The 10 Best Things to do in Murfreesboro, TN

Trying to find the 10 best things to do in Murfreesboro, TN?

In the vibrant college town of Murfreesboro, the past is as important to the present as it is to the future. The city’s parks, trails, and greenery benefit from the Stone River’s presence inside it.

Let’s find out the 10 best things to do in Murfreesboro, TN has to offer.

1. Come see the Hazen Brigade Monument

It’s the first Civil War-era memorial to remain in its original setting.

Hommage à la Brigade Hazen The Battle of Stones River occurred in 1862 and 1863, and 6,850 American soldiers died. Their remains can be found at Stones River National Cemetery, where the Hazen Brigade Monument stands.

The brigade’s first day in existence was marked by a significant contribution to the Battle of Stones River, led by Col. William B. Hazen.

Due to the brigade’s efforts, the Confederate Army was unable to push the Union Army back to Nashville.

After the battle was over, Colonel Hazen and Colonel Isaac C. B. Suman decided to build a memorial for the soldiers who had been killed.

For the following six months, their men were hard at work erecting the memorial. In its stone enclosure, they buried 45 members of their brigade.

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2. Visit the Buddhist Temple of Wat Lao and Bask in Its Grace and Calm

Those in search of a Buddhist temple in Nashville should make their way to the Wat Lao, which can be found just off the Old Nashville Highway.

This temple’s complex beauty and Oriental heritage are a revelation to visitors.

In Murfreesboro, a trip to this temple is highly recommended because of the awe-inspiring atmosphere it exudes. The bells, chimes, and scrolling texts, just to name a few.

The golden statues of Buddhist deities that dot the beautiful grass and garden will leave you in awe. The peaceful atmosphere of the temple grounds is appropriate.

They are kind and open to outsiders and guests. You should go see the Buddhist Temple of Wat Lao. You should go there because of the paintings, the Asian architecture, and the vivid details.

3. Area of Blueberries

The Blueberry Fields The quaint blueberry farm Blueberry Patch is operated by retired psychologist Angie Kleinau.

The blueberry bushes on the property are conveniently located near Interstate 24, close to Murfreesboro, but they still, feel like they are in the middle of nowhere.

People come to the farm not only to pick fresh, luscious blueberries but also because it is a peaceful, natural retreat.

Professor Kleinau and her fellow gardeners have spent the past 25 years cultivating over 4,500 species on the 7-acre farm.

The farm is not operated by a for-profit business, but rather is a part of the Pick Tennessee program, which encourages locals to visit farms and pick their own fresh produce.

4. Wilderness Research Station at Barfield-Crescent Park

Located in southern Murfreesboro, the 430-acre Barfield Crescent Park is a popular destination.

There are three Little League baseball grounds, four regular baseball fields, and four multi-use fields at this park.

The park also has 13 campsites, two playgrounds for children, and environmental education programs in addition to its seven miles of dirt and paved hiking trails.

There is also an active nature station and a championship-level disc golf course with 18 holes.
The goal of the station is to help local families connect with nature through activities like fireside chats, guided river hikes, and more.

Wild Things, Puppets on the Porch, Tales, Trails, and many more are just a few of the many topics featured in the various shows.

There are 12 stations along the Great Tree Trail that provide information about the trees hikers will see.

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5. Laughs at the Performing Arts Center

The Center for the Arts, which can be found on College Street, is one of the best places in Murfreesboro to go out and have a good time. In its most basic form, it is a theater, but it provides much more.

There are live performances available at the Center, and they take the form of both contemporary and classic dramas and musicals.

Nonetheless, these are only part of the Center for the Arts offerings; there are also magic shows. Dance shows are also part of the program.

You’ll run into a fun and informative art exhibits and events here on a regular basis. The event performances are another unique aspect. You will love every second of it!

The combination of theater camps and open casting calls makes this a one-stop shop for fun for people of all ages. The only day they don’t open at 10 am is Wednesday.

