8 Best Substitutes for Burrata Cheese

Burrata cheese is a favorite of many around the world. It has a smooth, creamy texture on the interior and a crusty, soft exterior.

You only need to cut a piece of this cheese to satisfy your desire to eat it frequently.

It is produced in Italy using fresh buffalo milk, and it tastes best when eaten right away or as a garnish for various salads.

Before we delve in the substitutes for Burrata cheese, lets tell u a little about Burrata cheese.

What is Burrata Cheese?

Buffalo milk is frequently used to make burrata, an Italian cow milk cheese versatile enough to be used in many cuisines.

The cheese’s center is coated with olive oil, salt, and black pepper when it breaks apart. It is generally served as a side dish with bread.

However, you may use feta, mozzarella, or even queso fresco cheese if you don’t have burrata. Find out how to make the most of even more burrata cheese alternatives in the following paragraphs.

8 Best Substitutes for Burrata Cheese

Here are the best substitutes for Burrata Cheese below:

  1. Feta Cheese

One of the alternatives is feta cheese, which is quite simple to locate in all supermarkets and neighborhood markets. Although it tends to be saltier than burrata, it has a comparable tart flavor.

First, it has a solid, smooth texture that makes it simple to crumble over a salad or pasta. It will still add a lot of flavor to the dish and is quick and simple to serve.

Second, feta is a healthier alternative to burrata. It has fewer calories and fat and is excellent for the health of your bones and cuts.

At the same time, burrata should be consumed much more sparingly because it is both high in fat and calories.

  • Mozzarella

Fresh mozzarella is one of your most acceptable options when looking for a burrata cheese substitute. It’s easy to find, reasonably priced, and delicious.

Although mozzarella is made from cow or buffalo milk, it may not have the same milky flavor as burrata cheese, despite tasting identical.

Use it the same way you would burrata, and remember that both cooked and chilled meals benefit from mozzarella cheese.

  • Cream Cheese

Cheam cheese is available in wide varieties and is a fantastic alternative to burrata. On sandwiches or tarts, you can substitute them with burrata.

You can easily buy it plain or flavored with pepper or parsley, and you’ll adore its flavor and creamy texture.

Cooked recipes won’t work with cream cheese. On a hot dish you have just taken out of the oven, you may always use it as a topping.

  • Queso Fresco

It is highly recommended to try queso fresco instead of burrata cheese if you can buy it at your local grocery store.

You will undoubtedly enjoy this cheese’s smooth and delicate flavor, manufactured from cow’s milk.

Choosing an aged queso fresco can give you an even better flavor if you prefer a more robust flavor.

It melts rather quickly and takes on a chewy texture when heated. You can use it independently or in a meal with additional complexity.

  • Cashew Cheese

One of the most beautiful vegan substitutes for burrata, as well as other types of dairy cheese, is cashew cheese.

For those who prefer to avoid milk, it has a soft texture and is a healthy alternative.

You can use it best in cold foods like salads or sandwiches because the flavor falls into the same tangy category.

  • Ricotta Cheese

If you don’t have burrata in your home, ricotta cheese can also come to your rescue.

You can ultimately add it to any dish you like, but lasagna or ravioli benefit the most from its milder flavor. Ricotta pairs well with sweet ingredients, making it appropriate for sweets.

  • Tofu

If you are a vegan or have tried to use tofu instead of the cheese in a recipe, you might already know what it is.

This replacement has a mild flavor and is soft. Tofu’s advantage is that it takes on the taste of other ingredients you use in dishes and is simple to season.

  • Almond Cheese

Almond cheese works very well to replace burrata cheese, just like cashew cheese. Although it is more challenging to locate, vegan establishments carry this item.

Although less sweet and more neutral than other cheeses, almond cheese has a nutty flavor. However, with the right ingredients, this can successfully salvage your food.


You shouldn’t have trouble locating several burrata cheese varieties if you’re in Italy.

But in another place, this might not be so possible. In that case, don’t be afraid to utilize one of the alternatives on our list in your dish.

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