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The 10 Best Things to do in Boynton Beach

Boynton Beach
Written by Eddie White

Located in Palm Beach County, not far up the coast from Miami, this charming little town is a must-visit in sunny Florida.

In places like Mangrove Nature Park and Boynton Inlet, you can get up and personal with the diverse species that call Boynton Beach home.

The city itself features a wide variety of excellent retail outlets and eating establishments.

Continue reading to know the 10 best things to do in Boynton Beach.

1. Boynton Beach, Florida, Oceanfront Park Beach

The beach at Oceanfront Park is a wonderful place for a good, clean family outing.

The beach is accessible daily from sunrise to sunset (or later, if extreme weather prevents access) all year long.

All employees are either First Responders or EMT-certified, and lifeguards are on duty during business hours (typically 9 am-5 pm) every day.

Playgrounds, parking lots, and spaces set aside for specific recreational activities are all available.

Beachgoers can sunbathe and play in the sand in one area, while surfers and skimboarders can use a designated stretch of the beach.

The front desk can provide the most up-to-date information about the beach’s state.

2. Green Cay Wetlands and Nature Center

Wetlands and ecological center, Green Cay is relatively new to Boynton County.

It looks out over a wetland area of about 100 acres, and it features numerous educational resources for people of all ages.

A 1.5-mile raised boardwalk provides easy access to the wetlands, and throughout its length, informative signage provides insight into the area’s unique flora, fauna, and ecosystems.

Visitors to Green Cay can stop by the nature center’s gift store, and lecture hall, and see real-life creatures on display; they can also consult with an on-site interpreter or park ranger at any time.

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3. Boynton Beach, Florida’s Boynton Inlet

Boynton Beach inlet from the air.

Lake Worth Lagoon was at one time an inland freshwater lake that had no way of draining into the sea.

The lagoon’s brackishness increased in 1866 when the Lake Worth Inlet was cut at the lagoon’s northern end.

When pollution from human activity reached critical levels, a second route was dug to support the water cycle in what is now called the Boynton Inlet.

The Boynton Inlet is now largely utilized as a spot to watch birds, relax in the calm waters, and keep boats out of the way of the ocean.

Feel free to drop by Boynton Inlet whenever you like.

4. Culinary Tours with a Twist of History

There is no better way to experience a new culture than via its food.

What cultures have left their mark on the food, and do people eat out at restaurants often or snack on the move with street fare?

Visitors to Boynton Beach and Florida may get a great feel for the local culture and history through Taste History Culinary Tours.

The third and fourth Saturdays of the month are tour days, and the cost (no charge for kids under 13) covers all the tasty treats you’ll enjoy along the route.

Over the course of three to four hours, guests will get the chance to dine at three or four different family-owned restaurants and cafes, learn about the history of each, and work off their meal by walking to the next location.

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5. Visit Starfish Scuba in Boynton Beach, Florida

In Florida, you can go scuba diving at the Florida Reef, the only live coral barrier reef in the continental United States.

The Florida Reef is a stretch of reef along the coast of Florida and is home to a wide variety of marine species.

Starfish Scuba gives visitors a chance to get an up-close and personal view of the aquatic life that exists just below the surface.

Additionally, visitors can choose to go wreck diving, where they can get a close-up look at several shipwrecks just offshore, or drift diving, where they can follow the current of the ocean to observe even more coral and fish.

6. Boynton Beach, Florida’s Paddle Away Sports

As a Florida-based company, Paddle Away Sports helps visitors and locals alike make the most of their time in the Sunshine State through the provision of unique and exciting adventure activities.

Guests of Paddle Away Sports can go snorkeling, paddle boarding, or kayaking on the ocean, either with others or on their own, and observe the rich marine life just below the waves.

Guests can also visit one of the surrounding islands, such as Peanut Island or Audubon Island, where they can not only paddle but also snorkel, or join a guided tour at sunset or under the moonlight for an unforgettable experience full of breathtaking scenery.

Board yoga, a full-body workout done while balancing on a floating board, is another exceptional service provided by Paddle Away Sports.

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7. Boynton Beach, Florida, here we come singing “Mamma Mia!”

Mamma Mia, which has been delivering wonderful Italian food to the area since the 1980s, has a recognizably Italian feel thanks to the brick arch in the middle of the dining room and the red clay roof tiles over the booths and service stations around the restaurant’s sides.

You can’t go wrong with the award-winning brick oven pizza or one of Mamma Mia’s handmade sauces, all of which are cooked from scratch using a secret family recipe.

Guests of any age can find something they enjoy on the menu, which features both traditional and contemporary takes on Italian cuisine.

8. Boynton Beach, Florida’s Prime Catch

This Boynton Beach seafood establishment lives up to its name by serving up wonderful, freshly caught seafood in a high-end ambiance.

Amazing dishes like crab-crusted salmon, lobster tails, and glazed Mahi can be found on Executive Chef John Bonk’s menus for lunch, dinner, dessert, and Sunday brunch.

Oysters, chilled lobster, shrimp, and clams are all part of the raw bar that can be enjoyed as an appetizer.

Prime Catch also has a great setting, right on the water with a beautiful patio viewing the water.

Gluten-free alternatives are available on the menu, and the wine list includes both domestic and foreign European bottles.

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9. The Museum and Learning Center for Young Visitors in a Historic Schoolhouse

Children of all ages will enjoy the Schoolhouse Children’s Museum and Learning Center because of the emphasis placed on interactive exhibits and activities.

Children are actively encouraged to explore the museum by touching, playing with, and learning from the exhibits and artifacts on display.

Parking is plentiful, so even with kids in strollers, it’s a doable day excursion.

Admission is $5 for kids over 1. Adults who are not accompanying minors are not allowed in the museum unless they are participating in a guided tour designed to educate them about the institution’s history and the numerous exhibits housed there.

10. Natural Area of Seacrest Scrub

As a 54-acre wilderness area in the midst of an urban jungle, Seacrest Scrub Natural Area is a paradise for bird watchers and wildlife aficionados.

The endangered gopher tortoise makes its home at Seacrest Scrub Natural Area, while the green anole lizard, with its bright red throat, is another possible sighting.

In Seacrest Scrub Natural Area, you can choose between two short walking trails: the paved Gopher Tortoise Trail or the slightly longer, sandy Sand Pine Trail.

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