If you’re in Brownsville and looking for a unique museum that features some stunning textiles, your best bet is the Costumes of the Americas Museum.

Expect a kaleidoscope of color and design at these museums, which strive to showcase indigenous clothing and costumes from all around the Americas.

If you are interested in clothes and design, the museum is a great place to learn more in an entertaining setting, as it is dedicated to guiding visitors through the history of woven textiles in the Americas.

7. The Brownsville Museum of Fine Art

Brownsville’s cultural climate is bolstered by the Brownsville Museum of Fine Art, whose stated aim is to promote the work of local artists.

To that end, there is a wide variety of artwork on display, as well as dedicated children’s programming designed to instill in young museumgoers an appreciation for the arts.

Concerts and talks are just some of the cultural events that take place here.

8.  Gladys Porter Zoo

If you have a passion for animals and want to visit a nature preserve that is committed to conservation, research, and public education about the environment, then the Gladys Porter Zoo is the place to go.

The zoo has been open since 1971 and is situated within a 31-acre botanical park. The zoo is home to exotic species from all over the world, and visitors may get a feel for the entire facility by riding a safari through its various exhibits.

The Russel Aquatic Center has a 30,000-gallon tank teeming with marine life. The park also features a gift store, a visitor center, and food concessions.

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9. Commemorative Air Force Museum

The mission of the Commemorative Air Force Museum is twofold: first, to pay tribute to the brave men and women who served their country during World War II; and second, to educate the public about the war and its many facets.

Beginning with the period before the war was declared and ending with the collapse of the Third Reich, the museum’s exhibits cover the whole timeline of this pivotal era in world history.

There are displays about the fall of the Japanese empire, as well as other parts of European and Asian history, in this museum.

Historic airplanes from World War II are on display alongside animated displays honoring the aviators of the 201st Mexican Fighter Squadron.

10. Brownsville’s Children’s Museum

The Children’s Museum of Brownsville is a must-see if you’re in the area with kids. A variety of exhibits designed to educate youngsters about the world are on display here in a set of hands-on galleries.

The collections are age-appropriate, there are hands-on workshops for kids, and there are a variety of events and activities for kids to participate in.

For young minds to be challenged in a way that is both enjoyable and enlightening, a focus is placed on both cooperative play and interactive learning.

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