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How to Locate Sesame Seeds in the Grocery Store

How to Locate Sesame Seeds in the Grocery Store
Written by Eddie White

When shopping, most people would spend hours trying to track down sesame seeds. If you want to know where to find sesame seeds in the supermarket, you’ll need to have insider information or locate a hidden entrance.

How to Locate Sesame Seeds in the Grocery Store

Sesame seeds can be found at the grocery store alongside other seasonings and cooking ingredients such as flaxseed, bagel seasoning, and salt in the spices and cooking section.

Search the organic snack aisle or the Asian food section of your grocery store if you can’t find sesame seeds in the spices and culinary aisle.

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Which Brands of Sesame Seeds Are the Best?

The truth is that most brands of sesame seeds are essentially interchangeable with one another.

In many dishes, sesame seeds are a welcome addition to texture without drastically altering the flavor. There isn’t much of a distinction between them except in unusual circumstances.

It seems that the majority of consumers prefer McCormick’s brand of whole sesame seeds. Sushi, noodles, and even meat are all mentioned as great options for eating them.

It’s common to find them in both household and commercial kitchens.

Can You Describe the Appearance of Sesame Seeds in a Grocery Store?

Small glass jars and metal spice tins are common packagings for sesame seeds. You can probably picture the type of container they come in if you think of the spice section of the grocery store. Larger canisters of sesame seeds may be found in supermarkets that specialize in international cuisine.

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If You’re Looking For Sesame Seeds, Where Can You Buy Them?

The availability of sesame seeds in supermarkets varies greatly.

But we have compiled a list of stores that do, detailing the specific brands carried by each.

You can then compare your choices and make sure you’re buying from a retailer that offers them.

The Simple Truth Organic, or Simply Organic at Kroger

Whole foods: 365 by Morton & Bassett thanks to WFM, WFM Whole Foods Market

Foods Market

Great Value, El Guapo, and Sushi from Walmart

Rodelle: Costco

United Natural Foods Inc., Dion, JFC, Laxmi, and Dion at Wegmans

McCormick, Sushi Chef, True Goodness, Spice Island, Morton & Bassett, JFC, and more are all available at Meijer.

McCormick, Sushi Chef, Spice Island, Badia, and AFC, are all available at Publix

For those who frequent Safeway, here are some of the brands that may be found there: Morton & Bassett, JFC, O Organics, and Spice

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Learn The Ins And Outs of Online Sesame Seed Shopping.

You may buy sesame seeds from a number of different places on the web. Here are five online retailers offering sesame seeds with various pickup and shipping options:


Amazon offers a number of shipping choices and stocks a wide selection of sesame seed brands. If the buyer is not an Amazon Prime member, they will have to pay for shipping. Many websites offer delivery reductions for purchasing multiple things at once, however, this is not always the case.

To make the most of your Amazon sesame seed purchase, be sure to specify whether you’re ordering them for snacking, cooking, or as a decorative addition to a dish.


You may get a wide variety of sesame seeds at Target. If you select in-store pickup at checkout, you can get them in as little as two hours. Depending on the store, you can choose between overnight delivery and delivery within a few days. You’ll also need to decide the variety of sesame seeds you’d like to use. The variety of sesame seeds available at Target is limited, so plan accordingly.


Delivery can be made to your doorstep, or you can choose to pick up your order at your local Walmart. While same-day delivery is an option, most orders are fulfilled within 1-3 business days. Also, depending on your intended usage, Walmart carries a variety of sesame seed options.

My Spices Sage

Since 2008, the team at My Spice Sage has been providing customers with a full refund policy on all of the healthy lifestyle goods they purchase. This website offers more choices than the competition. There are various shipping choices available at My Spice Sage.


As the name suggests, Nuts-in-Bulk is a retailer and distributor of a wide variety of nuts and foods that resemble nuts. Don’t be put off by the word “bulk” in the title. The company’s wares are offered for sale in a range of quantities. Nuts in Bulk has a number of delivery choices on its online storefront.

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To What Extent are Sesame Seeds Perishable Once They Have Been Opened?

The shelf life of purchased sesame seeds is identical to that of an open container. Never assume that the “best by” date put on a container by the manufacturer is absolute. To date, you can safely add three to eight months if you want to use fresh sesame seeds in your cooking.

In certain contexts, storing sesame seeds in a pantry is an acceptable practice. You may extend the “best by” date by a full year if you store the sesame seeds in the fridge, and they will still taste great.

Older sesame seeds won’t make you sick, but they might not have the same flavor as fresh ones. Sesame seeds lose some of their flavors as they age, but you may still use them in your dishes.

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