Classes for kids of all ages are also available at the center. The facility’s home is an aesthetically pleasing Italianate building that formerly served as a post office in 1909.

In 1962, the building began functioning as a library. It underwent extensive restoration and reopened as an arts center.

One of the most enjoyable activities in Murfreesboro for art enthusiasts is a visit to this art center.

6. Farms in Batey

Located in the Blackman neighborhood of Rutherford County, Tennessee, about 6 miles from Murfreesboro, Batey Farms is one of the historic family farms that was founded in 1807 on the basis of a Revolutionary War grant.

It is now being run by the eighth generation of the family and is a favorite spot for both tourists and locals to stock up on produce.

The family operates a farm where they raise hogs, grow hay, and plant rows of various crops, including seasonal favorites like blueberries, strawberries, blackberries, sweet corn, and more.

Visitors can pick up their own corn or shop at the farm store, which is open all day. You can also find their fruits and veggies, as well as some incredible sausages, bacon, and pig hamburgers, at the Saturday Farmers Market in Murfreesboro.

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7. Museum of Discovery

Do you need ideas for family-friendly activities in Murfreesboro? If so, you should make a trip to the Discovery Center a top priority.

For families in Murfreesboro, Tennessee, the best place to take the kids is Discovery Center, which doubles as a museum and an environmental education center.

The museum and wetland opened in 1986 and features exhibits visitors can engage with.

Five Senses is a permanent display that uses life-size replicas of the human senses (sight, smell, hearing, taste, and touch) to teach visitors about them.

The Creation Station is another permanent display that encourages kids to get creative with materials including chalk, paint, clay, and more.

The Farmers’ Market is another exhibit at Discovery Center that shows how our food gets from the farm to our plates.

The 20-acre Discovery Center wetland is a permanent exhibit that educates visitors about the ecosystem of wetlands through the presentation of rare native wetland plants.

8. Visit Old Fort Park and Have a Good Time

Visiting one of Murfreesboro’s parks on a quiet evening is a great way to get to know the city better.

Old Fort Park, one of the city’s most popular parks, is one example of a park combining both charming and interesting features.

The park is highly recommended because it has a wide variety of entertaining things to do and yet also has a peaceful atmosphere.

Many happy pet owners take their fluffy companions for walks through Old Fort Park. Children can enjoy the many rides and play areas available at the park.

A garden is a great place for families and couples to spend quality time together while appreciating nature.

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9. Fort Rosecrans

As a result of the Battle of Stones River in January 1863, the Federal Army decided to construct Fortress Rosecrans to defend Murfreesboro.

The Union’s Army of the Cumberland commander, General William S. Rosecrans, was honored with the naming of one of the largest earthen defenses built during the war.

When the conflict finally ended in 1866, the army left the fort. Remains of the fort can be seen at three different spots in Murfreesboro; they are now all part of Stones River National Battlefield.

The graves of Lunettes Palmer and Thomas, as well as the pieces of the south wall, may be found on Old Fort Street.

West College Street is the site of the earthworks known as Redoubt Brannan, while the land where Lunette Negley once stood is now known as Medical Center Parkway.

When in Murfreesboro, history buffs shouldn’t miss out on seeing Fortress Rosecrans.

10. The Avenue Murfreesboro Is the Best Place to Learn About the City

True travelers share a common trait: they are able to see a new place in a way that makes them feel like locals, rather than just visitors.

Therefore, by strolling around the city and taking in its sights and sounds, you can wrap yourself in the fabric of Murfreesboro.

Where better to accomplish this than in the heart of the city’s busiest thoroughfare, The Avenue?

There are many high-end restaurants, boutiques, shopping centers, and movie theaters in this neighborhood. The Avenue is peppered with beautiful sculptures.

The Avenue is the finest area to stroll if you want to soak in the town’s beauties and atmosphere. It’s also possible to go shopping.

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